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We identify cost drivers & eliminate them. We identify revenue drivers & promote them.

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What our Google Ads analysis delivers
Analysis of the historical performance of the account
Recommendations for cost-revenue optimization
Potential analysis based on the product portfolio
with the following features
Analysis of active campaigns (settings, structure, bidding, targeting)
Check-up of Google Ads conversion tracking. Is the tracking running cleanly? Is the conversion setup optimal?
Year-over-year comparisons and benchmark analysis
Potential analysis based on your product portfolio / top seller coverage, pricing etc.
Third-party tools check - if available - check-up for compatibility with account objectives
Extensive elaboration of recommendations for action
Discussion of the finalized audit via video conference
from 399 EUR
plus VAT
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Why a Google Ads Account Audit?

Do you have a Google Ads account? Costs are rising? Sales are stagnating? Not sure if your Google Ads performance could be better? There are hundreds of reasons for performance drops.

EXWE makes them transparent in a comprehensive Google Ads Account Audit and provides you with solution & action suggestions. We find unused potential and raise your account to the next level.

Why our Google Ads audits are not free of charge?

In contrast to our free initial analysis, which is carried out as part of a possible future SEA support contract, our in-depth and comprehensive Google Ads Account Audits are subject to a fee. Anything else would be unserious.

For 399,00 € you get an independent second opinion, which doesn't talk anything up, but also doesn't intentionally badmouth anything just to catch an order. The implementation of our recommendations regarding cost reduction & revenue maximization will ultimately pay off for you and your company. So let's get to work.

A word with our customers

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We take our customers' feedback, whether positive or constructive, very much to heart. Because only in this way can we continue to develop and offer you the best service. This is what our customers have to say about our cooperation so far:

Excellent performance marketing for the channels: Search, Display, Shopping, YouTube & Price Search Engines

As experts in supporting online stores, we have accumulated a wide range of expertise in the targeting of SEA campaigns over the years. Our technical expertise allows us to go one step further for our clients than is possible with many traditional advertising agencies, where this know-how is often lacking.

SEA campaigns require a high level of maintenance and optimization, as this is the only way to constantly improve the cost-benefit ratio. We provide comprehensive support for your campaigns and ensure optimal control. We take care of campaign implementation, keyword search, ad testing and optimization, and analyze digital growth potential for you.

Likewise, we always consider your SEA metrics in the overall context of your online store's performance and monitor your reports within Google Analytics. Only through this holistic view do we achieve the transparency you need and drive the overall goal of your business forward and upward. We value close and regular collaboration with our clients, because no one knows your business better than you do. During joint performance calls, we review KPIs and share our knowledge and potential. We are happy to test new products and whole product categories as well as betas with you to shape the market together. With expertise and passion we cover all types of campaigns in Search Engine Advertising: Google search ads, Google display ads, Google shopping ads, app campaigns, YouTube ads and Microsoft ads.

What are these Google applications?

A short FAQ about Google Ads and more.

  • What is Google Ads?

    Google Ads is an online advertising program from Google that allows businesses to advertise on Google Search and other websites on the Internet. It helps businesses promote their products and services to a wider audience and drive potential customers to their website. The advertising campaigns in Google Ads can be designed in different ways, for example, as search ads, display ads or video ads. Companies only pay when someone clicks on or views their ad.

  • What is a Google Ads Manager?

    Google Ads Manager is a platform that allows businesses to manage and optimize their Google Ads campaigns. It offers various tools and features that allow businesses to create, manage, and analyze their ad campaigns. For example, Google Ads Manager users can choose keywords to use in their ads, create budget plans and monitor the performance of their ads. This way, they can ensure that their advertising campaigns are successful and help them attract more customers.

  • What is Google Ads Audit?

    in Google Ads Audit is a review of a Google Ads campaign that aims to improve the performance of the campaign and ensure that it is effective and successful. It examines various aspects of the campaign, for example, the keywords used, the quality of the ads and the audience they are targeting. Based on this review, suggestions for improvement are then made and recommendations are given on how to optimize the campaign to achieve better results. A Google Ads audit can be performed by an external expert or by someone within the company itself.

  • What is a Google Ads Analysis?

    A Google Ads Analysis is a review of the performance of a Google Ads campaign that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and identify areas for improvement. It examines various aspects of the campaign, such as the keywords being used, the click-through rate of the ads, and the conversion rate. Based on this analysis, recommendations can then be made on how to optimize the campaign to achieve better results. A Google Ads analysis can be performed by an external expert or by someone in the company itself.

  • What is a Google Ads campaign?

    A Google Ads campaign is an advertising campaign that is managed through Google's Google Ads program. Businesses can create Google Ads campaigns to promote their products and services to a larger audience and drive potential customers to their website. The campaigns can be designed in a variety of ways, such as search ads, display ads, or video ads, and can be targeted to specific audiences and locations. Companies only pay when someone clicks on or views their ad.

  • What is Google Ads Conversion Tracking?

    Google Ads Conversion Tracking is a tool that allows businesses to measure and analyze the performance of their Google Ads campaigns. It helps them find out how many users click on their ads and how many of them actually perform a certain action on the website, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. This way, companies can see which ads and campaigns are most successful and where there is room for improvement. Conversion tracking can be set up via Google Ads Manager.