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The company Fritz Kruse Baumaschinen GmbH is a trading and service company for the main and ancillary construction trade that has been in existence for over 100 years and is one of the top sellers in the construction machinery industry.

Google Analytics Tracking Cookie Consent EXWE Serverside
Users 51,9 % over 90
Page views 22,7 % over 90
Conversions 46,7 % over 90

Numbers don't lie. If we've piqued your interest, let's talk about your tracking.

Google Analytics 3 + 4 Tracking and technical know-how belong together

EXWE does not see itself as a classic advertising or SEA agency, like many other service providers on the market. We are IT service providers with a high level of technical expertise. For the area of tracking and conversion measurement, this has many advantages.

Tracking is not very creative. The added value for a successful SEA service must always be driven by numbers and data. This is where you benefit from our professional know-how. We are constantly working to further improve and automate our measurement methods.

Customers who already rely on EXWE's technical solutions

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State-of-the-art server side tracking for maximum performance metrics in Google Analytics

Our expertise in supporting online stores has made us shudder time and again at how little significance the performance metrics in Google Analytics now have, because simply too many users are not recorded when using the current cookie consent solutions. This gap needs to be closed, and our technical expertise allows us to help our clients in a much more targeted way than is possible with many traditional advertising agencies, where technological know-how is often lacking.

Why do we do it? SEA campaigns require a high degree of accuracy in the performance metrics recorded, as this is the only way to constantly improve the cost-benefit ratio. But even away from performance marketing campaigns, you can only realize your digital growth potential if the numbers are right.

A word with our customers

Regardless of the size of the company, the industry or the project - our goal is to find a needs-based and individual solution for you. In order to continuously improve and to identify and overcome new challenges, feedback from our customers is essential for us. Take a look at the feedback from our customers:

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Capture conversions from HubSpot forms in Google Analytics GA4 (with GoogleTagManager)

Capture conversions from HubSpot forms in Google Analytics GA4 (with GoogleTagManager) and if necessary also with ServerSideTracking).
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