Website Promotion - What is involved?

by Meike Müller

In our previous blog article "Web development and website management" we already introduced you to the most important website components. Today we want to give you an overview of what you can do to promote your website successfully. If you have further questions in the area of web development or need help with the creation of your website - feel free to contact us! And now enjoy the article.

In order to retain customers and provide them with valuable content, we recommend you to do content marketing. By adding a blog to your website, you have the opportunity to provide your target audience with relevant content and thus bind them to the company. Of course, you can also promote relevant products this way. Since your users don't check your website every day for new content, it's important to promote it regularly through external platforms.

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An overview of the various online marketing measures

In the following article, we have compiled an overview of the most common measures that will help you drive the right visitors to your site.

Download our infographic with the overview of all online marketing measures now!

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Poster Website Promotion Overview

What to expect
  1. Push & Pull Marketing
    1. What is Push Marketing?
    2. What is Pull Marketing?
  2. Social Media Ads
    1. What are Social Media Ads?
    2. Why Social Media Marketing?
    3. Advertising Networks for Social Media Advertisement
  3. Display Banner Ads
    1. What are Display Banner Ads?
    2. Why Display Banner Ads?
    3. Advertising Networks for Display Banner Ads
  4. Native Content Ads
    1. What is Native Content Marketing?
    2. Why Native Content Advertisement?
    3. Advertising networks for Native Content Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimisation
    1. What is Search Engine Optimisation?
    2. Search Engine Advertisement (SEA)
    3. What is Search Engine Advertisement?
    4. Why SEA?
    5. Advertising networks for Search Engine Advertisement
    6. SEA Tools
  6. Email Marketing
    1. What is Email Marketing?
    2. Why Email Marketing?
    3. Email Marketing Tools
  7. FAQ
    1. What are promotional websites?
    2. What is a content management system?
    3. What are e-mail marketing tools?
    4. What are mailings?
    5. What are SEA tools?
    6. What are advertising networks?
    7. What is a Google content advertising network?


Push & Pull Marketing

In general, advertising activities can be divided into push and pull marketing.

What is push marketing?

Push marketing refers to (online) advertising measures that actively engage with the target group, thus drawing their attention to your content/products. Push marketing includes, for example, social media and display banner ads as well as native content marketing as a mixed form.

Vorschau YouTube Video von Push Marketing

What is pull marketing?

Pull marketing refers to (online) marketing measures in which the target group itself actively searches for content / products on the Internet. The pull measures then ensure that your content / products are displayed in the respective search. This type of advertising includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertisement (SEA) and e-mail marketing.

Social Media Ads

The use of social media platforms has increased rapidly in recent years. In addition to posting organically on one's own profile, there is also the possibility of placing paid advertisements.

What are social media ads?

Social media ads can be placed on all popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok or LinkedIn. The desired content can be promoted in the form of images or videos. You can select your target audience according to their interests and also provide them with more content after they visit your website by placing cookies there. This is called remarketing.

Why social media marketing?

Social media ads can be used for various marketing goals. On the one hand, they are well suited to generate awareness for your brand or a product. In addition, they can also be optimized to generate leads or direct conversions, e.g. sales.

Advertising networks for social media ads

The social media ads can be created and played out via the respective advertising platform. The most common ad networks are:


Since not every person in your target audience is regularly on social media platforms, we also recommend you to use Display Banner Ads, i.e. online banner ads.

Display Banner Ads are advertising banners that are displayed on websites where your target group is located. The banners are placed around the actual content of the web page. You can display your advertising campaigns in the form of text, image and video ads on partner sites of e.g. Google and also do remarketing here.

Below we show you an example of how the Display Banner Advertisement for EXWE looks like:

Grafik Display Banner Ads SEA

Display banners on websites help you to achieve various marketing goals. Besides creating brand awareness, they also help to generate leads and conversions (e.g. sales).

Platforms where you can display banner ads on the internet are:



Vorschau YouTube Video von Google Ads

Native Content Ads

Another form of website promotion is Native Content Advertisement.

What is Native Content Marketing?

With Native Content Marketing, you as a company create content, e.g. in the form of a blog post, which is then published on external platforms that fit the theme of your company. The content should primarily inform the target group about a specific topic and then also draw their attention to the services / products of your company.

Why Native Content Ads?

This form of advertising helps you and your company to generate leads. Besides, you can also present your business as an industry expert in this way.

Advertising networks for Native Content Marketing

The most popular platforms for Native Content Marketing are:

Vorschau YouTube Video von Native Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation

Besides being able to reach your target audience directly, it is important to be visible where your target audience searches for relevant topics - on search engine platforms.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization aims to optimize your website as much as possible for search platforms like Google or Bing without spending money on advertising. Increased visibility therefore also helps your company to generate more traffic. For detailed information on SEO, see our blog post: Web Development and Website Management - A Complete Overview.

Since SEO is a long-term measure, there is also the possibility to advertise your website on search engine platforms like Google or Bing.

To be successful on search engine platforms, it is important to appear on the top positions below the search window, as these are clicked on most often. For this purpose, text or shopping ads can be placed. Depending on the goals of your campaigns, you can choose payment models such as Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Action (CPA) or Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Why Search Engine Advertisement?

SEA ads help you promote your website content and generate leads and conversions (such as sales).

The most popular and most used ad networks for SEA are:


SEA Tools

Online tools that help you get the most out of your SEA ads are:

Vorschau YouTube Video von SEA Tools

Email Marketing

To encourage your customers to visit your website regularly, we recommend that you use email marketing.

What is e-mail marketing?

With e-mail marketing, you or your company can send your newsletter subscribers target group-specific content. Examples are welcome campaigns or event mailings. It is important to send newsletters at an appropriate frequency that is animating but not annoying.

Why email marketing?

You can use email marketing to attract new customers, retain your existing customers and increase brand awareness. It's also a great way to tell people about support and services.

Email Marketing Tools

Tools to create engaging mailings are:


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FAQ: Questions and answers about promotion

If you still have questions about promotions, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a specific question, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • What are promotion websites?

    Promotional websites are websites designed to increase awareness of a product or brand and increase sales. These websites can contain different types of content, such as product information, customer reviews, special offers, and coupon codes. They may also include interactive elements, such as quizzes and sweepstakes, to engage users and spark their interest in the brand or product. Promotional websites are often used by companies to promote their products and services and reach their target audience.

  • What is a content management system?

    Content management refers to the creation, management, distribution and maintenance of digital content. This typically includes text, images, videos, audio and other media published on websites, blogs, social media and other digital platforms. Content management also includes planning, organizing, and coordinating the content creation process to ensure that content is relevant, up-to-date, and engaging. It is typically used by companies to manage their digital presences and reach their target audience.

    Vorschau YouTube Video von einen Content Management System
  • What are email marketing tools?

    Email marketing tools are software applications that help businesses create, manage and analyze email campaigns. These tools typically offer various features and functionalities, such as email template creation, email list management, integration with other marketing tools, and email campaign data analysis. They can be used by businesses to optimize their email marketing efforts and improve the performance of their email campaigns.

  • What are mailings?

    A mailing is a message that is sent via email. It can be a single message sent to a specific recipient or a mass email sent to a large list of recipients. Mailings are often used by companies to inform their customers about new products, services or promotions. They can also be used to solicit feedback from customers or to maintain customer relationships.

  • What are SEA tools?

    SEA tools are software applications that help businesses perform search engine advertising. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising, which means that businesses can use them to place paid ads in search engine results on sites like Google or Bing. These tools typically offer features such as keyword research, ad creation, bid management, and campaign analysis to help businesses optimize their SEA efforts and improve the performance of their ads.

  • What are ad networks?

    Ad networks are platforms where businesses can post ads to promote their products and services. These ad networks consist of various websites, blogs, and other digital platforms that have agreed to publish ads from companies. The companies pay to publish their ads based on either clicks or impressions (i.e., how many times the ad is displayed). Ad networks can help businesses reach their target audience and increase their exposure.

  • What is a Google content ad network?

    Google's content advertising network is a network of websites where Google ads can be served. These sites are partners with Google and have agreed to display Google ads on their pages. This allows companies to place their ads on a variety of websites and reach a broader audience.

    Vorschau YouTube Video von Google


You still have questions about website promotion or you need support with web development? Then feel free to contact us! As an IT agency, we offer you expertise in SEA and SEO and can draw on years of experience in software development. You have an online store and want to increase the performance? Then you are exactly right with us. We are looking forward to you!

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