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Google Analytics 4 Property with Shopware

Banner ShopwareIt is there, the new Analytics 4 Property. The problem is, however, that Google creates only this property by default via the wizard. The "Google Services Plugin" of Shopware, however, can only work with UniversalAnalytics and the very old Analytics Property. If you enter the new ID, called Measurement ID which begins with "G-", in the Google Services Plugin in the Shopware backend, this will not help you. The new Analytics 4 Property needs an implementation via Google Tag Manger, but the Shopware plugin loads Universal Analytics, UA for short.

We'll now briefly show you how to connect Shopware and Google Analytics, despite this new hurdle.

Create Analytics 4 Property and the old Universal Analytics at the same time

First, go to Administration and add a new property. Here you have to show the advanced options to create a Universal Analytics property as well. We have also checked here that analytics should be optimized for the 4 property. Because the goal should eventually be to switch completely to the 4 version.

Administration -> Create Property -> Show Advanced Options -> Create Universal Analytics Property -> Create both Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics Property + Enable Optimized Analytics for Google Analytics 4 Property

Google Analytics 4 Property mit ShopwareNow you have created an old UA property in addition to the new Property 4. Now switch to this new UA property at the top of the main navigation.

Anzeige Property 4

Here you will also find directly the UA-ID which you have to enter into the Shopware Google Services Plugin:

Anzeige UA-ID

Done! Now your shop should be tracked as usual.

Criticism: There is currently no simple solution to quickly store the actual new Analytics 4 property.

We will try to work out a solution in the coming weeks and present it here.




from 12. November 2020

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