Why your online shop will benefit from SEA

by Meike Müller


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  1. What is SEA and how can your online shop benefit from it?
  2. Reasons for SEA - search engine advertising for your successful e-commerce
  3. Professional SEA Management - Support for your Online Marketing


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is well known but what is SEA and do I have to deal with it at all? If you are active in e-commerce or even own an online shop, the answer is quite clear - yes, you have to. Your company and therefore you can only profit from SEA. Why? - We will explain that to you in the following article. We are also happy to offer you further support in the area of performance marketing especially for online shops and together we can increase the performance of your e-commerce!

What is SEA and how can your online shop benefit from it?

SEA is the abbreviation for search engine advertising, but is also called keyword advertising and includes the placement of advertisements in search engines. Search engine marketing is available on various search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Googe and Ecosia, whereby the best known with a market share of almost 90% is Google with Google Ads.

Through Google Ads you can place various advertisements, such as shopping, image or text ads, and thus advertise your business. While SEO - search engine optimization - is a process you have to put time and patience into, SEA can give you good results relatively quickly such as an increase in traffic. Digital growth potential is possible based on campaigns, keyword searches and optimisation of ad texts. This includes optimal monitoring of campaigns and later post-processing or adjustment.

Reasons for SEA - search engine advertising for your successful e-commerce

Measurability: Through SEA, goals such as increasing the number of visitors to your online shop or your brand awareness are measurable. Through later evaluation of your campaign, your results become measurable.Graphic laptop expand visitor count through SEA for online stores

Rapid success: If you use SEA correctly, your campaigns and thus your company will achieve rapid success. In contrast to search engine optimisation, where the results are only visible later, SEA results are visible quickly.

Cost control: With SEA you decide on the respective daily budget, which should not be exceeded. Usually, three different pricing models are used for billing: CPC, CPM or CPA. CPC stands for Cost Per Click and is the most common variant - you only pay if your ad is clicked.

Target group specific targeting: You determine which target group you want to address. You know your target group exactly? Perfect! Then you can build your ads specifically for them and target your potential customers. You are not quite sure? Audience targeting provides you with many targeting features to help you set up your audience.

Brand Awareness: Through SEA, your online reach will expand and your brand awareness will increase. In addition to attracting new customers, your ads will also increase your visibility - not everyone who sees your ad will buy from you as a result, but your brand will be noticed and therefore become better known.

Professional SEA Management - Support for your Online Marketing

Of course there are companies that can support you in planning and implementing SEA. We have also learned step by step through many years of experience and through online marketing for our company and our customers and pass on our knowledge. SEA and technology belong together for us. Because we are IT service providers with a high level of technical know-how, we can implement SEA differently than agencies that only specialize in marketing. Through technical automation, we can offer SEA support that is numbers and data driven. This allows us to do targeted monitoring and identify superfluous cost guzzlers.

You are already running SEA but feel that you have not yet exhausted all the possibilities? We currently offer anSEA audit to identify and analyze your optimization opportunities: We analyze your SEA accounts regarding growth and efficiency potentials. This way you benefit from our deep know-how and channel understanding. If you are interested or have any questions about SEA, please contact us!



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