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by Meike Müller

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What you can expect
  1. What is HubSpot actually?
  2. What are the advantages of HubSpot?
  3. How can I use my data from Shopware in HubSpot?
  4. Why is plugin integration so important for using HubSpot?
  5. Will the HubSpot plugin be developed further?
  6. How do I link the plugin with Shopware and HubSpot?

For the long-term growth of your Shopware online store and your business in general, it is important that you know your customers and can respond to their needs. This way, you can retain them and build a solid customer base. The HubSpot software is a helpful tool for a successful customer journey. However, in order to use HubSpot with the data from your Shopware store, you need an interface. And this is where our HubSpot plugin for Shopware 5 & 6 comes into play!

What is HubSpot actually?

Before we go into more detail, you should first know what HubSpot actually is and why you need it for your customers and your online store. Because HubSpot is the tool you should use for successful inbound marketing.

But what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a strategy that you can use to build a long-term relationship with your customer. You give your customers helpful tips and professional advice so that they associate your online store with a good experience. You try to make them feel comfortable when they browse your products or contact your customer support with questions. To help you make your inbound marketing more effective and efficient, there is HubSpot. HubSpot is a CRM, i.e. a customer relationship management system. It provides all the tools you need for your online store support. Your customers' data is collected in one place on a daily basis and is accessible to your employees.

What are the advantages of HubSpot?

Grafik Laptop HubSpot VorteileWhen you use HubSpot, you have all your customers' data collected in one place. It is always up to date and allows you to have everything at a glance. In addition, the daily updated collection of data is also helpful for your employees from different departments. They no longer need to communicate with each other to check the current status. They can see this in HubSpot. You can avoid the problem of a lack of or incorrect coordination in your company and save a lot of time in the process.

All of your customers' activities are recognized and saved in HubSpot. This allows you to plan the next steps to get customers to buy your product or service. How about an individual discount coupon that you can send to all customers who have abandoned their purchase shortly before completion?

All data is also displayed in evaluations and analysis tools so that you can utilize it much better. This makes HubSpot a powerful marketing tool that allows you to categorize your customers into target groups. With this information, you can take your marketing campaigns to a new level.

You can also use HubSpot to plan, create and track email marketing, Google Ads, content strategies, social media activities and much more. HubSpot has its own small tools for this. With HubSpot, you get an all-in-one solution that is suitable for everyone, as programming knowledge is not required. So it's an absolute must for your online store!

How can I use my data from Shopware in HubSpot?

As we briefly mentioned above, our Shopware 5 and 6 - HubSpot Contact & Deals plugin is the answer to this question. If you want to see the data from your Shopware online store in HubSpot, you need our Shopware plugin as an interface between the two software systems. It enables smooth data transfer after you have installed and set up the plugin for the first time. After that, everything runs automatically. You receive all the information about existing and new customers so that you can analyze them in Hubspot. Among other things, the plugin provides you with components of the customer base, such as name, email address and telephone number. You also receive data on the purchase transaction and much more information.

Grafik Laptop funktionierender Shopware Onlineshop ist Voraussetzung Of course, this requires a functioning Shopware online store. If you do not yet have a high-quality Shopware online store, you should take care of this first. This is the only way to transfer and analyze important data smoothly. We are also at your disposal for professional online store creation and optimization.

Plugin integrationWhy is this so important for using HubSpot?

HubSpot is a helpful tool for increasing your customers' online sales. However, HubSpot is useless if it is not filled with important data. In Shopware online stores, this data is located in Shopware itself: Customer data, order data, sales history, placed and canceled orders, information about shopping carts and much more. With our Hubspot plugin, all customer activities in the Shopware online store are transferred to the HubSpot tool. This happens automatically and regularly. Thanks to our plugin, all data in Hubspot is therefore displayed in full and updated on a daily basis. It can then be used in the next step to grow your business by using the information for better marketing and an improved customer journey.

Will the HubSpot plugin be developed further?

Our HubSpot plugin development is never finished. We are constantly working on innovations to make your experience with HubSpot even better. If you are missing functions or need individual customizations, please contact us. Because we can optimize our HubSpot plugin to meet your needs.

These new features have been added recently: Now orders can include multiple items from a product catalog. In older versions, each item was transmitted as a single order. However, this requires that you have subscribed to the Sales Hub Professional. In addition, our plugin now also works for Shopware 6 and we have also added the subshop functionality.

How do I link the plugin with Shopware and HubSpot?

Grafik Laptop Onlineshop mit Plugin verbindenIf you don't know how to install a plugin and connect it to your Shopware online store so that the link to HubSpot also works, then you've come to the right place. We will be happy to take on this task for you. Simply contact us via our contact form or give us a call for a no-obligation consultation. If you want to try it yourself first, you can visit the Shopware Store. There you will find all the plugins available for your Shopware online store. You can also install our HubSpot Contact & Deals plugin via the store. Select the plugin in the store, log in to your Shopware account and top it up with the appropriate credit. Now you can download the plugin and then install it.

Do you need help integrating the plugin into your store? Or do you have general questions about shopware, online store creation or e-commerce? Then we at EXWE will be happy to assist you as a strong partner - feel free to contact us!

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