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Why you should not use the word "advertising" in your image names

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As we have experienced ourselves, we urgently point out that you should not upload images with file names that contain the abbreviation "advertising" on your server. The reason: Many AdBlockers block the download of these images. It took us a while to figure this out, after we always wondered why some images on our site that were tagged with "advertising" were not displayed. But again, only with a few customers. You grow from your mistakes and maybe we can advise you in this case and save you a tedious search. Do you need more information about e-commerce or do you need advice because you are facing problems? We at EXWE are here for you!

AdBlock error with "advertising" in file names

So what you should leave out

  • your_advertising.jpg
  • your_ads.png
  • customer_adbanner_1.jpg
  • customer_adbanner_3.jpg



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