Shopware 6 Certification - EXWE is now a Shopware Agency!

by Meike Müller


You already run a Shopware store? For the ongoing support, maintenance and upkeep of your Shopware store, we are the right contact - now also with Shopware 6 certification! Also deeper updates, search engine optimization and usability are points in which we can support you through years of experience. The goal is to increase the conversion rate of your online store and to ensure the success of your e-commerce business in the long term. We will be happy to show you in our personal Shopware training sessions how you can better navigate your - directly in your company, our e-commerce agency in Dortmund or online.


We also share our knowledge with you on our blog. Here you will find tips & tricks to help you build and optimize your online store. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, our articles "The ten most frequently asked questions about Shopware 6", "The big Shopware 5 vs Shopware 6 feature comparison" or our "Shopware Performance Guide for professionals" will bring you further in terms of performance.

Shopware 6 is a complete rewrite and therefore an update from Shopware 5 to 6, which is not possible at the push of a button. This requires some migration effort. Shopware 6 offers the connection to social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, improvements that should simplify the internationalization (handling of gross/net prices, different tax rates and other currencies). Need help migrating to Shopware 6? Here, too, we at EXWE are your right contact.

Shopware 6 focuses on emotional shopping with responsive design, performance and user experience. The shopping worlds enable store operators to create appealing, emotional customer experiences by drag & drop. A powerful foundation, coupled with advanced software architecture, Shopware takes a big step into the future. Shopware 6 doesn't build on previous versions of the software like an update, but is its own softare in its own right. Therefore, Shopware 6 naturally brings some new features that its predecessors could not offer - template engine Twig, frameworks Symfony (version 4.3, full stack), Vue.js and Bootstrap, as well as PHP 7.2. Thus, Shopware 6 opens up innovative front-end solutions to its users and offers more security and lower development costs thanks to API-first approach and modularly developed system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We at EXWE are at your side as a strong partner and, as a certified Shopware agency, are happy to support you from the creation of your online store to the subsequent service and support of your store.

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from 29.07.2019

Hello, my name is Meike. I take care of the EXWE back office and am responsible for our social media channels. All of our articles are meant to make your life easier and help you make decisions. Nevertheless, it can happen that something remains unclear, so: If you have questions about this article you can easily reach me at +49 231 93149827.

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