Scheduling in companies - this is how custom software can help

by Meike Müller
Planning appointments in companies is a big challenge. You surely know it: A general event or appointment is coming up and all colleagues have to be scheduled somehow. But it's not that easy, because each of you is involved in individual projects and has other appointments to keep. Proper planning is usually time-consuming and leads to a lot of chaos. If then aspects like individual travel (in case the appointment takes place at a different location), possible delays and so on have to be considered, it can only get confusing. But in the future you can easily avoid this problem. Because the solution is an individual software for scheduling!
What you can expect
  1. How does a customized software work?
  2. These are the advantages of an appointment software
  3. This is what our scheduling tool can do
  4. Have individual software developed

How does a customized software work?

Graphic Laptop How does custom software workInstead of scheduling appointments with the help of a calendar and email with each individual employee, you can use appointment tools. They make time management easier for you and help you keep track of everything. Many of these existing tools are standard software. You have probably come across standard software in other areas. They are tools that are suitable for a wide range of people. However, this also means that they are usually very superficial and have only the most necessary functions. If you or your company have special requirements that need to be considered in the time management of your colleagues, these requirements cannot be solved with a standard software. This is then a case for the individual software that you can have developed by a software agency.

The software development can be tailored to your wishes, so that in the end it only takes a few clicks to invite your employees to the next appointment. How the appointment software works in the end and what features it has, of course, always depends on what you have in mind and which software agency you work with. For example, we have also developed an appointment tool for efficient time management. It is suitable for small companies as well as for medium-sized companies with thousands of employees. In addition, your own requirements can also be taken into account. If there are functions that our appointment tool does not yet have, we will gladly add them!

These are the advantages of an appointment software

Graphic Laptop Our Appointment SoftwareIf you use a customized appointment tool for your employee management, then you don't have to worry anymore when a general appointment for the staff is coming up. This is because the difficulty of scheduling all the employees is reduced to a minimum with the appointment software. Thus, our software can be used for any type of appointment: whether it's a general photo shoot, a health day, scheduling staffing at a trade show, visits to government agencies, and so on. Even the number of your employees doesn't matter for our solution - you get every colleague scheduled. And all it takes is a few clicks and a few minutes. You no longer need to block out an entire day to manage time and project management in your company.

In the end, a scheduling tool not only saves you time, but also money. Your time or the time of your employees costs money. If this is no longer needed for administration, it can be used elsewhere, for example on your core business. With our appointment software you always keep track of all appointments. You no longer have to manually enter all appointments into the company calendar. No, the software takes care of that automatically! In addition to saving time, you can also avoid errors that have otherwise crept in from time to time.

Our appointment tool can do all this

Our individual software is the perfect tool for efficient time management in any company. It has its own calendar, there is a rights management and an employee master and you can send the invitations to appointments directly by e-mail. Also you can see statistics and download details via CSV export. And everything else you're missing, we'll add later!

The project management tool makes planning easier for the person doing the planning as well as for all other employees and the organizer of the upcoming event. The project manager can simply create an individual event in the appointment tool and add the corresponding location. In addition, he simply specifies appointment slots and time periods. Then all that remains is to send out the invitations and the planning is done. Doesn't that sound easy? In addition, reminders can be sent to all employees so that the appointment is not forgotten! During the appointment, the project managers can also view statistics on the current status.

Graphic Laptop Our custom software is perfect for appointment toolOn the employee side it looks like this: Appointments can be selected and booked. Accidentally booked the wrong appointment or forgotten another appointment? Then the previously booked time slot can be cancelled again and a new one can be booked. If for some reason no appointment is booked, the corresponding employee will receive another reminder. For some events there is an additional organizer page. This is the case, for example, with a photo shoot: There is still the photographer. He can mark employees as "photographed" or "did not appear" in our event software. The employees who did not show up will then automatically receive an e-mail for a new appointment selection.

Have individual software developed

Our appointment tool can already be applied to many areas of application, but perhaps there are still functions that it does not yet cover, but which are indispensable for you. We can add these functions for you later with individual software development. Through years of expertise in this area, you only need to tell us about your problems, we will solve them technically and develop the perfect custom software for your needs. Feel free to contact us for a first and non-binding consultation.

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