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Start the digital market development now with a digitization strategy
digitization strategy from EXWE that is specially tailored to your needs.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises as well as handicraft businesses have a hard time with digitalization. They do not dare to start the digital transformation - be it out of fear of changing familiar structures, uncertainty or mistrust of technology. In the meantime, everyone has realized that it is important to keep up with the times and technology in order to keep up with the competition. Digitalization affects all industries and business areas, whether you want to start new and big or strive for digital progress in your company in small but steady doses - we can help you. EXWE supports you as a Go Digital partner from the application to the project implementation.
As an authorized consulting company, we at EXWE advise and support you in the digitization of business processes and digital market development. In doing so, you will receive a customized digitization strategy that is always pragmatic and solution-oriented.

We are also happy to take over the implementation of the software - whether it is setting up or configuring a web shop or programming custom software. Through years of experience in the IT industry and a variety of projects for companies from different areas of online commerce, we can offer you a solution perfectly tailored to your business.

Our consulting modules

Digital business processes

Digitalisation, structuring and improvement of existing overall or partial processes within a company with the help of individual, user-friendly business software solutions. Digitization of transactions between companies and customers. Ingrained structures are to be revised and automated through significant process optimization.

Goal: To make work easier by optimizing and establishing business processes and procedures

within and outside the company.

Project duration: up to six months

  • Introduction of e-business software solutions for overall and partial processes, e.g. returns management, logistics, warehousing, payment systems, or
  • document management
  • Digitalization and implementation of software solutions for overall or partial processes (BPMN, EPK)
  • Improvement of corporate structures
  • Introduction of payment systems

Depending on the level of knowledge, experience and implementation within the company, the following consulting and implementation services can be provided, for example: Shipping and returns management, logistics, warehousing, electronic payment procedures.

Digital market development

Planning of an online strategy, development of a successful, legally compliant internet presence, development of customer reach, use of social media tools

Goal: Support and implementation of digital marketing, development of new markets and customer areas

Project duration: up to six months

  • Development of legally compliant internet presences (webshops, websites,
  • social media tools, content marketing)
  • Improvement of existing shops
  • Adjustment of payment procedures after provision of goods in the online shop
  • Development of online marketing strategies
  • Consulting UI/UX design
  • Search engine optimization, incl. analysis and strategy (SEO)
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Discount campaigns / voucher implementation
  • Website monitoring
  • Webtracking
  • Competition analysis

How does it work?

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You want to digitalize your company?

We are happy to advise you.

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