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EXWE is the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award 2023. EXWE is one of Germany's fastest-growing companies.
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Plugin development from certified Shopware partner for Shopware 5 and 6 online stores

EXWE is specialized in the development and support of individual plugins for the Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 store systems. On customer request we program performant and future-proof plugins for your online store. This also includes individual connections to ERP and CRM systems such as HubSpot or an IBMi (AS400). It happens again and again that special combinations of enterprise resource planning and online store systems are not yet available on the market and this is exactly where we can help. As an IT service provider specializing in e-commerce systems, we are trained to develop complex applications even for demanding customers.

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Our partnerships and current certifications

Partnerschaften: PayPal, AmazonPay, Mollie, Seobility, Plant-My-Tree, Timme Hosting, IT Club Dortmund, Shopware AG, Shopware 6 - Certified Developer, Zertifizierung: Shopware 5 - Certified Developer, Google Ads Partner

Excerpt of Shopware plugins and online store extensions developed individually for customers by EXWE GmbH

Shopware 5 Tradedoubler SaleShopware 5 Tradedoubler Sale Tracking Pixel
Tradedoubler's tracking technology allows you to track and reward publisher activity. With this plugin you can add the Tradedoubler tracking pixel to the success page of your checkout. It also captures the user's TUID and stores it in a cookie.
Free of charge in the Shopware Store.
Shopware 5,6 HubSpot PluginsShopware 5 & Shopware 6 - Contacts & Deals Plugin for HubSpot
The interface between Hubspot and Shopware. With the HubSpot - Contacts & Deals Plugin from EXWE GmbH, you can easily transfer your orders and contacts from your Shopware 5 Shop ++ and NEW Shopware 6 Shop +++ into the CRM of HubSpot, automatically and without any effort on your part.
request at EXWE.
Shopware 5 TransaktionsfeldShopware 5 Amazon order numbers in transaction field
This plugin imports the Amazon order numbers stored by Magnalister in the comments, into the transaction column of Shopware. This creates a better overview and thus saves time and costs in financial accounting. By the way, we also analyze all old entries automatically afterwards.
Free of charge in the Shopware Store.
Shopware 5 Broken Image FinderShopware 5 Broken Image Finder (404)
Images listed in the MediaManager are not always available as a file on the server. This leads to images with 404 in the store. Our plugin checks all images in the MediaManager for a corresponding file on the server. Reasons can be e.g. faulty image uploads from interfaces to your inventory control systems. It also performs other checks in the content area.
free of charge in the Shopware-Store.

Shopware plugins of our certified Shopware developers run among other things in the compressor store and GastroPlus24

Atlas Copco Kompressoren mit Shopware Plugins

Compressors Shop (Shopware Community Edition)

Our customer is present in over 180 countries and has been represented in Germany for over 60 years. Its core business includes four divisions: compressor technology, industrial technology, construction and vacuum technology. EXWE helps to sell your compressors and compressed air accessories online.

Premioloon mit Shopware Plugins

Premioloon (Shopware Community Edition)

Trained chefs, bakers and restaurant professionals - gastronomy blood flows through the veins of the Gastroplus24 team. The online store for catering supplies attaches great importance to competent advice and top quality. As a technical partner, EXWE GmbH helps to optimally present products ranging from ventilation technology and pizzeria supplies to small and large gastronomy equipment.

Individual plugin development by the Shopware professionals from Dortmund

We take time for you, no matter if you only need a short information or if you want an in-depth consultation about plugin development. If you like, our software specialists will provide you with an individual offer for all our services we are specialized in as your e-commerce agency.

The best ideas for a plugin come from brainstorming about it together, so feel free to contact us.

Chris Apfelbeck & Yuri Struszczynski
Managing Director

What are these Google applications?

A short FAQ about plugin development and more

  • What is plugin development?

    Plugin development refers to writing extensions or additional functionality for existing software applications, called plugins. Plugins extend the functionality of an application by adding new features or enhancing existing ones. They can be created either by the developers of the application itself or by third-party developers and are usually provided as a separate, installable package. Plugins are commonly used in content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and other types of web applications.

  • Is there a Shopware plugin store?

    Yes, there is a Plugin Shop for Shopware that allows users to purchase and install additional functionality and features for their online store. The Plugin Shop is accessible from the Shopware admin console and offers a variety of plugins designed for different purposes, such as integrating payment and shipping services, improving usability and extending marketing features. To purchase a plugin from the Shopware Plugin Shop, you first need to log in to your Shopware account and then click on the "Plugin Shop" link in the administration console. From there, you can browse through the available plugins and select the one you want to install. Once you have selected a plugin, you can purchase and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

  • What is a HubSpot?

    A HubSpot is a special type of software used by businesses to optimize their marketing, sales, and service efforts. It is an integrated platform that provides various tools and features to help businesses create content, manage contacts, and analyze data. HubSpot is often used by businesses to manage their digital presences and reach their target audience. It can also help improve the performance of marketing and sales activities.

  • What are CRM systems?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which means customer relationship management in German. CRM systems are software applications that help businesses manage and improve relationships with their customers. They provide a central platform through which companies can track and manage interactions with their customers, such as phone calls, emails, meetings, and sales. CRM systems allow companies to collect and store important information about their customers, such as contact details, buying patterns, and preferences. In this way, they can better understand their customers and provide personalized offers and services to strengthen their relationships and foster customer loyalty.

  • What are store systems?

    Store systems are software solutions that enable companies to set up and operate an online store. They offer features such as managing products, customers, and orders; displaying product details and images; allowing users to create and manage shopping carts; and processing payments. Most store systems are web-based and can be accessed via a web browser from any location. They offer companies the opportunity to sell their products and services online and thus increase their reach.

  • What are plugins?

    Plugins are small software enhancements that add additional functionality or features to an existing application. They are often used in content management systems like WordPress or in e-commerce platforms like Shopify to extend the functionality of the application. Examples of plugins can include integrating social media features, adding payment options, or improving search engine optimization. Using plugins can allow companies to improve their online presence and expand their business without having to extensively customize the main application.

  • What is an IBM i?

    IBM i is an operating system for IBM Power Systems computers that provides an integrated collection of operating systems, middleware, applications and databases. It is designed to help companies automate their business processes and reduce their operating costs. IBM i provides support for multiple programming languages and applications and enables the integration of mainframe and open source technologies. It is primarily used by companies in finance, manufacturing, retail and services. Previously, IBM i was also referred to as AS/400.

  • What are Shopware Plugins?

    Shopware plugins are extensions for the Shopware e-commerce system that allow you to add additional features and functionality. These plugins can be developed by the Shopware community and purchased from the Shopware Store. They can help customize your online store to your needs and help you achieve your business goals.

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