Conversion optimization: How do I increase the sales of my webshop?

by Meike Müller
What you can expect
  1. Good products and outstanding product descriptions
  2. A reasonable price
  3. Improve online store with modern design
  4. Conversion rate optimization
  5. Social Proof
  6. Improve online store and build trust with seals of approval
  7. A courteous service without advertising
  8. Personality and appropriate tone
  9. Attract new customers through increased traffic
  10. Increase shopping cart value
  11. Conclusion and help with online store creation


This is probably a question that every online store owner asks himself once. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question. Whether an online store is successful and makes a lot of sales depends on more than one factor. Which aspects you can improve in your online store and what you should pay attention to, we have summarized in this article. This way you can increase your sales and get the best out of your online store. For more tips, we also offer individual help with online store creation. You can find out more at the end of the article.

1. good products and outstanding product descriptions

The most important thing for a high turnover in your online store is of course the product and how you present it in your online store. When selling your product, you should always check if it meets certain standards. This includes high product quality. Your product should be made of the best materials, be resilient and, if possible, last over a long period of time without degrading in quality. Ideally, you should test this yourself before selling. After all, if you are convinced of the quality of your products and would buy them that way, these are good conditions for high sales.

So that the outstanding quality can be expressed online in your store and convince your visitors to buy, you should rely on very good product descriptions and product photos. It is best if you answer all possible questions of your customers in the product description. Summarize all important information about material, use, appearance, care and so on in the description. Your customer should not have to contact customer support after reading the description because something is unclear. When writing the descriptions, also consider who your target audience is and adapt the writing style. The product photos should also be self-explanatory. Show the item from all sides and focus on the details in some photos.

2. a reasonable price

You should also charge a reasonable price for your products. This means that you should not offer the product too cheap, but also not too expensive. For this, you can also orientate yourself on your competitors. What price do they set for a similar product? Does it look like the product will sell well for that price? Once you have answered these questions, you can use them as a basis for your price calculation. If you can, a slightly lower price than your competitors would be beneficial. This way you can catch all customers who are looking for the cheapest product. Make sure that the price is really not too cheap. Because that could have the effect that the product is not of high quality.

If it is not possible for you to sell your product cheaper than your competitors, you can consider bringing another product into your online store as an alternative. Maybe it doesn't have all the features or is made of a cheaper material. This way, visitors who don't want to spend so much money will find what they are looking for. Or you can use it to show them exactly what makes up the price of your more expensive product. If they don't want to spend that much, they have to give up a few features, but still get a functional product.

3. improve your online store with modern design

Besides displaying your products, you should also strive to have a professional online store. It should be modern and clear. This way, your customers will feel comfortable and find what they are looking for right away. Just take a look at how well-known and successful web stores look like and let them inspire you. Take a look at the online shops that have already been successfully implemented by EXWE.

4. conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is essential for a better online store turnover. Conversion rate is the value that shows the relationship between the number of visitors and sales in the online store. It is given as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the better: your store generates more sales with the same number of visitors.

Did you know that there are many ways to optimize your online store for a better conversion rate? You can influence all of this with the design and positioning of various functions. You can find out how the design of your online store can help you with a better user experience and thus a higher conversion rate on our website "UX design - visual appeal and usability for your software".

But this also includes, for example, that your store has fast loading times. Because nothing is more annoying than an online store that loads the individual pages at a snail's pace. Often, a slow online store also results in customers abandoning their visit and, in the worst case, not coming back again.

5. social proof

Social proof is an important point when it comes to increasing sales in your online store. The term social proof means that there are enough testimonials or recommendations from "real" people or consumers. Authenticity also plays a major role here. It is not about paid advertising or reviews, but customer reviews that are purely voluntary and recommend the product from your online store. Perhaps you have already noticed this yourself: Because most people who order online still look at reviews from other buyers before making their purchase decision. You cannot directly influence the fact that buyers write good reviews. But if you offer a good product and a satisfactory all-round service, good reviews will come by themselves. In a way, you can at least advertise writing reviews in your online store to make your customers aware of this opportunity.

Another source of social proof, for example, is a well-maintained Instagram page that attracts followers and interacts with them. This will result in positive comments that will make other potential customers aware of your products.

6. improve online store and create trust through seals of approval

Integrity is the number one priority in e-commerce. It is important that customers feel safe when buying from your online store and that you create trust with your online store. In addition to a professional appearance through a modern and intuitive design, cachets are a good tool. The Trusted Shops seal of approval, for example, is very well known and gives customers a feeling of security. It's best to put it in a place that can be seen at all times on your site - for example, next to the footer or visible throughout the check-out process.

7. a courteous service without advertising

In your online store, you should focus on helping your customer and responding to their needs. Avoid too present advertising, because this is actually no longer necessary if your customers are already in your web store. An overly promotional presentation will most likely have a negative effect!

Put the customer in the center and try to choose the easiest way to help him. For individual questions it is important to set up an accessible customer support.

8. personality and appropriate tone

Depending on the target audience of your online store, you definitely need to adjust your tonality as well. Because your customer should also feel addressed when you try to sell him his new favorite product! It starts with whether you choose to be on first or last name terms and goes all the way to the feeling you convey through your choice of words. Find a feeling that you want to trigger in your visitors or a function that should be fulfilled and look for words that can best convey this.

9. acquire new customers through increased traffic

Depending on your conversion rate so far, it makes sense to attract more customers to your store. For this it is not enough that you adjust your online store. The next measure is appropriate presence on other platforms and the creation of suitable advertising campaigns. Meanwhile, there are countless methods how you can accomplish this. These include Google Ads, Facebook ad campaigns and social media presence as well as influencer marketing. The use of targeted performance marketing can significantly increase the growth of your online store. Here, too, we are happy to help you and offer service packages ranging from entry-level to full SEA management.

10 Increase the value of your shopping cart

You can also generate more sales by increasing the value of your customers' shopping carts once they have already added items to their shopping carts. There are three methods you can use to offer customers more products.

Buy in stock

If you sell products in your online store that are commodity items and can also be stored, you can offer your customer a higher quantity at a slightly lower price during the checkout process. This way you can directly sell a larger quantity and increase your sales with the same product.

The cross-selling method

The cross-selling method is about each product creating a need for another product. These are then displayed in the shopping cart under "Similar products" to trigger the desire for more suitable products. With one click, they also end up in your customer's shopping cart.

Offer products in a bundle

Another way to increase shopping cart value is to sell products in a bundle. This simply means that you sell matching products in a set. Depending on the margin, you can incentivize your customers by offering this set at a lower price than what it would cost if your customer bought all the items in the set individually. So you benefit from higher sales and your customer benefits from a lower price - a win-win situation!

11. conclusion and help with online store creation

Would you like a comprehensive consultation to improve your online store and generate more sales? We will gladly take a close look at your online store and uncover any potential for improvement. Of course, our developers will implement these improvements directly and bring you and your company forward.

You don't have an online store yet and don't know how to start this extensive project? No problem, the online store creation from scratch is part of our daily business, just contact us!




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