Online store hosting: 10 hosting providers in comparison

by Meike Müller

You want to go live with your online store soon and are faced with the decision which hosting provider you should choose? Then this article can definitely help you! In addition to a large host comparison, in which we examine ten different store hosters and compare them based on some features, we will also show you what types of hosting there are. This way, you will learn everything about the different server variants that can be available to you for your online store hosting. Do you need additional support with the online store creation or do you have further questions about the topic of online stores? Then feel free to contact us.

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Table of Contents:
  1. First of all, we explain to you what hosting actually is
  2. In the following part we will show you what different types of hosting there are:
    1. Dedicated servers
    2. Advantages and disadvantages
      1. Virtual servers
      2. Advantages and disadvantages
    3. Cloud servers
    4. Advantages and disadvantages
      1. Root Server vs. Managed Server
      2. Advantages and disadvantages (Root Server)
      3. Advantages and Disadvantages (Managed Server)
  3. Online Shop Hosters Comparison
    1. Profihost
    2. Timme Hosting
    3. Host Europe
    5. dogado
    6. Alfahosting
    7. raidboxes
    9. webgo
  4. Our conclusion
  5. FAQ
    1. Root server cost?
    2. What is Gambio?
    3. What does "encrypt" mean?
    4. What factors should be considered when choosing a hosting provider?
    5. What security aspects should be considered when choosing a hosting provider?
    6. Why are servers expensive?
    7. What hosting for online stores?

What is hosting anyway?

Web hosting is the service that puts, for example, your own website on the Internet. It is a service that provides storage space for the publication of web pages. This is often referred to as web space. It allows visitors to find and view your website. Hosting companies provide storage space on their servers, as well as tools and software to assist in creating a website. If you want to have not only a website, but even an online store, then store hosting is the right choice for you.

Store hosting is a type of web hosting service that enables merchants to create and manage their own online stores. This type of hosting service is usually more expensive than traditional web hosting services, but it provides merchants with high flexibility and control over their online stores.


Online store hosting: the different types

If you want to host your own online store, then you have the choice between different hosting types such as dedicated hosting, virtual server hosting and cloud hosting. No matter what web application it is: All of them rely on a server to take care of tasks such as making the data available on the network and retrievable at any time. We would like to explain the differences between the hosting variants in more detail in the next section.


Dedicated server

With the dedicated server or "Dedicated Server", the customer of the hosting provider gets his own "device", which is responsible for providing the customer's data. All the resources of the hardware components are only available to the one tenant. If you decide to use a dedicated server, you are assured of many advantages.


Advantages and disadvantages

Dedicated server advantages Dedicated server disadvantages
  • Suitability for complex projects such as SaaS, large online stores and other projects with large scale
  • Configurable according to your own preferences (such as the choice of operating system)
  • High security
  • Use of all the server's resources
  • Suitable for high traffic
  • Upgrading to better server performance or more resources is only possible to a limited extent. After all, it is a standalone hardware device that is difficult to upgrade. Often a real move to a new server is necessary.
  • Mostly more expensive than other hosting options


Virtual server

With a virtual server, the performance of a hardware device is shared with several tenants. Again, only limited performance is available, as it is also a real physical device that can be used by several customers of the hosting provider. Nevertheless, capsules create independence. This means that the host server is divided into several vServers (i.e. virtual servers) and each vServer is allocated a predetermined capacity of resources. Virtual servers are managed by the hosting provider itself.


Advantages and disadvantages

Virtual server advantages Virtual server disadvantages
  • Own RAM, disk space and CPU despite shared hardware
  • Inexpensive model due to sharing
  • Own IP address
  • Often still choice of operating system possible (negative is that the choice can be limited)
  • Administration and control via a simple management program
  • Fast availability
  • Is only suitable for smaller projects
  • No particularly high load possible
  • Dependence on the "host system" for updates and the like
  • Security: In the event of a server attack, several tenants are affected at the same time


Cloud server

The cloud server is actually also a virtual server. The difference lies in the hardware. Because it does not have hardware that is used by several customers like a "normal" virtual server, but a so-called server cluster. Among other things, the server cluster consists of many physical hard disks. Thus, a cloud server has some advantages over the normal virtual server, which we have summarized for you in the next section.


Advantages and disadvantages

Cloud server advantages Cloud server disadvantages
  • High reliability is possible, because errors can be absorbed and compensated by other hard disks or server cluster components, if this has been booked additionally.
  • Therefore, the hosting model also has a high availability
  • Suitable for larger projects
  • Also for projects that are seasonally sometimes more and sometimes less busy, since with the cloud server model it can be seen how much and how often power is needed.
  • This allows scalability and ensures that costs are only calculated from the resources actually used.
  • Security the same as with the virtual server
  • Not so easy to customize
  • Dependence on the settings of the hosting provider


Root server vs. managed server

An essential aspect that you should definitely consider when choosing your hosting provider is whether it is a root server or a managed server. A root server allows you to make all configurations yourself. You have control and must assign access rights yourself. You can also set all other settings concerning updates, services, security, etc. Root servers are offered as part of dedicated servers.

In contrast to the root server is the managed server. Because here you don't have to make the settings and manage your server yourself. This task is taken over by the hosting provider for you. Nevertheless, in many cases you have the possibility to manage and configure your server.


Advantages and disadvantages of the root server

Root server advantages Root server disadvantages
  • Completely customizable, so that it perfectly fits your web application
  • Usually the cheaper option
  • Suitable only for professionals
  • There is a risk of making wrong decisions and settings that compromise security



Advantages and disadvantages of the managed server

Managed server advantages Managed Server Disadvantages
  • Suitable for beginners
  • The hoster takes care of complex settings for you
  • You still have the freedom to a lesser extent to customize settings for you individually
  • More expensive than the root server, since a large part of the work is taken over by the hoster.
  • A disadvantage is of course that the managed server is not as configurable as the root server.


Our online store hoster comparison

Now that you have learned about the different hosting types, we would like to introduce you to different providers for your online store hosting. So that the individual providers remain comparable, we have picked out some criteria, which we have taken under the microscope with the hosters. If a certain point is particularly important to you, you can see at a glance whether the hoster fulfills this point or how it fulfills it. But before we look at all the providers, we would like to briefly explain the criteria to you.



  • Hosting type: Here you will find the classification into the above-mentioned hosting types (Cloud, Virtual or Dedicated).
  • Root server or managed server: Here you'll find the info whether it's a managed (suitable for beginners) or root server (more suitable for professionals).
  • Tariffs: Are there different tariffs and how much does the Shophoster take for providing webspace etc.?
  • Setup fee: Is there a setup fee? And if so, how much is it and what is it for?
  • Upgrade possible: Can you change from your previously selected model and tariff to a larger tariff?
  • Store system compatibility: With which store systems is the hosting provider compatible? This question is of course very important if you have already decided on a store system. (You might want to link to our store system article here)
  • Minimum contract period: Some providers require a minimum contract period.
  • Support: For questions and problems is an appropriate support by the provider important. Depending on the provider, live chat, telephone or e-mail support is available.
  • Server location: The server location is very relevant from a legal perspective and for security reasons. Only servers located in Germany adhere to German regulations. EU servers usually have a similar standard - with all other locations there can be decisive differences in legislation.
  • Including SSL certificate: With SSL certificates, data between PC and server is sent securely "over the Internet".
  • Traffic limit: Especially larger stores need sufficient capacity for many accesses. Therefore it is important to know to what extent the traffic is limited.


In addition, we will highlight the respective advantages and disadvantages of the hosting provider for a quick overview.



Profihost is a German-based hosting provider that has been offering its various e-commerce hosting services since 1998.

Profihost Advantages Profihost Disadvantages
  • High level of data protection
  • Green electricity from hydropower
  • ISO 27001 certified data center
  • Many additional options, which make it confusing and more difficult for beginners
  • Relatively expensive hosting provider if many options are chosen
  • Hosting type: Cloud Server
  • Root Server or Managed Server: Managed server, but Profihost FlexServer also available as a root server
  • Tariffs: Various tariff packages for hardware and managed services
  • Setup fee: No
  • Upgrade possible: Flexible scalability
  • Store system compatibility: For different store systems
  • Minimum contract term: Usually one year
  • Support: Telephone support, mail support, personal consultation
  • Server location: In Germany
  • Inclusive SSL certificate: Additionally bookable
  • Traffic limit: Maximum inclusive traffic depending on tariff
YouTube Video von Profihost


Timme Hosting

The hosting provider Timme Hosting GmbH und Co KG is based in Lüneburg, Germany. The company's servers are also located in Germany. It is particularly noteworthy that Timme Hosting uses only green energy for your servers and offers them in managed hosting.

Timme Hosting Advantages Timme Hosting Disadvantages
  • Flexibly scalable
  • Servers located in Germany
  • Traffic included for all traffic
  • Green energy
  • Many bookable services
  • Cloud storage scalable in one direction only, so you don't have the option to scale down again
  • Hosting type: Cloud Server
  • Root server or managed server: Managed Server
  • Tariffs: Various rates, store hosting from 29 euros, web hosting from 19 euros.
  • Setup fee: Yes
  • Upgrade possible: Yes
  • Store system compatibility: With Shopware for example
  • Minimum contract period: None
  • Support: Phone and e-mail support
  • Server location: In Germany
  • Inclusive SSL certificate: Can be booked from 19 Euro per year
  • Traffic limit: No
YouTube Video von Timme Hosting


Host Europe

The company HostEurope exists since 1997 and offers very good store system hosting. We have already mentioned HostEurope in our guide to choosing the right store system, because HostEurope even offers its own store system. So if you are looking for a hoster for your online store, HostEurope can even offer you the store system directly.

Host Europe Advantages Host Europe disadvantages
  • 30-day trial period
  • Security features are very important
  • Easy setup
  • No traffic limit
  • Not only upgrade, but also downgrade is possible
  • Additionally: There is the possibility for free e-mail hosting
  • Setup fee of 14,99 Euro
  • Non-binding test phase
  • Hosting type: Virtual and Dedicated Server
  • Root Server or Managed Server: Root Server, but optionally Managed WordPress
  • Tariffs: Various tariff packages such as Basic, Medium, Premium and Supreme.
  • Setup fee: 14,99 Euro one time fee
  • Upgrade possible: Yes as well as downgrade
  • Store system compatibility: with own store system
  • Minimum contract period: 1 month
  • Support: support hotline and e-mail support
  • Server location: In Germany
  • SSL certificate included: Yes
  • Traffic limit: No


YouTube Video von Host Europe



All-INKL is a web hosting company from Germany, which offers equally good rates for online store operators. The company's servers are also located in Germany, which guarantees you data security. Since 2000, the company has been offering solutions that have almost everything included: hence the name "ALL-INKL".

ALL-INKL Advantages ALL-INKL disadvantages
  • Three months free of charge
  • Automatic backup of every website every day
  • Many domains are integrated in one package
  • - The basic package is not good for most purposes
  • Hosting type: Dedicated Server
  • Root Server or Managed Server: Managed
  • Tariffs: Various hosting packages (premium, business)
  • Setup fee: None
  • Upgrade possible: Yes
  • Store system compatibility: Compatible with Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce
  • Minimum contract period: None
  • Support: Telephone hotline 24/7
  • Server Location: In Germany
  • SSL certificate included: Yes
  • Traffic limit: Traffic is not limited


 YouTube Video von ALL-INKL.



The hosting provider dogado, based in Dortmund, Germany, has been around since 2001. The offer is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. A plus point of dogado is that the company runs its servers with green electricity. If you want to be as sustainable as possible with your web project, dogado is a good contact.

dogado advantages dogado disadvantages
  • No hidden costs
  • Very well combinable with Shopware for online shops
  • Different tariffs, so you can choose the right model for every occasion
  • 24/7 support
  • Updates are done automatically
  • No external domains
  • No test phase
  • Hosting type: vServer, Dedicated Server
  • Root Server or Managed Server: Managed Server
  • Rates: Various hosting packages starting at 3.99 euros per month for web hosting, starting at 4.99 euros per month for WordPress hosting
  • Setup fee: No
  • Upgrade possible: Yes, anytime
  • Store system compatibility: Shopware, Magento hosting, JTL hosting
  • Minimum contract period: One month or twelve months
  • Support: live chat and phone
  • Server location: In Germany
  • Included SSL certificate: Yes, but not free of charge in the smallest web hosting plan
  • Traffic limit: For tariffs with traffic flat, the entire traffic volume is included


YouTube Video von Dogado



Alfahosting GmbH has been around since 1999, and with its various tariffs it has the right offer for any size of online shop. The hosting offers can also be used well with WordPress and Joomla.

Alfahosting Advantages Alfahosting disadvantages
  • If necessary, the tariff can be changed
  • Suitable for all online stores, whether large or small
  • No fee for the setup
  • Customer friendly
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Documentation is not quite clean
  • SSL certificate is not included
  • Hosting type: dedicated server or virtual server
  • Root server or managed server: Root for dedicated servers
  • Tariffs: Various hosting packages (M-XL)
  • Setup fee: None
  • Upgrade possible: Yes
  • Store system compatibility: Compatible with PrestaShop, Modified Shop, xtCommerce, OXID eShop, osCommerce
  • Minimum contract period: None
  • Support: 24/7 support via telephone hotline
  • Server location: In Germany
  • SSL certificate included: No
  • Traffic limit: unlimited, traffic flat included




The company raidboxes is an agency from Münster, Germany, specialized in WordPress hosting. With the plugin WooCommerce online store hosting is also possible. Since 2013, the company exists, which takes you with Managed WordPress rates work around updates, performance and security.

raidboxes advantages raidboxes disadvantages
  • Many different tariffs
  • Free trial for four days
  • Backups of WordPress always at night
  • Updates are done automatically
  • There is only one WooCommerce hosting
  • Traffic is limited
  • Hosting type: Cloud server
  • Root server or managed server: Managed WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting
  • Tariffs: Various Pro and Business plans
  • Setup fee: None
  • Upgrade possible: Yes
  • Store system compatibility: With WooCommerce
  • Minimum contract period: One month
  • Support: Live chat or mail from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Server Location: In Germany
  • SSL certificate included: Yes
  • Traffic limit: Yes, limited in different tariffs (High Traffic Hosting in Business for 300.000 visitors per month)


YouTube Video von Raidboxes exists as it is now only since 2008, but the hosting provider had its beginnings already in 2001.'s web hosting offer is very extensive and is also suitable for online stores of various sizes. Advantages disadvantages
  • For online stores of any size
  • Upgrades are possible
  • Customer service is very good
  • servers are fast
  • Business customers are kept separate from private customers
  • Little storage space is available
  • has only one data center
  • Hosting type: Dedicated server or vServer
  • Root server or managed server: Root and managed server
  • Tariffs: Various tariffs are available (from tariff S to tariff XL)
  • Setup fee: None
  • Upgrade possible: You can upgrade the tariff
  • Store system compatibility: Compatible with PrestaShop, Gambio, OXID eShop, Shopware, Modified Shops, t:Commerce and Magento
  • Minimum contract period: Three months
  • Support: Telephone hotline Mon-Fri from 09 -18 hrs.
  • Server location: In Germany
  • Inclusive SSL certificate: Optional or inclusive, depending on the tariff
  • Traffic limit: Unlimited



webgo is a Hamburg-based company that offers various hosting plans for online stores of all sizes. The company has its reliable servers in Germany and offers you fast assistance through customer support 365 days a year if there are technical changes.

webgo advantages webgo disadvantages
  • Suitable for online stores of all sizes
  • The speed of the servers is high and they are located in Germany
  • The first six months free of charge
  • The choice between root and managed servers as well as virtual and dedicated servers and SSD web hosting for your online shop
  • Contract periods are predefined (minimum 12 months)
  • Setup fee
  • Hosting type: Either vServer or dedicated server
  • Root server or managed server: Root and managed server
  • Tariffs: Different tariffs (professional, business, power)
  • Setup fee: One-time 14,95 Euro
  • Upgrade possible: Tariff changes are possible
  • Store system compatibility: With Magento / Adobe Commerce or osCommerce
  • Minimum contract period: 12 months
  • Support: 365 days support
  • Server location: In Germany
  • SSL certificate included: Yes
  • Traffic limit: unlimited
YouTube Video von Webgo is a provider from Greifswald, Germany, that offers different store hosting tariffs since 2004. The different store hosting tariffs are especially suitable for small to medium sized online stores. The traffic limit is not limited in the tariffs. advantages disadvantages
  • No traffic limit for your store hosting
  • German servers
  • Free data backup
  • There is directly a homepage builder
  • Personal contact person
  • Not suitable for large online stores
  • Setup fee
  • Hosting type: vServer / virtual dedicated server
  • Root server or managed server: Managed or Root
  • Tariffs: Various tariffs (Shophost Starter, Shophost Basic, Shophost Pro).
  • Setup fee: 14,95 Euro one-time fee
  • Upgrade possible: Yes
  • Store system compatibility: With PrestaShop, JTL Shop, OXID eShop, Open Cart, Modified Shop, Virtuemart and Shopware
  • Minimum contract period: One month
  • Support: Direct contact person
  • Server Location: In Germany
  • SSL certificate included: Yes
  • Traffic limit: All traffic is included with store hosting



Our conclusion

Overall, there are many online store hosting providers on the market that offer a variety of different rates. You will definitely find what you are looking for if you want to host your store. Of course, it is important that you think about which store system you want to use for e-commerce beforehand. This way you can see directly which hosters are suitable for you and which are not. Many of our customers use Shopware to set up their online store from start to finish. For this, Timme Hosting offers a good deal, which is why we are very happy to call the store hoster our partner as well. If you are about to start your online business and need help with store creation and hosting or have a question in general, you can always contact the experts at EXWE!


FAQ about online store hosting

To conclude this article, we'll address some questions that come up in connection with store hosts. If you have any questions yourself, we at EXWE will be happy to answer them by phone.

  • What does a root server cost?

    The costs for a root server vary from provider to provider. In our report you will find more detailed information about how expensive an explicit hoster is. Often you can find root servers for 40 to 50 Euro per month. In general, root servers are cheaper than managed servers, because you take care of the administration yourself.

  • What is Gambio?

    Gambio is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to set up and run an online store. The platform offers a variety of features, including product management, payment processing, shipping options, marketing tools, and more.

    One advantage of Gambio is that it is easy to use and doesn't require much effort to set up an online store. Gambio is also known for its fast loading times, which helps customers navigate through the online store quickly and efficiently.

    Another important aspect of Gambio is data security. The platform offers secure data transmission and protects customer information from unauthorized access. Moreover, Gambio provides regular updates and security patches to ensure that the online store remains protected from threats.

    In doing so, Gambio is a powerful e-commerce platform that helps businesses run a successful online store. The platform offers fast loading times, easy setup and high data security, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to run an online store.

  • What does "encrypt" mean?

    "Encrypt" means to encrypt data or information so that it is unreadable or incomprehensible to unauthorized people. Encryption is an important security mechanism that helps ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data and protects it from unauthorized access or misuse.

    Encryption uses an encryption algorithm to convert data into an unintelligible code. The code can only be decrypted by people who have the corresponding key or password. This ensures that only authorized users can access the data and protects the data from theft or unauthorized access.

    Encryption is often used when transferring sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information, or personal data to ensure that it remains secure during transmission. Encryption is also used when storing data on a computer or server to ensure that it is protected from unauthorized access.

  • What factors should be considered when choosing a hosting provider?

    When choosing a hosting provider for an online store, there are several factors that should be considered. Here are some important points:

  • What security aspects should be considered when choosing a hosting provider?

    The security of an online store is of great importance, as customers reveal their personal data and payment information during the purchasing process. For this reason, companies should consider various security aspects when choosing a hosting provider to ensure that their online store is protected from attacks and hackers. One important security aspect is the firewall. The hosting provider should provide a firewall to protect the online store from attacks. Another important security feature is the SSL certificate. The hosting provider should provide an SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection between the web server and the customer's browser.

  • Why are servers expensive?

    The price of a server depends on how high the performance and how extensive the features of the server you book need to be. It gets more expensive if you need more memory and RAM. For CPU speed and data volume there are additional costs. The price depends on the complexity of the web application. You can host a simple website for little money.

  • Which hosting for online stores?

    Various providers are available for your online store hosting. Technical requirements should be met so that your online store runs smoothly. It is best to think about what is important to you beforehand and then see which hoster is best suited for your online store and meets your criteria. In our report you will find many hosters for your online store - maybe you will find what you are looking for there.

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