Shopware shipping costs note for shipping abroad

by Meike Müller
Below we have another small tip on how you can further optimize your online store and thus increase the success of your e-commerce in the long term.

Sometimes it makes sense to indicate in the checkout that shipping costs to foreign countries are calculated individually. Especially if the calculation of shipping costs is very complex and cannot be mapped by the system. If you need more information about Shopware, please visit our website or contact us!


1. you create the following file in your shopware template: /frontend/checkout/cart_footer.tpl

2. there you put the following content:

{extends file='parent:frontend/checkout/cart_footer.tpl'}

{* Shipping costs *}
{block name='frontend_checkout_cart_footer_field_labels_shipping'}
    {if $ != 2}
    <li class="list--entry block-group entry--shipping entry--shipping--foreign">
        {s name='CheckoutFooterShippingInfoNotGermany'}<i><b>Caution:</b> The shipping costs will be calculated daily by the shipping company and communicated to you afterwards.</i>{/s}
After that you should get a corresponding shipping note displayed in the checkout.
NOTE: {if $ != 2} here we assume that shipping within Germany (id=2) does not need a note.

The shipping costs module of Shopware

In addition to the standard shipping costs, it is often necessary to offer additional shipping options. Shopware therefore offers a module to map complex shipping cost calculations. With its own conditions and calculations, any shipping constellation can be implemented. For example, the alternative shipping method is always used when the standard shipping method is no longer available. With the discount shipping method, it is possible to store discounts that have a reducing effect on the shipping costs (for example, discount codes).

The checkout in your Shopware store

There are many ways to optimize your online store. One point that is often neglected is the checkout. It has to be as simple as possible and as fast as possible. If the checkout doesn't work well, your customer may get so frustrated that he cancels the purchase.

So how can you improve your checkout in Shopware? Shopware already provides many guidelines for a successful checkout. The step-by-step checkout provides a good overview by means of numbering. Call-to-action allows the customer to move from one button to the next during checkout. Often, the button can only be selected if all the necessary information has been filled in. This way, the customer can be sure that everything has been filled in correctly. With the tunnel effect, everything unnecessary for the customer is hidden and only the elements that are important for the order process are displayed. There is also the one-page checkout. Here, all steps of the checkout are displayed immediately and the step the customer is currently at is visibly highlighted - all other steps are moved into the background. There are also some plugins to optimize your checkout. However, the most important rule should also be considered here and attention should be paid to functionality and speed.

If you have any questions about Shopware, please feel free to contact us at

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