Scheduling & project management made easy
Individual software for the coordination of employee photo shootings

Made for SMEs with several thousand employees

Problem definition
What was the initial situation for the development of this individual software?

The presentation of employees on various channels / media is an important aspect in the external presentation of modern companies. This also includes taking pictures of the employees in the form of a portrait photo. A structured organization and a clearly arranged process of the photo shootings is indispensable starting from a certain enterprise size and number of employees. With several thousand coworkers those individually are to be photographed, a manual and individual date finding, for example over telephone, arrange themselves extremely complex.


Task definition
What should the individual software do?

A scheduling tool is needed which makes it possible to coordinate and handle several thousand employee photo shoots for large and medium-sized companies with around 3000 employees. The time required to make an appointment should be kept to a minimum for both the project management and the employees. The goal: Date finding & project management made easy. 

Our software solution
How could EXWE's web developers help?

The provided appointment planning tool sends the employee an invitation via e-mail and the addressees can select an appointment themselves from a number of predefined appointment slots. This facilitates the process both for the employee and for the mobile PicturePeople photo studio team. Furthermore, detailed statistics on the current project status are provided.



In use at:

As an intranet solution, our schedule software was in productive use at KPMG Germany and the Autofit automotive workshop chain.

KPMG Germany

Terminplanungssoftware KPMG

Autofit Germany

Terminplanungssoftware Autofit

Functionality in detail

  • Create locations
    At which locations are photo shootings offered?
  • Create appointment slots
    On which days and in which period will we take photos of the employees?
  • Send invitations
  • Send reminders
  • View statistics on the current status of photo shootings
  • Book dates
  • Cancel / Rebook appointments
  • Assign appointments to employees manually (notification by telephone)
  • Mark employees as photographed / not present
    Employees who do not appear receive a request via e-mail to book a new appointment


Technologies & technical requirements

Backend: PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework 2

Frontend: Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive Design

Special features: Complex e-mail automation, multilingualism


Further application possibilities

Plan vaccination campaigns, schedule counselling appointments, schedule company-wide evaluations, coordinate further training courses



Role based access management

Email dispatch

Employee pool management


CSV export

Your desired feature

This software can be extended at will and adapted to your special needs.

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