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GoogleAnalytics HubSpot Chat tracking with CookieManager like cookiebot.com

How can you successfully track HubSpot Chat conversions to Google or Matomo while being compliant with the GDPR? The following JavaScript snippet addresses this issue. The problem is that when using CookieMangers, HubSpot Chat is only reloaded after accepting the CookieConsent. So we need to find a way to check for the Consent after loading the chat and then register for the conversationStarted event.

        //functions handles the tracking calls, when the hubspot chat widget is ready
        function onConversationsAPIReady() {
            console.log('hubspot chat now running'); 

            //add listener for a started conversation
            window.HubSpotConversations.on('conversationStarted', payload => {

                //track here
                ga('send', 'event', 'Beacon', 'chat-started', 'Hubspot'); });

        //add listener for accepting the cookies
        window.addEventListener('CookiebotOnAccept', function (e) {

          //maybe check if marketing cookies are allowed
          if (Cookiebot.consent.marketing){
              console.log('accept marketing cookies');  

              //now check for hubspot chat widget status
              if (window.HubSpotConversations) {
                console.log('hubspot chat already running'); 
              } else {
                console.log('hubspot chat awaiting'); 
                window.hsConversationsOnReady = [onConversationsAPIReady];
        }, false);

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