Individual software compact - What you need to know

by Meike Müller
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  1. What is custom software?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Phases of customized software
  4. Examples of customized software developed by us

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When deciding between standard and customized software, you should first consider which services you want and which needs are to be met. While standard software is designed to appeal to many people, customized software is specifically tailored to your requirements.

Customized software is developed by a service provider on behalf of a customer. The benchmark here is the client's previously defined requirements. These can be organizational, functional or technical requirements that are intended to make work processes easier for the company placing the order. The advantage is that this software grows with the client and can be adapted to new requirements. If you need personal support with the automation of your business processes using individual software, please contact us! As a strong partner, we support our customers in all areas of software development and always find a solution that suits their individual needs. Below you will find a brief and concise overview of what you need to know about custom software.

Anoverview of the advantages and disadvantages

Individual software advantages Disadvantages of individual software
  • Individual, customized adaptation
  • Software can be optimized
  • Direct contact person (developer)
  • Competitive advantage due to unique selling point
  • Higher costs due to tests, changes and maintenance
  • requires more budget than standard software

Advantages of standard software Disadvantages of standard software
  • Cheaper to purchase
  • Already tested application
  • Immediate availability
  • Support via hotline or e-mail
  • tied to the software manufacturer
  • Missing functions

The development of software costs money - no question about it. At first glance, the use of standard software therefore appears to be the cheaper alternative. However, the budget allocated for customized software is worthwhile in the long term and is an investment in the future. Standard software initially costs a monthly fee or can be estimated with license costs. In addition, there are often follow-up costs for updating, customization and maintenance. We know from our own experience that support for standard software is available, but not always competent and fast. If you want more, you often have to pay extra.

The time factor also plays a major role in the development of customized software. Customized software takes several months to complete, depending on the scope. There are now various approaches to reducing the development time. With the MVP approach, the customer receives individual software with the necessary core functions, which is analyzed and optimized over time. This allows the product to be created step by step and adapted to the wishes and needs of the business. Regardless of whether the software is finished or needs to be optimized - there is always a solution.


  1. Consulting
  2. Quotation
  3. development
  4. Testing
  5. Installation/Implementation
  6. Customization

Once you have found a professional service provider to develop your customized software, they will first get to know you and your requirements. During an initial consultation, they will ask about your requirements and provide you with information about feasibility, the type of development and optimization suggestions. The service provider will then provide you with a quote that lists the individual steps of the creation process and the calculated costs. In most cases, a pre-defined project period is set for the creation of customized software. If you accept the offer, the development of the software begins. The software is repeatedly tested and optimized during the creation process. Once it has been completed, it is implemented in your company. In addition, for large projects, employee training sessions are held in advance to inform everyone about the various functions and usability. Once the software has been introduced in your business, adjustments can be made or extensions created afterwards. If you are interested in developing customized software for your company and need advice, the EXWE team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about software development.


Customized software development of a competence management platform

We have developed a browser-based competence management tool for mpool consulting GmbH - Dortmund.

makom offers flexible consulting services paired with modern IT technology. The developed software is an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool for systematic competence and qualification needs analysis.

The individual software was awarded the sol.IT-award.

mpool logo




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