JTL Connector: How to prevent overwriting during sync!

by Meike Müller

You have Shopware and JTL in use and have created a free text field in Shopware, which you want to configure independently of JTL? Then it may happen that this attribute is overwritten by JTL with every sync of the article and has the value zero.

This setting makes sense on the one hand, so that data can only be changed and edited in JTL and to have a consistent database. On the other hand, it leads to problems if certain fields are to be set directly in Shopware, which are not known to JTLGrafik Laptop das Verhalten unter JTL Connector Plugins ändern. We have a solution for this - do you need more help with Shopware? The EXWE team is happy to help you - just contact us by mail or phone.


To fix the whole thing or to change the behavior, you have to look in the config.json of the JTL Connector Plugin. You can find it under


There is a setting "null_undefined_attributes". You have to set this to false under product, push to prevent overwriting your attributes.

The entry could then look like this:

"product": { "push": { "null_undefined_attributes": false, "article_detail_preselection": false } },


This article was written by our software developer Thomas Walter.

JTL - The free WaWi system

The software JTL organizes purchasing, article and offer maintenance, multi-channel sales, order processing, warehouse and shipping organization and sales as well as payments. The heart of the e-commerce software is the JTL merchandise management system, which is available free of charge. With the JTL Connectors you can connect your Shopware online store with the WaWi system and synchronize articles, stocks and orders. The JTL Connector is also available for Gambio, Shopify, WooCommerce and other providers and can be connected to Ebay or Amazon. With JTL you can maintain your entire assortment, adjust inventory levels, enter invoices, reminders and credit notes and process orders.

With JTL POS you can purchase a professional POS software, which was developed especially for the stationary retail trade. The software is also available for free and can be used with an Android smartphone or tablet. With JTL POS, articles can be managed, cashier functions can be used, receipts can be issued, sales can be controlled and, at the same time, a high level of cash register security can be guaranteed through automatic log-out.

You want to learn more about JTL? Then take a look at our article "PICKWARE, JTL AND IZETTLE - CONNECTING RETAIL AND ONLINE TRADE". For further questions about your store, we are happy to help you and offer you a comprehensive range of online store creation.

from 15.12.2020

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