Why your business needs a landing page

by Meike Müller
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  1. What is a landing page?
  2. Why is a landing page so important?
  3. The two types of landing pages
  4. The difference between a landing page and the home page of your website
  5. Structure

What is a landing page ?

You may be wondering what a landing page even is. In a nutshell, a landing page is a page with a clear objective, centered around an offer or action (campaign, promotion, service), presented without distraction of other elements. It works alone and is usually unrelated to the actual website and has no navigation. If you need help with individual support or building your online store - feel free to contact us. The EXWE team will help you with all your e-commerce needs.

A landing page is an important tool in the field of online marketing. It is a page where visitors can (and should!) be converted into leads. The visitor must be convinced in a short time to receive a service that is important to him or help with a problem, and to do this, enter his contact information. Through this collected data, you can later build a relationship and turn a lead into a customer.

The services offered can look very different. Common are for example:

  • E-books or PDFs, make a consultation appointment, book a service, newsletter subscription.

If, for example, a company places a Google Adwords campaign, there is the possibility to place a redirect to the landing page instead of the actual website of the company. The landing page is then adapted to the ad, precisely designed for a target group or a problem solution. The goal is to direct users who have become aware of your ad or content via an organic search to your landing page by clicking on a call-to-action button and thus generate new leads. A landing page can also sell products or services.

Screenshot Landing Page

Fig.1: Example landing page

Why is a landing page so important?

A landing page works because it is focused. As mentioned earlier, a website is too broad and does not limit itself to a selected topic. Therefore, it is more difficult there to direct the customer to the appropriate page or get him to perform the desired action. With a landing page, in the best case, the visitor has searched exactly for your service or product and is informed here briefly and concisely about your services and guided to contact you.

Your advantages are Traffic and thus increased access to your website, sales (increased sales of your products/services) or Leads. The more landing pages you have, the more leads, sales or traffic you can generate.Therefore, it is worthwhile for your business to set up several landing pages that are perfectly adapted to the respective target group.

The two types of landing pages

Click-through landing pages - are designed to introduce an offer or product to the customer before they are taken through your sales funnel. Here, a button is simply used as a call-to-action. Goal: Customers

Opt-in landing pages - are focused on collecting contact information (often email address and name). For this, a form is used as a call-to-action and an offer or product is shown that stands out from the competition, appeals to the user and solves their problem. Goal: Leads

Screenshot Kontaktformular
Fig. 2: Example opt-in / contact form

The difference between a landing page and the homepage of your website

A landing page has a goal that you set beforehand. Therefore, a typical landing page has no links or navigation - just a call-to-action to execute the desired conversion. You need to draw the visitor's attention directly to your goal and not distract them from it with unnecessary content.

Your website, and especially its home page, is there to tell visitors who don't yet know your business who you are and what your business is all about. Your home page should therefore convey an overall impression and be designed in such a way that the user is encouraged to browse.

In a nutshell - a website has several tasks and a landing page only one.


  • Well placed and visible logo in good quality

  • A punchy headline thatpicks up the visitor (where did the visitor just land and what can he get here)

  • The Hero Shot - a picture that quickly and clearly shows the visitor what it's all about

  • Text - explain offer briefly and concisely. Call-to-action.

  • Call-to-action button

  • Testimonials /Customer reviews to assure higher credibility.

  • Contact form

For further help in the area of e-commerce, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to be a strong partner at your side and support you in optimizing your e-commerce!

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