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Across industries, many medium-sized companies as well as large players throughout Germany already rely on specifically individualized software solutions from EXWE. We are proud that many of them have been our loyal regular customers for several years. Below you will find a selection of current IoT, digital signage and dashboard projects.

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Palais Vest

Digital Signage / Digital Webesteles in the PalaisVest / RuhrParkBochum

The Dortmund agency ElephantsCanJump has commissioned us with the implementation of various digital signage solutions for the PalaisVest in Recklinghausen as well as in the RuhrPark in Bochum.

The technology for the steles is based on inexpensive RaspberryPi 3 boards and a corresponding software, as well as a manageable online tool, with which the steles can theoretically be played from anywhere in the world.


PHPJSRaspberryPi 3SymfonyBootstrap

Custom apps for the elgato Stream Deck

Stream Deck is a USB peripheral with multiple dedicated programmable buttons. Each button acts as a separate graphic display that can show the function, status, or title of the button. The Stream Deck hardware comes in a variety of forms:

With 32,15 or 6 LCD buttons to perform and display any number of actions and data or statistics. We build you your custom dashboard.

What you need to know: Depending on the design 6-32 different mini LCD displays that can be controlled individually. Each display can show different parameters per second, which we can also retrieve via API from the cloud. Available for Windows and MacOS.


Server monitoringCompany dataOrder dataAlertsStatus displaysTemperature monitoringUtilizationMonitoring


JSVUEelgato Stream Deck


You can find out more about the Stream Deck here on the manufacturer'swebsite.

Stream Deck

Digital Signage

Individual dashboards for your company key figures

We are specialists in data preparation and visualization of company data from various sources.

In an evaluation phase we discuss which data should be visualized in the dashboard and where we get this data from. We are technologically broadly positioned and are also happy to connect sources that we have not yet mastered. As a rule, a coordination with your in-house IT takes place. You get a ready configured RaspberryPi from us, which only needs to be connected to a TV via HDMI.

Possible sources

All common databasesAccessJSONLogfilesAnalyticsAPI interfacesSAP and all common WaWis


PHPJSRaspberryPi 3SymfonyBootstrap

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