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Pickware, JTL and iZettle - connecting retail and online trade

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  1. Your own online shop
  2. These tools combine retail with online commerce
    1. Online trade made easy with Pickware
    2. JTL - The free merchandise management system
    3. Card terminals and POS systems from iZettle
  3. The difference between Pickeware and JTL
  4. Our conclusion


Stationary retail vs online retail - where strict boundaries used to be drawn, the retail of the future combines both sales channels and embraces all the advantages. Having an online presence creates visibility for retail and offers shoppers the greatest possible flexibility. In order to adapt to the ever more rapidly changing retail industry and not get left behind, retailers need to break new ground in the direction of e-commerce. What many still perceive as a threat, you should see as an opportunity for new sales channels. Online retail is growing every year and you, as a brick-and-mortar store owner, should take advantage of the digital opportunities to secure a piece of the pie. Have you been thinking about setting up an individual online shop for a while, but need help in creating a digitalization strategy or do you need a reliable contact for the support of your current shop? We at EXWE are happy to assist you with our years of expertise and as a certified Shopware agency!

The question now is how you can take your brick-and-mortar store to a new level and benefit from the advantages of digitization. In our article "How an online store can save your brick-and-mortar store", we already talked about the fact that every owner of a brick-and-mortar store should also operate an online store. This way, both sales channels can be linked and used hand in hand for customer loyalty, competitive advantage and increased sales.

In this article, we will introduce you to tools that can help you on the way to digitizing your store and support you in combining retail and online trade.

Your own online shop

The prerequisite for using the following tools is that you already have an online shop or are planning to start one. The tools will only help you and your business once you have made the right preparations with an online shop. You don't have an online shop yet and need help creating one? Then we are gladly there for you! We are specialized in creating online shops with the Shopware shop system. If that doesn't mean anything to you at first, that's not a bad thing. Just know that in the following we will only introduce you to tools that work with a Shopware shop. If you want to create such an online shop, you can use the tools Pickware, JTL and iZettle.

These tools connect retail and online trade

But now we finally want to explain how you can use the tools Pickware, JTL and iZettle to make your business even more efficient.


Pickware is an inventory management system developed specifically for Shopware. An enterprise resource planning system is a system that records all flows of goods within a company. Especially for the areas of logistics and trade it can be very useful. You can adjust your online shop with the shop system Shopware to your store and then connect it with Pickware. Thus you create an interface between your online and offline trade. Pickware consists of various modules that help automate your processes in the warehouse and shipping to the sale in your store.

With the help of an iPad, a receipt printer, a cash drawer and a scanner, you have a POS system at your disposal that you can connect to your online shop. Your stock is managed automatically, products and prices do not have to be entered separately into the cash register and contactless payment by card or mobile phone is also possible. The system is ideal if you have limited storage capacity. Your work processes are simplified and you also offer your customers an all-round relaxed shopping experience with the combination of Shopware and Pickware. Another plus point: Click & Collect is possible thanks to Pickware - your customers order in your online shop and conveniently pick up their purchase from your store. In this way, you can maintain an overview of your business and the inventory, even though you offer your goods in a store and online.

Logo Pickware
More information at pickware.de


Another tool and alternative to Pickware, is the software JTL, which organizes purchasing, article and offer maintenance, multi-channel sales, order processing, warehouse and shipping organization and sales as well as payments. At the heart of the e-commerce software is JTL Merchandise Management, which is available free of charge. With the JTL Connectors, you can connect your Shopware online shop with the WaWi system and thus synchronize articles, inventories and orders. The JTL Connector is also available for Gambio, Shopify, WooCommerce and other providers and can also be connected to Ebay or Amazon. Like Pickware, you can use JTL to maintain your assortment, adjust inventory levels, enter invoices, reminders, and credit notes, and process orders.

With JTL POS, you get a professional POS software that was developed specifically for brick-and-mortar retail. The software is also available for free as an app and can be used with an Android smartphone or tablet. With JTL POS, you can manage your items, use cashier functions, issue receipts, control sales and at the same time have a high level of cash register security through automatic log-out.

As with Pickware, JTL is an inventory management system that gives you an overview of your inventory and simplifies the organization between retail and online trade. At the end of this article, we will explain which merchandise management system is more suitable for you and what the differences between Pickware and JTL are.


From JTL and Pickware we come directly to the mobile payment provider iZettle. Both merchandise management systems can be directly connected to the iZettle card terminal. The advantage for you is that iZettle does not collect a transaction receipt during the payment process, so there is no monthly basic fee for this, which is often incurred with other card terminals. iZettle includes a small chip card reader that can be used in conjunction with smartphones and tablets. Paypal can also be linked to iZettle - your customer pays with their card and the sales are automatically transferred to your Paypal account. The combination of JTL, Pickware and iZettle gives you more flexibility and security and your customers a better shopping experience.

That was quite a lot of information, if you need support implementing these technologies in your online shop - feel free to contact us! The team at EXWE will help you quickly.

The difference between Pickware and JTL

Pickware is an inventory management system developed for Shopware and uses the same technology and database - therefore, no additional connector is required to connect to the system. Pickware's mobile apps are based on Apple iOS, while JTL works as a standalone Windows app with its own database, so the connection to Shopware is done via "Connector" plugin. The mobile app of JTL is based on Google Android. In itself, you can use both WaWi systems with your Shopware shop. However, there are differences that might help you decide between Pickware and JTL. For example, Pickware is open source. You or your programmers can see all the code and extend it as you wish. If a function does not yet exist, it can be programmed independently. Unfortunately, this is not the case with JTL. The functions are prescribed, not extendable or changeable.

Another difference is that you can also connect marketplaces with JTL. For example, if you sell on Amazon or eBay, you can also connect them. With Pickware, you need a third-party provider to be able to use this as well.

Our conclusion

If you want to get started in online retailing, it makes sense to get an inventory management system that helps you keep track of everything. Especially if you have several sales channels at once, it can quickly become chaotic. Overselling is exactly what you should avoid as a beginner in e-commerce - Pickware and JTL help you with that. But iZettle is also a cool tool that can be linked to one of the two inventory management systems and allows your customers to purchase easily.

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