Elasticsearch and Kibana support for your web applications and stores.

EXWE helps you tame the performance wonder for big data

Why Elasticsearch and web applications belong together?

Web application

The search of your web application or online store is one of the most important components for the satisfaction of your users. If users do not find what they are looking for, the bounce rate increases. Ordinary search engines are usually not what users are used to from a modern application.


This is where Elasticsearch comes in handy, an open source search engine optimized to handle huge amounts of data and comes with many standard tools to optimize the search for exactly your field of expertise. With EXWE you have a partner that fully supports you in integrating Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch makes your search what it should be
Faster search results for large amounts of data
Better search results even for complex content
Exciting insights via Kibana dashboards

Passion for technical solutions that go beyond the standard

We help your users find what they're looking for. Elasticsearch is as complex as it is powerful. Everyone knows about Google's AutoComplete suggestions, but what seems completely intuitive to the user there is very difficult to teach to a machine. As a service provider with a focus on technical solutions, we love to dive into such complex technologies. From us you get consulting and development services, so that you can pass on the advantages of Elasticsearch to your users, but have no burden with the implementation. To the right, our services at a glance.

  • Integrate Elasticsearch

    We help you to integrate Elasticsearch into your existing web application / online store.

  • Increase performance

    If your normal database can't keep up with the search anymore, the reason is often strongly grown data volumes. Elasticsearch was designed for huge amounts of data and provides a remedy.

  • Optimize search results

    Even if you are already using Elasticsearch, it strongly depends on the right configuration. Our experts will optimize the configuration for you.

  • Aggregate data in Kibana dashboards

    Elasticsearch can be used in conjunction with Kibana to aggregate existing data and visualize it in charts. We'll put together a custom dashboard for you, so you can always keep an eye on the most important KPIs.

A word with our customers

Solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements and industry. Our range of services is geared entirely to your company. This creates future-proof results that are convincing. The feedback, both positive and constructive, enables continuous progress and expands our wealth of experience. This is what our customers say about our collaboration:

Excellent Elasticsearch implementations from the web development professionals in Dortmund and Düsseldorf

As experts in the implementation of software solutions for online stores, we have accumulated a wide range of expertise in the integration and optimization of Elasticsearch over the years. Our technical expertise allows us to go one step further for our customers than is possible with many classic web agencies, where this know-how is often lacking.

Elasticsearch requires a high initial configuration and ongoing optimization effort, because this is the only way to guarantee that users have a consistently good user experience. We provide comprehensive support for your Elasticsearch setup and ensure optimal control. We take care of the implementation, testing and ongoing optimization, and analyze the digital growth potential for you.

EXWE values close and regular collaboration with our customers, because no one knows your business better than you do. During joint performance calls, we review KPIs and share our knowledge and potential. We are happy to test new products and whole product categories as well as betas with you to shape the market together.

With competence and passion we cover all kinds of tasks in the area of Elasticsearch: integration of Elasticsearch into existing software applications, configuration and optimization of index mappings / analyzers as well as the corresponding queries with the query DSL, creation and configuration of Kibana dashboards.

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