Database systems developed for companies throughout Germany

The experts at EXWE program user-friendly and extremely fast database solutions that run efficiently on all end devices

EXWE Gewinner Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award 2023


EXWE is the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award 2023. EXWE is one of Germany's fastest-growing companies.
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Customized database solutions for all requirements

Standard solutions are often not enough. That's why EXWE offers you customized database systems that are precisely tailored to your specific needs. You can look forward to unlimited possibilities:

From innovative dashboards to advanced data analysis tools - our team develops individual database solutions for every challenge and industry. We use the latest technologies such as Vue.js and Symfony.php to guarantee you future-proof and high-performance database systems.

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Start your own software development now

A list of database solutions that we program.

Individual database solutions for every requirement and industry

As a software agency, we take on the individual development of database systems for every requirement. We work with you to develop all functions to create an optimal solution.

Platforms with secure login

We develop secure platforms with user-friendly login systems that are tailored to your needs.

Data dashboards

Get clear insights through intuitive data dashboards that enable real-time monitoring and analysis.

Management databases

Increase the efficiency of your administrative processes with a customized administrative database.

Intranet solutions

Strengthen internal networking and collaboration in your company with an intranet solution that takes your individual communication and information needs into account.

Intranet database solutions

Promote internal networking with an intranet database that has been specially developed for your communication needs.

Plugin development for databases

Extend the functionality of your databases with customized plugins.

API & interfaces

We connect your database systems with customized API connections.

Support & operation

We are also happy to provide ongoing support for the operation of your individual database and take care of maintenance and updates.

Development process of a database system

Your database solution in 7 steps

  • Requirements analysis

    The first step is a thorough analysis of your needs and existing systems. We identify potential for improvement and specify the requirements to ensure that your database solution is successful.

  • In this step, we offer transparent advice and create a draft concept. We take into account your wishes and the time frame in order to plan a precise and feasible project.

  • We focus on designing an intuitive user interface to ensure that end users can use the database effectively. Our graphics department will work closely with you to develop the design to your specifications.

  • Development is transparent and collaborative. You receive regular updates and insight into the progress of the project through detailed documentation and regular meetings.

  • Before the final release, we carry out extensive testing to ensure that the database meets all technical and functional requirements and works without errors.

  • After successful testing, your database solution goes live. We accompany you through this important step and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Even after go-live, we offer ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that your database is always functional and up-to-date. We provide regular updates and are always available to answer any questions.

Start your own software development now!

From the idea to the finished database application: our reference projects at a glance

Referenzen der EXWE GmbH

View more software references

Have a reactive & fast database created

Best user experience and high performance with the Vue and Symfony frameworks

Our database solution responds quickly and is interactive

Reaktives Verhalte einer modernen Webapp mit Vue.JS und Symfony

Learn more about our technologies

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What is software development?

A short FAQ about software and more

  • What does it mean to have software developed in a company?

    In the corporate context, having software developed refers to the process of creating customized software solutions for business purposes. These customized solutions can range from automating internal processes, such as customer data management and order tracking, to providing unique services, such as websites or mobile apps. In companies, this process is usually carried out by specialized teams who work closely with project managers to see the software through from conception to implementation and further maintenance. By using specific tools and methods, the process of having software developed is structured and optimized, making it a critical factor in increasing business efficiency.

  • What distinguishes customized software development from standard software?

    Custom software development aims to create unique software solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of a company or individual user. Unlike off-the-shelf software that is widely available, custom software is created when existing solutions do not meet unique requirements. This process includes all phases of development, from requirements analysis and design to implementation and maintenance, with developers working closely with the client. Customized software offers companies tailored functionalities and greater flexibility to make processes more effective and increase productivity.

  • What characterizes the modern approach to software development?

    The modern approach to software development is characterized by innovative trends and features that are revolutionizing the development process. For example, agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban enable flexible and adaptive development. Cloud computing simplifies scalability and resource utilization. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable the creation of more intelligent applications. Open standards and APIs promote integration and data exchange between systems. In addition, the increasing importance of security and data protection has influenced development practices. Together, these elements define modern, agile and data-driven development that focuses on openness and security.

  • What is xUnit?

    xUnit is a family of unit testing frameworks available for various programming languages. These frameworks enable developers to test the smallest software components in isolation to ensure that they function correctly. Originally developed for Java, there are now variants of xUnit for numerous languages, with each framework having its own specific characteristics. A central element is the "test case", which tests individual functionalities under certain conditions. xUnit offers tools for defining, executing and evaluating these test cases, which promotes high software quality and early error detection. xUnit plays a particularly important role in connection with test-driven development (TDD).

  • What is reactive programming?

    Reactive programming is a development paradigm based on responsive systems that can react efficiently to changes. In contrast to traditional approaches, the focus is on processing data streams and reacting to events in real time. With the help of observables and subscribers, reactive programming enables dynamic data processing, allowing applications to react asynchronously and non-blocking to changes. This approach is particularly suitable for distributed and asynchronous systems in which fast and efficient data processing is crucial. Reactive programming helps to improve performance and scalability and is widely used in the development of modern software solutions.

  • What are software development companies?

    Software development companies specialize in the design and implementation of software solutions for a variety of platforms. These companies cover a broad spectrum, from the development of new applications to the maintenance of existing systems. They offer their expertise to customers from various industries and can develop both customized solutions and standardized software products. They work closely with clients to identify specific needs and translate them into functional software. Through their work, these companies enable the digitalization of business processes and contribute to technological innovation.

  • How do you go about having software developed nowadays and what characterizes a good development process?

    The development of software today requires a structured approach that meets the requirements of the project. From careful requirements analysis and the use of agile development methods to the inclusion of cloud technologies - every phase is important. A good development process is characterized by flexibility, transparency and close cooperation with the client. Regular testing and compliance with security and data protection standards are essential to ensure the quality and reliability of the software. Comprehensive documentation also ensures the traceability and maintainability of the developed solutions.

Experts for customized software solutions


Are you looking for an agency that understands and implements your requirements precisely? EXWE is your ideal partner! With us, you can have software developed that is perfectly tailored to your company. Regardless of the type of software required - be it a specific plugin, a customized solution or an intranet - we can master any challenge with a high-performance solution.

Customized intranet development with EXWE


A customized intranet can transform your company. Rely on a service provider that takes your specific processes and needs into account. EXWE pays close attention to your requirements and implements your intranet flexibly and scalably. A customized intranet not only improves the efficiency of your business processes and communication, but also gives you a decisive competitive advantage through unique functions.

Have interfaces developed according to individual requirements


As a versatile agency, we also realize interfaces and API connections on request. Linking different systems and applications plays a central role in the modern corporate world. Whether it is the integration of internal systems, the integration of third-party services or the creation of new API connections, we use the latest technologies and methods to develop efficient and secure interfaces.

Have individual software solutions developed: From product configurators to customized tools


Our portfolio includes the development of product configurators, procurement platforms and many other tools that we tailor precisely to your company. We attach great importance to careful needs analysis, user-friendliness, scalability and security. Through comprehensive testing and detailed documentation, we ensure that your software solution remains functional and adaptable at all times.

Have even more individual software developed


EXWE also enables you to develop other special software solutions. Our developers know no limits: From plugins and project management software to completely individual tools - we realize your software vision. Let us develop your unique software solution together!

Extensions for your existing software solution


We also offer the integration of extensions or additional tools into your existing system. As experts in this field, we look forward to realizing your project together with you. Even if you do not yet have a precise idea of your software, we will develop a solution step by step that perfectly meets your needs.

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