Further development, maintenance & monitoring of software systems.

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+30 Individualsoftware-Projekte

+30 individual software projects

Every successful go-live is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are passionate about your project.

Support for individual software - keeps your software alive

What does software maintenance mean?

In recent years, we have taken on a large number of software projects from a wide variety of industries and then continuously developed them further, for example by implementing new functions. To ensure the long-term operation of your individual software, the systems are maintained at regular intervals and, for example, important security updates are incorporated. We ensure stable operation through constant monitoring of the systems.

Further development

We take over the further development of existing software. Especially in the case of outdated systems, the former developers are often no longer available. EXWE implements new functions in outdated software systems.


Our team of experts specializes in proactive and reactive maintenance of software applications, including bug fixes, updates, security measures and performance optimization. We keep your software up to date and running smoothly.


Our software operations services include application setup and configuration, infrastructure and application monitoring, troubleshooting, and resource management. In this way, we ensure that your software application is reliable and continuously available at all times.


Even the best software fails once in a while. In any case, it is important to detect the failure as early as possible, which is why we have established systems that regularly check whether your systems are online.

Support contingents for small, medium and enterprise software systems

Personal support from software experts in Dortmund and completely tailored to your company and company size

Sit back and relax and put your software systems technologically in our hands. For every budget and with many free benefits - even in our entry-level models with important features. EXWE for your software development.

* Captures performance, stack traces, exceptions and SQL & server errors. Additional cost: 89 EUR per month, plus VAT.

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1. initial meeting

Clarification of the general conditions regarding the problem, requirements, schedule, budget, etc. takes place.

2. analysis

Review of the existing software, the deployment process and the hosting or server environment.

3. offer phase

According to your requirements and the complexity of the target system, we jointly define a contingent for further support.

4. support phase

With the beginning of the support our team starts the further development and maintenance in an agile way.

In the future, sit back and relax and EXWE will take care of the rest.

Real world success stories

 Vergabemarktplatz für die REGIONALE 2025

Operation and further development of the qualification platform / award marketplace for the REGIONALE 2025.

For Südwestfalen Agentur GmbH, we developed a qualification platform for submitting project applications within the framework of REGIONALE 2025. For this purpose, we programmed a software which, in addition to the submission, also enables multiple processing and checking of the applications and, at the same time, functions as a communication platform for the agency and project contact partners.

 Intranet Kommunikationsplattform für einen BigPlayer des europäischen Sportfachhandels

Maintenance and Monitoring of the internal employee database for a BigPlayer of the European sports retail industry

For a European enterprise customer in sports, we operate essential modules of its employee database. Our daily tasks include the operation (including monitoring) and further development of the internal services. In order to maintain this critical infrastructure, we are in action on a daily basis.

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A word with our customers

Individual solutions for every industry and every customer. At EXWE, we focus on your company-specific requirements. At the same time, we do not lose sight of your target group. As a result, we have already been able to complete numerous customer projects from various sectors of the economy. This is what our customers say:


Of course, our daily store support is available for all software systems. Even for a small budget, we at EXWE provide support for questions and problems related to web applications.


Extensive monitoring is part of a comprehensive software support. We monitor the system and respond to changes in close consultation with our customer. Complete monitoring with EXWE - the software agency for Dortmund.


With the help of the monitoring application Tideways we can also monitor the performance and speed of your application. This way we quickly detect errors and problems and can fix them within the shortest possible time. This way your system always runs smoothly.


We always keep a detailed stacktrace during the execution of the software. On the stack we store all necessary information to run the program properly. If you have any questions about the stacktrace, we are of course always at your disposal.


For a successful software a constant uptime is essential. To ensure this, professional monitoring by experts is necessary. With the agency EXWE for individual online stores and software systems you get the right partner on board.


Your company needs expert support in monitoring your complex software system? Our experienced developers will be happy to assist you. This way, errors can be eliminated before they take on a large scale.

Error messages

Is your software constantly throwing error messages? And you can't keep up with it anymore or you simply don't have the time to fix all errors? Then you need our support. EXWE's developers will gladly take care of all software errors and fix them in the shortest possible time.

Error analysis

Of course, an extensive error analysis is also part of our offer. Our Support & Monitoring package is designed to relieve you of all your worries. No more sleepless nights! Put your software systems in our hands.


We keep an errorlog to document all errors. This way we can work efficiently on your software and keep it up to date. No error will be overlooked, because all errors occurring in the application are collected.


We love digitalization. This includes responding to updates and adapting their software to the new demands. Thanks to years of IT experience, this is a piece of cake for us.


Every program throws bugs from time to time. But this is not a problem, because our team throws around bug fixes. The bugs are fixed faster than they can run.

Emergency support

Bugs usually do not announce themselves in advance. If they do occur outside our business hours, our IT emergency support is on the spot immediately. The software is restored error-free before any downtime occurs.



Successful e-commerce is not possible without development. With EXWE you have a development team with know-how and experience at your side. This saves you time in the search for suitable IT employees, who you first have to train. Our developers are up to date and bring new impulses for all IT topics in your company.

Test environment

In our test environment we do all the necessary test cases before we release anything in your software. This is a matter of course for us and belongs to our daily tasks. Therefore we can guarantee you high quality support.


Working with backups is a must for us at EXWE IT Agency. Because this way nothing gets lost and can be restored if necessary. Regular data storage is simply essential when it comes to important projects. Do you have any questions about this? We are always available for a consultation.


Have you ever heard of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery? CI/CD helps to automate the integration, testing and publishing of new software features, allowing changes to be quickly deployed to the production environment.


We also like to build in alerts that inform us and you directly when something is not going right. EXWE is your trusted contact when the alerts go through the roof again.


High-quality performance is the be-all and end-all of a good software system. We are happy to take a look at your web application and make sure that it delivers even better.


To ensure that your software can always work reliably and continuously, we guarantee fail-safety. We only work with the best technologies and are immediately at hand if things get dicey.


If there is a complete workload during the operation of a software system, we have a solution ready. Thanks to our support package you don't have to wait long, we fix the problem and your system runs smoothly again.


Do you need software with high availability? Experts with years of experience will gladly take care of your needs and ensure that your software is always available.


Regular tests help us to make sure that the software system works as intended. We check if there are problems or changes that require action. EXWE is also available as a personal contact at any time.


An individual and professional IT support is what you are looking for? Then EXWE from Dortmund and Düsseldorf is the right place for you. All topics around software systems are our area of expertise, which we practice with passion every day.

Performance optimization

For more user-friendliness of your web application a constant performance optimization should be on the plan. Of course, this takes time. If you lack this time, feel free to contact our team. We will provide you with active support, assistance and advice.

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