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Current software projects & contract work in the field of software and web development in Dortmund and Düsseldorf.

We love Dortmund but through great recommendations now many medium-sized companies throughout Germany, but also large market leaders trust in individual software solutions from EXWE. Individualized and tailored to the specific needs of the customer. We are proud that many of them have been our loyal regular customers for several years. Below you will find a selection of current software projects.

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Referenz Individualsoftware TU Dortmund
Einblick in die individuelle Software der TU Dortmund
Anmeldung individuelle Software TU Dortmund

Individual software development for the TU Dortmund

We have developed a fair and efficient seminar tool for the Faculty of Economics at the Technical University of Dortmund, which simplifies and accelerates the drawing of the seminars compared to the previous manual process. This not only saves resources of the employed specialists and teachers, but also creates a fair basis for the students for the distribution of the coveted seminar places.

Logo der technischen Universität Dortmund


HTML5 Vue.js Chart.js PHP (Laminas Framework) MySQL

Ansicht der Referenz Trocknervergleich
Einsicht in das Software Projekt Trocknervergleich
Ein Einblick in das individuelle Vertriebstool

Atlas Copco dryer comparison for distribution

Atlas Copco is a world leader in compressor technology. Compressors also include compressed air dryers, which remove water vapor from compressed air before it reaches its point of use.

The Atlas Copco dryer comparison makes it easier for sales staff to advise their customers ideally which compressed air dryers are best suited under which conditions and for which application. Of particular interest in this project are the different formulas for calculating energy efficiency and return on investment for energy-saving models.

Logo von Atlas Copco


HTML5 Vue.js Chart.js PHP (Laminas Framework) MySQL

EXWE Referenz Webapp: PC DPS
Einsicht in eine individuelle Webapplikation
Web App für ElephantsCanJump

Implementation of a webapp for the visualization of building inspections

On an interactive map of a factory site, the most important key figures for the various buildings can be viewed and various filters can be applied. This project had a high focus on UI/UX, the interactive map is fully responsive and can also be operated by touch. The usability is intuitive and picks up on the best practices of common navigation apps.





Ausschnitt aus der individuellen Software: PC Regionale 2025
Projekt für Südwestfalenagentur
Detailansicht des Vergabemarktplatzes: Neues Projekt anlegen
Details der Individualsoftware für Regionale 2025

Individual software development of a qualification platform / award marketplace for the REGIONALE 2025

For the Südwestfalen Agentur GmbH we developed a qualification platform for the submission of project applications within the REGIONALE 2025. For this purpose, a software was programmed that, in addition to the submission, also enables multiple processing and review of applications and simultaneously functions as a communication platform for the agency and project contact partners.

It is an individual software development based on PHP, MySQL, ZendFramework3, Bootstrap and jQuery.

Südwestfalen Agentur



About the platform of REGIONALE 2025

Produktkonfigurator und Vertriebstool für Atlas Copco dargestellt auf einem PC
Einsicht in das Projekt für Atlas Copco
Details des Anlagenkonfigurators
Individuelles Vertriebstool für unseren Kunden Atlas Copcp

Custom software development of a product configurator and an intranet sales tool for a leading manufacturer of compressor technology

The customer is a Swedish, internationally active industrial group based in Nacka near Stockholm and known worldwide for leading compressor technology. In order to simplify the internal sales processes, we developed a modern web-based software tool. The highlight of the tool is a comprehensive system configurator, which makes it possible to conveniently put together the right compressors, filters and other accessories based on certain key figures. Hello multi-user system, goodbye Excel spreadsheet.



PC Anonymer Kunde

Individual software development of a knowledge database based on Linked Data / Semantic Data

On behalf of one of the largest IT service providers in Europe, we provided support in the project management and realization of an extensive project for the development of a company-internal knowledge database. The goal of the project is to make knowledge in the company findable, accessible and catalogable. The underlying principle is called "FAIR data": findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable data. The data is described semantically, which makes it possible to bring data that is not directly related together into a context.

The implementation was done with state-of-the-art technologies: The application is run in the AWS Cloud on a Kubernetes cluster and is automatically deployed via a CI/CD pipeline. The AWS graph database Neptune was used to map the data semantics, with RDF as the data model and SPARQL as the query language. The application itself was implemented using a microservice architecture and programmed with .NET Core. The frontends were built as Single Page Applications (SPA) with Angular 7 as the underlying framework. The different microservices were decoupled via a RabbitMQ message queue.

From conception to go-live of the first full version took 1 year, since then the application is in constant development. The EXWE team was able to effectively support the end customer here due to previous project experience in this area and thus made a major contribution to the success of the project.


AWS CloudKubernetes CI/CD pipeline
AWS graph database Neptune SPARQL.NET CoreAngular 7

Ausschnitt aus dem Büro mit Monitor, Tablet und Smartphone

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PC mit Ausschnitt aus unserem Projekt für ElephantsCanJump
Ansicht der Kommunikationsplattform
Weiterer Ausschnitt aus der individuellen Kommunikationsplattform
Projekteinsicht ElephantsCanJump

Individual software development of an intranet communication platform for a big player in the European sports retail industry

The Dortmund-based agency ElephantsCanJump commissioned us with the implementation of an in-house communication platform for a leading company in the sports retail sector. The tool encourages dialog between all employees throughout Germany and thus promotes both the exchange of experiences and the working atmosphere.

The backend programming based on Zend Framework 3 was done in close coordination with the customer and is constantly evolving thanks to feedback from all users to date.




Chat PHP JS MySQLAngularJSZendFramework3Bootstrap

PC mit Ansicht des OnBoarding Projekts
Details zum OnBoarding-Projekt für neue Mitarbeiter
Ansicht des Online On-Boarding Tool
Einsicht in die Schnittstelle zwischen Recruiting und Personalabteilung

Automation of recruiting processes & hiring procedures for a large European sports retail chain.

I. Online OnBoarding for new employees

One of the fastest growing companies in the German sports retail sector continues to grow and needs smart software applications to keep up with this growth technologically. For example, EXWE was commissioned by ElephantsCanJump to create an interface between recruiting and the HR department to make it as easy as possible for new employees to join the company.

The backend programming, based on Zend Framework 3, was done in close coordination with the individual process owners (individuals and departments) and is constantly evolving as a result of feedback from new employees to date.

II. Automated contract generation in the branches

The next step on the way to holistic digitized recruiting is automated contract generation for the new professionals. In large companies from the retail industry, many contracts are standardized and can therefore also be generated automatically. Contract templates can be intuitively compiled from predefined elements using drag and drop. For our customer, data protection and intelligent rights & role management are top priorities.

The completion of the work is planned for the third quarter of 2019.

III. the digital signature

Fixed-term employment contracts can now be digitally signed with a qualified electronic signature (qeS). According to Section 126 Ans. 3 of the German Civil Code (BGB), the written form can be replaced by the electronic form, as there is no provision to the contrary regarding the written form for fixed-term contracts. Companies that issue many fixed-term employment contracts can benefit enormously from this legislation by digitizing the conclusion of the contract.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, we will integrate such a solution for our client into the previously developed contract management system.





PC mit Einsicht in das Projekt ScrapOpt
Details zur Individualsoftware zur Kostenoptimierung
Mehr Informationen zur Software Kostenoptimierung
Kostenoptimierung in der Stahlproduktion - eine Einsicht in die Software

Individual software development of a platform for cost optimization in steel production - ScrapOpt

Within Germany, NRW is the most important steel location. Here, almost 100% steel scrap and ferroalloys are used as input materials, which also determine the majority of production costs. The aim of the ScrapOpt project is to significantly increase resource efficiency, i.e. to significantly improve material and energy efficiency, by optimizing the use of materials in a way that was previously impossible.

The platform programmed by EXWE provides industrial users with a simple way to optimize input and manufacturing costs. It is a custom software development based on PHP, MySQL, ZendFramework3 and Bootstrap.




About MetaTech

PC mit Details zum Projekt für Georg Maschinentechnik
Details der Projekt-Controlling Applikation
Ansicht des individuellen Projekt-Controllings

Custom software development of a project controlling application

In close cooperation with the management of Georg Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co KG, we developed a browser-based controlling software.

Project data such as current actual & planned costs are automatically transferred from the ERP system and manually supplemented with new ForeCast values. The project managers as well as the management are thus provided with a powerful tool for individual project controlling. The system runs exclusively on the intranet.

GEORG Machinentechnik



Experience GEORG machine technology!

PC: Details der Software für Picture People
Ansicht der PicturePeople Terminsoftware
Einsicht in die Terminverwaltungssoftware
Mehr Details zur CRM-Software für PicturePeople

Custom software development of a CRM, calendar and appointment management software for your leading German photo studio chain

For the up-and-coming photo studio chain PicturePeople, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, we develop modern business applications.

The main aspect for the development of an individual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the PicturePeople photo studios was the fact that the currently available CRM solutions on the market simply could not represent the required range of services that this particular customer needs. In addition to basic CRM functions, our web-based software solution therefore also integrates a calendar including scheduling options tailored specifically to this customer. This software is designed to be multilingual and is also used in the Netherlands and Austria.

PicturePeople Logo



About PicturePeople

PC mit Einblick in das mpool Projekt
Mehr Details zum Kompetenzmanagement-Tool
Details der Referenz mpool
Anblick des individuellen Tools für mpool

Individual software development of an award-winning competence management platform

For mpool consulting GmbH - Dortmund we developed a modern, browser-based competence management tool.

makom combines an approach of flexible consulting services with modern IT technology. You get an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool for systematic competence and qualification needs analysis for your company.

Awarded with the sol.IT-award

mpool logo



Capture skills!

PC mit Projekteinsicht von picture people Bezahlsystem
Ansicht des Gutschein - und Bezahlsystems
Einblick in das individuelle Bezahlsystem
Bezahl- und Gutscheinsystem für PicturePeople

Individual software development of a voucher and payment system for a large German chain of photo studios

Our voucher system, developed especially for PicturePeople, automates the ordering process and thus ensures, among other things, direct delivery of the voucher PDFs to the customer. Payment can be made via prepayment,, iDeal and PayPal. The system is now also available in the Netherlands.
PicturePeople Logo



About PicturePeople

Monitor mit Ansicht des Projekts Bewerbungsmanagementsystems
Detailansicht der Individualsoftware Bewerbungsmanagement-Systems
Ansicht des Bewerbungsmanagementsystems für ElephantsCanJump

Customized software development of an application management system for the sports retail industry

The Dortmund-based agency ElephantsCanJump commissioned us with the implementation of a job application management system for a leading company in the sports retail industry. In addition to a modern frontend for potential employees, a lot of work was invested in the implementation of an efficient backend. Our system actively supports the HR team in doing justice to the incoming applications and the people behind them. This supports the ongoing expansion of the company.





PC mit Projekt für vislide: Fotocode Galerien
Weitere Einsicht in das Fotocode Projekt
Ansicht einer Fotocode Galerie
Projektdetails von vislide

Individual software development of various photo code galleries for photo actions in the event sector

For the agency vislide, which specializes in photo campaigns throughout Germany, EXWE delivers photo code galleries individually tailored to the end customer. Among vislide's most recent satisfied customers were EnBW, Opel Adam and the Schaeffler Group.

Vislide Logo



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