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3D in your online store? How to turn your store into an experience

3D in your online store? How to turn your store into an experience ✓ The wow effect for your customers ➔ find out more now

Convert new customers into existing customers - our tips for more customer loyalty in e-commerce

Convert new customers into existing customers - our tips for more customer loyalty in e-commerce

Shopware 6 order confirmation tuning: 10 tips for optimizing the order confirmation email

Shopware 6 order confirmation tuning: 10 tips for optimizing the order confirmation email

Basics & practice: The ultimate guide to RESTful API design

Discover the fundamentals and best practices in our ultimate guide to RESTful API design. Learn how to design and implement an effective RESTful API to create robust and scalable applications.

Efficient e-commerce solutions: Understanding and using the Shopify interface

More success in e-commerce with the Shopify interface - Find out everything you need to know about the integration here

Shopify B2B Shop: Maximize your wholesale success with the right platform

Optimize your Shopify B2B shop for maximum wholesale success! Discover how the right platform provides crucial advantages. Learn indispensable strategies for successful B2B e-commerce in our blog article!

How to successfully create a Shopify store: step by step to your own online store

Learn how to create a successful Shopify store step by step and launch your own online shop with confidence. Our comprehensive guide walks you through the process, empowering you to build a thriving e-commerce business from scratch.

Shopify vs Shopify Plus

The big comparison: Shopify vs. Shopify Plus Meta Description: Shopify vs. Shopify Plus - the comparison ✓ All functions ✓ Advantages and disadvantages ➔ Learn more & find the right version for your company

Effective Shopify marketing: strategies for more sales in your online store

Learn effective Shopify marketing strategies for more sales in your online store in our article. Discover how to increase your reach, boost customer loyalty and optimize conversions to unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business.

Green robots.txt: Efficient control of web crawlers for a sustainable web

Green robots.txt: Efficient control of web crawlers for a sustainable web Meta Description: More efficiency of your website and reduced server loads for a greener web with the green robots.txt approach and selective crawler approval

How you can build a brand with your online store

How to develop your brand identity as a store owner Meta Description: Brand identity? Brand awareness? Here you will find all the tips on how to build a brand for your online store and thus increase your brand awareness.

The best Black Friday tips for online store operators

Is your online store ready for Black Friday? With our tips, you can prepare yourself for a smooth and successful Black Friday as a store operator.

Shopware 7? Release date, features and more

When is Shopware 7 coming? We'll bring you up to date! ✓ Current Shopware version ✓ Planned functions, release date and more

PIM - What is it? Your ultimate Shopware and PIM guide

The PIM guide for your Shopware store ✓ PIM system definition ✓ Functions ✓ Recommendations for Shopware extensions integration ✓ Individual PIM development

Shopware vs Salesforce: Our experts compare the store systems! (2024)

We make the big Shopware and Salesforce comparison so that you can find out which store system is best suited to your company.

The best programming languages for the backend

Which programming languages can be used for the backend? We introduce you to ten backend languages and explain what you can use them for.

Website relaunch SEO: How to keep your rankings

A website relaunch is coming up and you're worried about your Google ranking? Here you can find out everything about the perfect website relaunch without SEO mistakes!

How the website relaunch works without losing rankings

Would you like to redesign your website? With our tips and tricks and the website relaunch checklist, your project will be a complete success!

Payment methods: 10 alternatives to PayPal

Here are ten good PayPal alternatives for your online store: Easy-to-integrate payment methods for fast payment processing for your customers.

Direct-to-consumer business: what you need to know about it

Direct-to-consumer has a number of advantages for manufacturers. Find out why you should sell to the end customer yourself, what sales channels there are and more.

Google Analytics 4: Why it's worth switching to GA4

Google Analytics 4 - Our guide to switching to the new version GA4 Meta Description: Learn all about the new version and Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking with GA4.

Online store: How to choose the right store system

Which store system is the best for your company? In our comparison, we examine store systems for aspects such as customization, hosting and more.

How to increase webshop sales with conversion optimization

Would you like to increase the conversion of your online store in order to generate more sales? We have some tips for creating an online store that will certainly help you achieve this!

xtCommerce 4.0: Enter direct debit data in confirmation email

xtCommerce - add the direct debit data to the confirmation email - simplify the work in your online store and optimize your e-commerce

xtCommerce - Confirmation email with remarks

xtCommerce - Insert remarks in confirmation mail

All the news about Shopware 6

On our blog you can find all the news about Shopware 6. We give you tips, how you can improve your online store and set up Shopware. You can read all about it on our blog. As a Shopware agency, we are of course also available to personally at your side.

Tips and tricks for Shopware 6 plugins

For your Shopware Shop there is the possibility to install various plugins. We show you which Shopware plugins you absolutely need and introduce you to different ones, including for example, our Hubspot Shopware plugin.

News in e-commerce

As an agency for e-commerce software development, we are also interested in all the novelties and innovations in e-commerce. We prepare these for you in exciting blog articles. So you are you are always up to date with the blog of EXWE.

The topic of software development on the blog

Programming an individual software or an individual plugin is part of our everyday business. Of course, we are therefore up to date and have interesting Tips for you, which we share with you on our company's own EXWE blog. Here you can learn everything you need to know about programming custom software and plugin development.

This is what you need to know about web development

We're also on the road as a web agency, and we'd love to take you along on our latest discoveries in the world of web development. Also, of course, we don't want to keep from you how you can program your own web application and what else you should know about web everything else you should know about web app development.

Onlineshop creation: our tips

We at EXWE from Dortmund have already created several online stores and would like to share with you on the Blog our best Learnings and tips on the way give: How you can increase sales, how you can can make your online store faster and how monitoring works best.