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CSS Hack for Shopware: Long texts with Digital Publishing Plugin? No problem!

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While creating a landing page with Shopware for one of our clients, we encountered a problem with the digital publishing plugin that simply cuts off texts that are too long when the background mode is "color". Since our client and we were less than thrilled with this, we looked for a way to work around the problem. Here you can see the final CSS hack that solves the problem. For moreinformation and support for custom Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 plugins - feel free to contact us.


We would like to create an element with the "Digital Publishing" plugin of Shopware itself, which has a colored background and contains a longer text. If we create this element according to schema F we will quickly notice that the text is cut off like in this image below.

Ausgangssituation Text


After a bit of hacking around with CSS we came up with a solution that we don't want you to miss. First, we gave our Digital Publishing element the class "long-text-bg-color" so that we don't accidentally edit other elements.

DIgital Publishing

If we now add the following lines to our Less file, our text will no longer be cut off, but will be displayed completely as desired.

Less Datei


Text unterlegt

That was the whole trick - now we can create text elements of any length with the Digital Publishing Plugin! If you found this post helpful or informative, don't forget to check back to our blog regularly for more posts like this.

This blog article was written by our apprentice Lennart.

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