IT service provider for individual software development and e-commerce.

Unique people with a real passion for software - that's what EXWE stands for.

100 % Leidenschaft

100% passion

We are idea generators, experts, people, play children, problem finders and problem solvers. This is how we define passion, day after day.

+7 Jahre Erfahrung

+7 years experience

Our experienced software developers recognize potential risks and errors at an early stage. This ensures the safety and reliability of our systems.

+100 zufriedene Kunden

+100 satisfied customers

Every successful GoLive is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are burning for your project.

EXWE Büro Leierweg 13

We are idea providers, experts, people, playmates, problem finders and problem solvers

EXWE Backoffice Meike

Backoffice & Marketing

EXWE Auszubildender Kaufmann Luca

Apprentice - Businessman Office Management

EXWE Softwareentwickler Rene

Software Developer

EXWE Softwareentwickler Thomas

Software developer

EXWE Webdesigner Brian

Web designer

EXWE Softwareentwickler Igor

Software developer

EXWE Softwareentwickler Christian

Software developer

EXWE Softwareentwickler Lennart

Software developer

EXWE Werkstudent Softwareentwicklung Max

Working student software development

EXWE Werkstudent Softwareentwicklung Nima

Working student software development

EXWE Werkstudent Softwareentwicklung Timo

Working student software development

EXWE Werkstudent Softwareentwicklung Paul

Working student software development

EXWE Auszubildender Fachinformatiker Gowsik

Apprentice - IT specialist for application development

EXWE Grafikerin Leonie

Graphic designer

EXWE Grafikerin Carla

Dual student media design

EXWE Texterin Philin


EXWE Geschäftsführer Chris

CEO & Software Consultant

EXWE Geschäftsführer Yuri

CEO & Software Consultant

One thing unites all of us at EXWE

We live and love our profession, because our heart beats for software! And that has been the case since childhood.

Each of us in the team has individual skills and specializations in the areas of technology and business development - the best prerequisite for developing a solution for you! No matter how complicated the path may be - challenges are our thing. In doing so, we like to look beyond the end of our nose in order to exploit the full potential of our technological resources with the help of our know-how.

For more than eleven years we have been implementing individual software solutions and online stores on behalf of our customers. We develop with love for technology and really, really fast.

As computer scientists, Chris Apfelbeck and Yuri Struszczynski lead the company, which was founded in 2016, out of their studies at the TU Dortmund University. Our unique selling proposition: Our software developers usually act on their own responsibility for the fast and uncomplicated implementation of your project ideas in small teams - this means no unnecessary management fees or unnecessary project management levels for you. Meike Müller is responsible for the EXWE back office and our social media channels and is your contact person for all open questions in this area. Our IT service provider team is complemented by dual students and trainees.

We will continue to grow in 2021! For you, this means even more expertise and a familiar fast working method with high quality.

Dortmund - Headquarters

Our bright premises in the middle of Dortmund's green Tremoniaviertel offer plenty of room for creative exchange and provide the best working conditions - goal-oriented, passionate and reliable.

Leierweg 13
44137 Dortmund

Düsseldorf - Branch Office

Düsseldorf is closer for you? Since 2019, we have developed Düsseldorf as a new location and opened our second office in the Rhineland there for you. We are very happy to welcome you there as well.

Lierenfelder Str. 51
40231 Düsseldorf

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