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EXWE are the technology specialists: Your daily personal contact for all Shopware-related questions.

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A technically flawless and super-fast store is the be-all and end-all of e-commerce. We take care of your online store reliably, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Our Shopware support at a glance

The development of a comprehensive online store based on the Shopware store system is not enough for continuous success and positioning in the online trade. Rather, a Shopware store must always remain technologically up-to-date in order to ensure a flawless user experience and generate sales. With Shopware Support from EXWE, you have a strong partner at your side who takes care of all important updates related to your Shopware store. You concentrate on your core business and we take care of the technical details! Your chosen package can include the following support services:

Shopware Updates

New versions and updates are regularly released for the Shopware store system. In some cases, an update of your Shopware store is then also due. We always have the latest Shopware releases in view and can implement them immediately within your support contingent. This way your store will always remain functional!

Plugin Installation & Updates

Your Shopware Shop can be functionally extended by Shopware Plugins. We are happy to see which plugins can support your online store and also dedicate ourselves to the plugin installation as well as the tests on DEV. If there are updates in the area of plugins, we also carry them out. So you also get the complete package in the area of Shopware plugins!


For a fast and fully functional online store we can also take over the monitoring of the Google Page Speed and the monitoring in the Google Search Console as well as from the technical SEO. In addition, we also offer monthly crawling and OnPage analysis of the complete website. Here, the Google rankings, a competitive comparison, backlink analysis and link building tools are in the foreground.

Support channels

With each chosen support contingent you can use our support tool for individual requests. In additional support packages, we assign you your own contact person who will deal with your Shopware store and handle all concerns promptly. For customers who want 24/7 support for problems and outages, we offer an emergency number.

Details about the support services in the different support packages can be found in the table.

10 reasons for Shopware Support from EXWE

  • Support for all technical issues that you can not solve
  • A direct contact person who is always at your side
  • Years of experience and technical know-how
  • We implement new Shopware updates promptly without your intervention
  • Monitoring for a holistic functionality
  • Transparent time recording and billing
  • High reaction speed and guaranteed response time
  • With passion for every project
  • In emergencies we are always available
  • Individual consulting and implementation of personal wishes as part of the support package

Shopware support from professionals: Your daily personal contact for all questions about Shopware

Over the last few years, we have recognized the need for professional and high-quality Shopware support. Time and again, we have received inquiries from customers whose systems were unavailable or whose checkouts no longer worked because Shopware updates broke their online stores. EXWE has specialized in closing exactly this gap and providing continuous support for Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 online stores. At the customer's request, we also continuously monitor the systems and can thus still fix problems before your customers and often you notice it. Take the next step in e-commerce and put your online store in trustworthy, but most importantly, technically well-trained hands.

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Atlas Copco - Compressors Shop

Our customer can show 180 countries and 60 years of company existence in Germany. "Copco" stands for "Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale" and reflects the focus on compressed air technology. EXWE helps to sell your compressors and compressed air accessories online.

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Personal Shopware support from professionals and tailored to your company size

Sit back and relax and put your online store technologically in our hands, because we are your technology specialists. For every budget and with many free benefits - even in our entry-level models.

for start-up companies for small & medium sized companies for Enterprise customers
You book a support contingent from 2h per month 8h mth. 24h mth.
and receive the following free benefits
Shopware Security Updates
Shopware Updates
Plugin Updates
Own Development System
Plugin installations & tests on DEV
Monitoring: Google Page Speed
Monitoring: Google Search Console
Monitoring: Technical SEO
Crawling and OnPage analysis of the complete website
Google Rankings and Competitor Comparison
Backlink analysis and link building tools
from 39,90 EUR per month from 39,90 EUR mtl . from 39,90 EUR per month
Monitoring: Home page
Monitoring: Check-out
Monitoring: Automated test orders from 1 EUR /Order from 1 EUR /Order from 1 EUR /Order
Monitoring: Performance Monitoring, Stack Traces, PHP Exceptions and SQL & Server Errors from 89 EUR per month from 89 EUR mtl . from 89 EUR mtl.
Own support tool
Own contact person
Telephone support
Emergency number
Guaranteed Response Time 8h 6h 4h
from 199 EUR mth. from 799 EUR mth. from 2399 EUR mth.
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We offer customers a needs-based solution for every project, regardless of size and industry. The focus is on the respective target group. We particularly value the feedback we receive from our customers, as it enables us to constantly improve and master new challenges. This is what our customers say about our work:

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