Good air in the office - Safe working after lockdown

by Meike Müller

How we prepare for the post-lockdown period with the help of our custom software

"Proper ventilation of indoor spaces - such as offices and homes - can help reduce the risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus via aerosols" - as the German Federal Center for Health Education writes on its online presence. At the moment, the whole of Germany is in lockdown, but we have already started to think about how things will continue for us on site in our office.

Even before the lockdown, we had already voted in the office on how we should proceed - send all employees to their home offices, set up two groups to work alternately in the office, or use our large office in such a way that everyone can work at their desks at a distance? Because we love to work together on exciting software projects on site, we have taken some measures for ourselves. We decided relatively quickly and unanimously to move our workstations apart, to only move around the office wearing masks, and to pay even more attention to disinfecting and washing our hands. But then came the lockdown and even after that, normal working in the office as before the Cornonavirus will not be possible. So we had to come up with something - and we wouldn't be EXWE if we didn't use our custom software wisely in the company here, too.

An investment in the future

As an investment in the safety and future of our employees, in addition to other measures, we purchased a CO2 measuring device that can measure air quality, humidity, temperature and noise in the office and connected it to our tracking tool. According to official guidelines, CO2 levels must not exceed 1,000 ppm. This is the upper limit for acceptable indoor air. If the ppm value rises above 1,000 ppm, this is displayed in red in our tracking tool, and for values below 700 ppm, the display is in the gray and thus in the optimal range.

Grafik CO2 Messanzeige

In order to maintain good indoor air, we know when we need to ventilate again, which is on average every 20 minutes. An optimal indoor climate should not have a higher CO2 level in the indoor air than in the outdoor air, so values between 400 and 800 ppm are considered optimal. Headaches, loss of performance, fatigue and lack of concentration can also be prevented by good indoor air. Thus, the use of an air meter makes sense even after the restrictions of the coronavirus and provides a good working environment for us and our employees. Graphic measuring device CO2 measuring device at your individual software In our article "Optimal growth supported by individual software" we have already explained how we use our individual software to combine areas such as time recording, CRM, project budgeting and much more in one tool. We were also able to connect to the tool for the CO2 value issue. This is a good example of how an individual software can work hand-in-hand with the most diverse requirements of a company and can be extended as desired. You have further questions in the area of software or your company needs a strong partner in the area of software development? Then contact us - we have years of experience in software development and web development.


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from 11.01.2021

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