How can I find the best software service provider for us?

by Meike Müller
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Many companies need support in their IT area or in the development of customized software. However, not all companies can meet these requirements with their own employees because it is simply not their core capability. They do not have staff who specialize in IT topics. This is when software service providers come into play, who focus on supporting other companies with software-related issues. Are you and your company facing exactly the same problem? Then you're probably wondering how you can find the perfect partner for customized software. But it's not that difficult! A few questions you need to answer and some criteria that the software development company should fulfill will help you find the ideal software service provider.

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What you can expect
  1. What does my company need?
  2. What criteria should the software development service provider meet?
    1. Simple communication
    2. Long-term project support
    3. Work with new technologies
    4. Experience in similar projects
    5. Good planning and structuring
  3. How do I organize the search for a software development company?
  4. Can the software service provider meet the requirements?

What does my company need?

Grafik Laptop den perfekten Partner als Softwareentwickler finden Before you contact a software service provider, you should have an idea of exactly what your company needs. Why can't you develop this software yourself? What resources do you lack? You should also work out what your customized software should be able to do and what you expect from the programming of the customized software. How do you set the time frame for the project and how much can the software programming cost? Once you know what you need, it's much easier to start your search and find the perfect software development partner. With this knowledge, you can contact a software agency and they will tell you how the project should be implemented and what else is important for functional software.

What criteria should the software development service provider meet?

In addition to your specific and individual requirements for the software development agency, there are a few criteria that you should always consider when choosing the right service provider. These criteria are also important for a good working relationship, regardless of your own wishes.

1. simple communication

Grafik Laptop SoftwareagenturenImpeccable support from a service provider means that communication runs smoothly. This includes regular updates between you as the customer and the software service provider. Agreements avoid misunderstandings and keep you informed about the current status. You can estimate how long the project will take and if you think of anything else, these requests can be addressed in good time. Nowadays, the location doesn't matter when it comes to good communication. In the past, you might have looked for service providers who were close by, but now these distances can be overcome with the help of video calls. As a result, you naturally have a much larger selection of software development service providers to choose from. This may not make the decision any easier, but you can choose the best agency from all the service providers! If you would like to discuss the projects in person, then look for software agencies in your area.

2. long-term project support

As a rule, an individual software project needs to be optimized or adapted even after completion. This is simply due to technical changes to which the individual software may need to be adapted. In addition, you may have questions or requests for changes for which you need a contact person. It therefore makes sense to work with a software service provider who will support you and your projects in the long term. That's why you should think about a support & monitoring solution in the long term. This way, you can always be sure that your custom software is working perfectly.

3. working with new technologies

The basic requirement for a good software development company is that they work with new technologies. This also means that employees regularly undergo further training and are aware of the latest changes. Developers should also be able to distinguish between essential innovations and short-lived trends. Because not everything that is new is also good. The use of modern technologies is simply important in order to guarantee the functionality of the individual software or the online store - regardless of which devices they run on.

4. experience in similar projects

Grafik Laptop Vorteil wenn sich die Softwareentwicklung Agentur mit  ähnlichen Projekten auskenntFor a better result and structured planning of the project, it is an advantage if the software development agency has already worked on similar projects. The experience will definitely be noticeable in the implementation of your project. Feel free to ask which projects the company has already implemented. This way you can get an idea of their work before you start working with the software development company. Perhaps the project is even publicly available and you can see whether it matches your expectations. If this is not yet the case, you can even ask specifically whether your wishes can be taken into account.

The general experience within the team also plays a role. After all, those who have been in the business for a long time can count themselves among the experts. As the client, you can only benefit from the knowledge of the programmers.

5. good planning and structuring

The end result is what counts. But the software development company can only achieve a good result if it has planned well with you beforehand and structured the course of the project. Of course, this also requires good communication. Make sure that you pass on all information and requests to the agency so that they can include everything in the planning. To do this, the experts must be able to listen well and document the requirements in a structured manner.

In addition, the focus should always be on the user when programming individual software, an online store or similar. The software development company should always focus on this. Of course, you can also point this out again during the preliminary meeting.

How do I organize the search for a software development company?

Grafik Laptop Softwareentwicklung Unternehmen suchenThe easiest way to find a software development company is to ask around in your circle of acquaintances and contacts. Word of mouth will usually lead you quickly to a good contact. This is because your contacts have already had experience with them and will only recommend companies that they themselves have been satisfied with. However, if you don't have anyone in your circle of acquaintances who fits your project, then simply look around on the Internet. Arrange an initial meeting with a software agency to find out whether you are on the same wavelength

Can the software service provider meet the requirements?

Last but not least, the software service provider must meet your requirements and general criteria. You can usually find this out on the website of the respective software agency. If anything is still unclear, you can get in touch with the software development service provider and arrange an initial meeting. You can then check all the requirements and criteria and discuss them with your new contact person. This should ultimately reveal whether the service provider is ideally suited to your project.

Once you have determined whether the software service provider is suitable for your project, an individual offer can be prepared. To do this, the software agency will first consult with you and gather information about your requirements. Depending on how complex these are, it may be worth holding a workshop for one or more days. Together with the software development service provider, all requirements and a schedule are drawn up that precisely describe the project. On this basis, an appropriate quotation can be drawn up better and much more accurately. If you are satisfied with the scope and cost of your project, the development team can start work immediately!

At EXWE, we specialize in analysing your business processes and optimizing them by developing tailor-made individual software. Arrange a meeting now with a contact person from our software agency and together we will find out how we can implement your project to your satisfaction.

What is your project? If you want to tell us about it, we'll call you back!

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