Environmental protection and sustainability at EXWE.Accompany us on the way to a climate-neutral company.

Our passion? Our future!

Even if it's not obvious: IT consumes resources. For example, one of the biggest energy consumers of our time is global networking or large data centers. We want to do something about it! As a young IT company, the future of nature and the environment is very close to our hearts! We therefore pursue a climate-neutral, ecological and sustainable course of action and are doing a lot in this direction. Here you can learn more about our climate protection approach and how we live sustainability at EXWE.

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Our trees - our ecological contribution to capturing emissions.

We are a climate protection partner - and plant trees!

More than any technical measures, trees help to bind excess CO2 and release oxygen in the process. In cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE, a certified reforestation project, we want to actively support climate protection together with you. Our contribution: For every new order, we let PLANT-MY-TREE plant more trees in Germany.

Thanks to you, we were already able to plant 100 trees and these will have compensated for approx. 100,000 kg of CO2 over the next 80 years - an important contribution to climate protection. Thank you for that! You can find our trees in Trebbin, a small town in Brandenburg.

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Illustration Bäume
Illustration EXWE Green Building

Green electricity: We get our electricity from clean energy.

Our office at Dortmund's Tremoniapark gets 100 percent of its electricity and heat from renewable or clean energy sources. Both the in-house, highly efficient cogeneration plant and the photovoltaics and photothermal energy on the roof of the low-energy building contribute to this.

For us, the energy supplier is the ecologically committed homeowner, who is also committed to sustainability in everyday life.

EXWE Geschäftsführer Yuri und Chris
What we do today determines
what the world of tomorrow will look like

"Our goal is simply stated: Climate-neutral software
development and environmentally friendly business operations.
To this end, we will invest a portion of each new order in the
in the planting of new trees. These trees will be allowed to
99 years in peace and without commercial use.
This is our contribution to ecological IT."

Chris Apfelbeck & Yuri Struszczynski
Managing Director

Ecological and partnership

We are especially proud of our partnership with Timme Hosting!

Timme Hosting are specialists in the high-performance web server nginx (pronounced "Engine X"). nginx has been programmed from the beginning for performance and low resource consumption to provide an alternative to heavy web servers such as Apache. As a result, it requires far less CPU power and RAM.

Hosting also consumes a lot of resources. To keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, online experts should also pay attention to a sustainable hosting provider. That's why Timme Hosting places a lot of emphasis on the topic of green hosting and obtains the electricity for the office and servers from regenerative sources (LogoEnergie from Euskirchen). This additionally ensures an extraordinarily clean CO2 balance.

We at EXWE support this and are happy about the green cooperation!

Logo Timme Hosting

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