Environmental protection and sustainability
Our contribution to ecological IT


The path to becoming a climate-neutral company

Even if it's not obvious: IT consumes resources. Global networking and data centers are becoming the world's largest energy consumers. As a young IT company, this contrasts with our claim to an environmentally compatible future. We therefore pursue a climate-neutral, ecological and sustainable approach.

Our goal is simple: Climate-neutral software development and environmentally friendly business operations. For each new order, we will invest a partial amount in the replanting of trees. These trees may grow 99 years in peace and without economic use.

Chris Apfelbeck & Yuri Struszczynski, Managing Directors
Chris Apfelbeck
Yuri Struszczynski



Our environmental contribution to capturing emissions

More than all technical measures, trees help to bind excess CO2 and release oxygen in the process. In cooperation with Plant-My-Tree, a certified afforestation project, we want to actively support climate protection together with you. Our contribution: For each new contract we have Plant-My-Tree plant more trees in Germany.



We obtain our electricity from clean energy sources

Our office at Dortmunder Tremoniapark obtains 100 percent of its electricity and heat from renewable or clean energies. Both the in-house, highly efficient cogeneration plant and the photovoltaic and photothermal systems on the roof of the low-energy house contribute to this.

Our energy supplier is the ecologically committed house owner.



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