xtCommerce 4.0: Enter direct debit data in confirmation mail

by Meike Müller

In the current xtCommerce 4.0 there is unfortunately no possibility to specify the bank details including all direct debit data directly in the confirmation email. This makes it easier to use the direct debit system, because you don't always have to log in to the store. If you need further information or help on the subject of e-commerce and online stores, we will be happy to help you.


File: xtFramework/classes/class.order.php

Function:function _sendOrderMail()


($plugin_code = $xtPlugin->PluginCode('class.orders.php:_sendOrderMail_bottom')) ? eval($plugin_code) : false;


// get data for payment method banktransfer
if($this->order_data['payment_code'] == "xt_banktransfer")
$banktransfer_record = $db->Execute("SELECT orders_data FROM " . TABLE_ORDERS . " WHERE orders_id = '" . (int) $this->order_data['orders_id'] . "'");
$banktransfer_data = unserialize($banktransfer_record->fields['orders_data']);
($plugin_code = $xtPlugin->PluginCode('class.orders.php:_sendOrderMail_bottom')) ? eval($plugin_code) : false;

Then in the email templates (Contents -> Email Manager) in template (send_order) add these lines:

{if $banktransfer_owner}
<h2>Direct debit</h2>.
<p>account holder: {$banktransfer_owner}<br/>
Bank name: {$banktransfer_bank_name}<br/>
Bank code: {$banktransfer_blz}<br/>
Account number: {$banktransfer_number}<br/>
Iban: {$banktransfer_iban}<br/>
Bic / Swift: {$banktransfer_bic}<br/></p><br />

If everything goes smoothly, you now have the direct debit details in the confirmation email.

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