Creating an online store is not worth it

by Meike Müller
Medium-sized companies are Germany's flagship - success stories, growth, secure jobs and apprenticeships. It works, doesn't it? So why create an online store if the company is already on a solid footing and operating successfully?

"We don't need to create an online store. Our products are high-priced and require too much explanation for us to sell them online."

We have often heard statements like this in this context. The conclusion would therefore be succinct: Online store creation for SMEs and SMEs Plus is not worthwhile.

But is that really true? What if, thanks to digitalization, there was a way to offer SMEs further growth opportunities? In order to remain innovative and meaningful as a company and to defy the future challenges of trade and competition, new paths must be taken to support established concepts. Would you like to break new ground and take your business forward digitally and benefit from the growth of e-commerce? We at EXWE will be happy to advise you and offer you help with online store creation through to the subsequent support and monitoring of your store.

National and international markets are increasingly changing, new business models and the associated competition are becoming tougher and tougher - the market is highly competitive. In order not to fall by the wayside and to secure the strong position of SMEs, innovative ideas need to be implemented. Many companies are therefore asking themselves what the future holds for them. The term digitization comes up more and more often and leads to many unanswered questions and the search for the perfect solution. We can help you create an individual digitalization strategy. One option for SMEs is relatively simple - their own online store.


"But we already made it clear at the beginning that our products are not designed for this", you might say. But even as an established company in the SME sector, you have the opportunity to make your products visible online - with the help of an online store that does not sell directly, but collects leads. Build up an online catalog that serves as a figurehead for your company and turns interested parties into potential customers.

Our prime example of this is our customer InoxAir - a successful family business with many years of experience in the catering and hotel industry, which specializes in exhaust hoods, fans and accessories such as filters for air aftertreatment. Although InoxAir is already an established and successful company with a great reputation, the company has decided to digitize its product range and present its product catalog online. By presenting its products, the associated delivery time and the option of individual configuration, the company is able to generate more leads and turn interested parties into new customers. Once the potential customer has informed themselves in the online catalog, there is the option of telephone advice from customer service, downloading brochures of the products or searching for local dealers - all via this online presence. If you need help creating your online store or would like individual advice on the subject, please contact us!


The Internet is the primary source of information for all goods, whether private or business. Offers and prices are compared online first and foremost. It makes no difference whether you are looking for a cell phone privately or for a trade, a material, a machine or an individual solution on a business basis. For you as an SME, it is essential to present your offer online and to view this online presence as a flagship and prioritize it internally accordingly. We would be happy to advise you on the way to your individual online store - contact us!
Mockup InoxAir

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from 14.08.2020

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