Shopware cancellation invoice with own number range

by Meike Müller
As a certified Shopware agency we would like to help you with useful tips & tricks to bring your online store to a new level. If you need help with your Shopware online store or if you have further questions - feel free to contact us! And now have fun with our short explanation how you can create a Shopware cancellation invoice with your own number range:


1. first you have to create the following file in the template: documents/index_sr.tpl

2. then you have to insert the following content:

{extends file="parent:documents/index_sr.tpl"}
{block name="document_index_head_right" append}
{if $}{s name="DocumentIndexCancelationNumberShort"}cancellation invoice:{/s} {$}<br />{/if}

This will extend your current cancellation invoice template to include the document id.

3. let the template show your individualization. To do this, enter your new path in the "Template" field:

    index_sr.tpl becomes : ../../YourTemplateFolder/documents/index_sr.tpl

4. create a duplicate of the cancellation invoice:

Adds a new document titled "Cancellation Invoice with NK" under Basic Settings->PDF Document Creation. Enter all things exactly as you did for the cancellation invoice. Save your input and switch to the normal invoice. Here you select "Apply properties to all documents". Attention, this overwrites individual adjustments in the other documents except the invoice. But it saves us work here, because we don't have to adjust the elements of the PDF again by hand.

5. select number range:

a) If you want to use the invoice number range, change the number range to Invoices under Basic Settings->PDF Document Creation->Reverse Invoice with NK.

b) If you want a separate number range for a cancellation invoice, create a new number range named "doc_3" under: Basic Settings->Number Ranges.
This "doc_3" number range is already stored in the PDF settings. But why it is not created as a number range is questionable...

Now you can create PDF cancellation invoices with your own number range. Please don't use the document type "Cancellation invoice" anymore but the new "Cancellation invoice with NK".

And you have already created your cancellation invoice for your Shopware online store.


Why is a cancellation invoice necessary at all?

A cancellation invoice is needed to cancel the previous outgoing invoice that was handed out to the customer. The cancellation invoice cancels it and thus has the function of a credit note. Occasions for cancellation of the previous invoice can vary from an incorrect original invoice, to a forgotten discount, to a defective service. In order to avoid tax problems, a clean separation should be made between the cancellation invoice and the correction invoice. Even if the customer has not yet paid the original invoice, the cancellation invoice should be sent to him, as business customers can claim the input tax portion as input tax. This happens regardless of whether the invoice has actually been paid or not. As the invoicing party, the sales tax shown on the invoice must be remitted to the tax office. The cancellation invoice exempts you from this payment.

We hope our tip has helped you and you can now further optimize your Shopware online store and especially the creation of the invoice or cancellation invoice.

If you have any questions or need advice regarding the creation of an online store with Shopware, please feel free to contact us at We are your strong partner and help you from the creation of a store to the subsequent service & support.

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