E-commerce tip: Shopware category on noindex

by Meike Müller
What to expect:
  1. Customization in the backend
  2. Customization in theme
  3. Settings within the categories


With this article we would like to give you helpful tips & tricks in dealing with Shopware. If you have further questions or need more information about the online shop creation with Shopware, we are happy to assist you from the development to the support & monitoring of your online store.


The requirement is quite simple but not possible to implement in Shopware. As an example we want to set the SALE category to noindex.

To do this, we first create a new free text field for the subitem Categories under Settings -> Free Text Field Management.

Anpassungen im Backend

To do this, please select an "unconfigured field" from the list below and edit it as shown in the screenshot. Our field was for example the attribute5.


Please create the file frontend/listing/header.tpl with the following content in your theme:

{extends file='parent:frontend/listing/header.tpl'}
{block name='frontend_index_header_meta_robots'}{if $sCategoryContent.attribute.attribute5}{$sCategoryContent.attribute.attribute5}{else}{$smarty.block.parent}{/if}{/block}

Important: If you didn't use the attribute5 above like we did, you have to adjust your source code accordingly, to e.g. attribute2, attribute3 ...


Einstellungen innerhalb der Kategorien

Now you can easily set a value for the robots meta tag for each category.

In our example: noindex,follow
But you could also set noindex,nofollow.if you don't enter a value, the Shopware standard applies.

Shopware Categories

In the category management you manage the category structure of your Shopware store and can organize your store pages and the service menu. The category structure is displayed in Shopware as a fold-out menu, which you can sort by drag & drop. There you can also move a category to another category as a subcategory. The categories are also used for the navigation of the footer. Through various Shopware plugins you can disable categories, automatically expand the category filter and much more. Plugins are extensions for online stores, which have small but also large functions depending on the type. Shopware can be extended by countless plugins and so your online store can be customized according to your wishes.

For example you can download our plugins Broken Image Finder (404), Amazon Order Number in Transaction Field and Tradedoubler Sale Tracking Pixel for free via the following link . https://store.shopware.com/exwe-gmbh.html.

The Amazon plugin imports the Amazon order numbers deposited by Magnalister in the comments, into the transaction column of Shopware and thus provides a better overview. The sBroken-Image Plugin checks all images in the MediaManager for a corresponding file on the server. Not always are the images listed in the MediaManager and are also available as a file on the server. This leads to images with 404 in the store.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@exwe.de. We are your strong partner for all your questions about Shopware and e-commerce.

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