Customized software development for your company: We show you how!

by Meike Müller
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Sometimes standard software is no longer sufficient to meet all the requirements within your company. This is because standard software should be suitable for as many users as possible, but does not address individual specializations. You can only cover these with the help of customized software. However, developing customized software is not that easy and requires good planning. Would you like to develop suitable software for your company, but don't know how to approach this project? Our article is designed to help you on your way to successful custom software development! We have therefore created a schedule that you can follow in order to end up with a functional web application for your company. Is it all too complicated for you? You can get in-depth advice on custom software development from EXWE.

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What you can expect
  1. Realize that standard software is no longer enough
  2. Find out what your custom software needs to be able to do
  3. Develop it yourself or hire an agency
  4. Finding a software development agency
  5. Project planning
  6. Creating an offer for your custom software
  7. The development phase of your custom software
  8. Testing the custom software
  9. Setting up the software in your company
  10. Any adjustments to the custom software
  11. Support after completion of the project

1 Determining that standard software is no longer sufficient

EXWE LaptopThe first step, of course, is to realize that standard software is no longer sufficient for your company's needs. You should therefore make sure that there really is no software on the market that already meets your requirements. After all, custom software development is not cheap. An existing solution is definitely the cheaper alternative.

However, the individual software solution can be freely designed. Every requirement is taken into account and ensures that your company's processes are optimized. By programming custom software, you can increase efficiency, reduce costs, simplify work processes and digitize your company. Depending on the software, both your employees and your customers will benefit from the development of your own application.

2. find out what your custom software needs to be able to do

Before you or a software development service provider start programming the software, you need to know exactly what you want it to do. You probably already know the most important aspects, otherwise you wouldn't have realized that standard software is no longer sufficient. However, having software developed is no small project. It should be well thought out and carefully considered beforehand so that everything is right for your company in the end. Which functions are absolutely essential? Who should use the customized software? How should it be used in the future and must it be able to adapt to developments? You should clarify all these questions beforehand and adapt them to the circumstances in your company.

Finding out what your customized software needs to be able to do is not always easy. As a service provider for software development, we at EXWE are practiced in working out specifications and requirements together with our customers.

3. develop it yourself or commission a software agency

Grafik EXWE LaptopNow you know what you want for your company, you should start thinking about the implementation of the project. Do you have the capacity to create the software yourself or would it make more sense to hire a software development service provider? Developing the software yourself only makes sense if you already have an IT department that can start developing it immediately and without any problems. Otherwise, the development is simply too complicated to be handled by other employees. After all, the end product should run smoothly and be usable in the company as quickly as possible.

4. find a software development agency

Depending on what you have decided, you may now need to find a suitable software development company to take on your project. It's best to choose an agency that is familiar with custom software and has perhaps worked with a similar client before. If you are not sure, you can arrange a consultation with most software development companies. During the consultation, you can quickly find out whether your project is feasible.

5. project planning

During the consultation, you were able to determine that the company of your choice can and wants to work on your project. Now it's time to get started! Together you think about what is important for your company and how this can best be implemented. All functions and the design of the software are already recorded so that the software agency knows what it needs to do in the development phase. The requirements analysis therefore reveals what you want as a customer and how this is possible within the scope of the agency's services. In the end, both sides should be happy so that the software agency can create a suitable offer for you.

If you have decided against an external service provider, you still need to coordinate with your own team and plan the project. You also set out which requirements the software should fulfill and how the programmers in your company can implement this.

The next point in the schedule is only relevant if you have decided to have the project created by an external service provider. Otherwise, you can skip straight to point seven.

6. the creation of an offer for your custom software

Grafik EXWE LaptopNow nothing stands in the way of a collaboration! The software agency will prepare a quote with all the items discussed and the estimated amount of work involved. If you agree with the offer, a contract is concluded and you can agree a start date for the project with the company. And then it's time for development.

7 The development phase of your custom software

In the development phase, your customized software is then implemented. The agreed functions and design are implemented by the programmers from the software agency or from your company. During this phase, you will probably be in constant contact with the programmers, as they will want to keep you informed of progress and clarify any queries with you. Development is probably the longest phase. How long it will take to complete will most likely have already been revealed to you in a forecast in the offer. However, how long it ultimately takes always varies. After all, you want completely customized software that has never been created before.

8 Testing the customized software

Before the software is implemented in your company, it has to undergo extensive testing. Firstly, programmers take a closer look at your software and secondly, it is also tested by frameworks that are specially designed to detect even the smallest errors and problems. If no more errors are found by programmers and frameworks, the software is ready to be used in your company for the first time.

9. setting up the software in your company

The customized software has successfully passed all tests and can now be used in your company. Ideally, the developers at your company or software agency will implement the software for you. Alternatively, they can also instruct you and you can set it up yourself. To ensure that you know how the software works, you and your employees are best informed about all aspects in a training course. If you have any questions, you can ask them directly. Once you have implemented the individual software, you and your employees can put it through its paces in your day-to-day work.

10. possible adjustments to the individual software

Grafik EXWE LaptopAfter the software has been used in your company for a while, you can get in touch with the agency again. Perhaps you have noticed something else, new questions have arisen or you still have adjustments that need to be implemented. Now you have another opportunity to discuss everything with your agency. Once your company's developers have taken over the project, there will of course always be time for adjustments. You can always have the custom software adapted to your wishes and ideas.

Support after completion of the project

The project is now actually complete, but as with any digital product, there are always innovations and changes that require existing projects to be adapted again. Some agencies offer support and monitoring even after a project has been completed. As technical conditions are always evolving, even custom software that has already been created may need to be revised in the future. Depending on the development of your company, there may even be new requirements that the software needs to meet. You can discuss with your software service provider whether they would also like to be available for changes and requests in the future. This will ensure that your customized software is always up to date. If you decide to have your custom software developed by us, we will be happy to offer you support even after the project has been completed. We are your contact for the long term. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a professional software development service provider.

What is your project? If you want to tell us about it, we'll call you back!

from 16.08.2021

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