Software development from Düsseldorf.

Specialization in custom-fit individual software for SME and enterprise customers.

+30 Individualsoftware-Projekte

+30 individual software projects

Every successful go-live is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are passionate about your project.

State-of-the-art software development with
Vue.js + Symfony.php

We build wonderfully easy to use and high performance web applications. Either brand new or to replace or complement your existing applications.

Custom software development can be simple!
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From the idea to the finished software: Our reference projects at a glance

Referenzen der EXWE GmbH

View more software references

User experience and high performance through the use of Vue + Symfony as base frameworks.

With this we build super fast and reactive software systems with easy to use interfaces

Our custom software is responsive and interactive

Reaktives Verhalte einer modernen Webapp mit Vue.JS und Symfony

But what is reactivity? Reactivity in modern web applications refers to how quickly and efficiently an application responds to user interactions. A responsive web application reacts quickly and seamlessly to user interactions such as clicks, keystrokes, and mouse movements without the need to reload the page. This can be achieved by using technologies like AJAX, WebSockets, or modern frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. We specialize in Vue, but are well versed in the other technologies as well.

However, reactive programming in modern web applications goes a step further by not only reacting to changes made by user input, but also automatically detecting changes in the data source. This means that when a value in the data source changes, the application is automatically updated without any additional instructions from the user. The data source of our choice is usually an API approach provided by the PHP framework Symfony. Symfony is one of the most popular and widely used PHP frameworks, used by many developers and companies worldwide.

Responsive web applications provide users with a faster, smoother, and more engaging experience and can also improve application performance by minimizing data exchange between the server and client.

Learn more about our technologies

Our software development process

7 steps to your software

You are about to implement your software project and wonder how exactly the development process works? In the implementation of your project, we rely on agile software development. The process of agile software development includes six steps. During the entire incremental development process, we are in direct and transparent exchange with you. Our project management is fully mapped in the project management tool Asana.

The biggest advantage of agile software development is that you have powerful software available after only a short time. At this point, the software already contains all basic functions. In the further development process, the software can then be adapted even more specifically to the actual user needs based on user experience and your feedback. In this way we achieve a continuous improvement of your software and lay the foundation for your future-proof and successful software project.

  • Requirements analysis

    In order for your individual software to be a complete success, the first step for us is the analysis of your requirements for the software project. This also includes taking a close look at existing systems, uncovering potential for improvement and identifying your needs together. Together with you, we document your performance requirements for the project and keep a record of the time frame.

  • For us, transparent consulting is the foundation of successful cooperation. That's why we create an initial conceptual design with all the requirements we consider essential and feasible within the timeframe you specify. Our developers know what is important and what you need for a future-proof software. Are you planning a more complex project? We would be happy to work out a progress plan for the development of your individual software together in a workshop. In this way we can precisely formulate the offer with all the required functions and the associated time contingent. Your wishes and requirements paired with our know-how then lead to a non-binding offer, which can avoid later deviations and delays in the development process.

  • A successful individual software needs an intuitive user interface. This is the only way users can later find their way around and efficiently integrate the software's functions into their work processes. The individual software is not intended for internal use, but is to be used later by customers? Then an individual and intuitive design is even more important! You do not have your own ideas yet? Our graphics department will gladly take over the conception of an appealing design in close consultation with you.

  • Now we come to the core of the project: the development of your individual software. For transparency during the development process, a direct contact person is always available to you. Regular meetings provide updates on the latest progress. Furthermore, all tasks are recorded in a detailed documentation, so that you have an up-to-date performance and cost overview at any time.

  • Before we complete the software project and make the final acceptance with you, we subject our code to extensive testing. We check whether the software can be put into operation without errors and whether it meets all the previously defined requirements. Because only when our developers are 100% satisfied with the result, the individual software is considered finished.

  • Now the time has come. Your individual software is completely ready for use and goes live. During the whole process we are at your side and are always there for you if you have any questions.

  • Your individual software is already in use in your company? Even then our work is not done yet! Regular updates are essential to ensure that the software can be used without errors in the future. At your request, we will provide you with a sufficient support & monitoring contingent to keep your software operational. Our developers deal with the maintenance and upkeep of the functionality of your services.

Start your own software development now!

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10 advantages of custom software

More economic success through

  • Individual and customized functions
  • Automation of business processes
  • And thus also savings of resources of your employees
  • Competitive advantage through unique software
  • A direct contact person in the software agency
  • Uncomplicated establishment in existing systems
  • Easy training of employees due to intuitive design
  • Adaptable to market changes
  • Through agile software development the possibility to make optimizations even in retrospect
  • The individual software can grow with your company
A word with our customers

From start-up to global player: we offer needs-based solutions for customers in every industry. In doing so, we focus on the requirements and the respective target group. We particularly value the both positive and constructive feedback we receive from our customers. On this basis, it is possible for us to constantly improve and master new challenges. This is what our customers say:

Our office in Düsseldorf - individual software development in the Rhine metropolis

EXWE GmbH, Lierenfelder Str. 51, 40231 Düsseldorf

Since 2019, EXWE has been running a second location for individual software development and customized digitalization of complex business processes in Düsseldorf. Find out why we chose Düsseldorf as our second location in the text below:

Location, infrastructure and working in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of the most populous cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and is one of the most attractive cities in the state due to its direct location on the Rhine.

The city stands for cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity. Excellent shopping opportunities, numerous museums and a distinct cultural scene, as well as the large number of resident companies from a wide range of economic sectors make Düsseldorf interesting for national and international professionals.

The central location with optimal infrastructure and the direct connection to Düsseldorf Airport make the city an ideal location for globally active companies. With over 38,000 companies based in Düsseldorf, the city is thus one of the most important economic centers in Europe and offers ideal conditions for the IT industry.

IT location Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is not only the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the seventh-largest city in Germany is also increasingly being described as a central hub for everything to do with digitization and IT topics. This has been attracting international software developers and IT companies to Düsseldorf for years and has led to continuous strong growth in the IT industry.

Likewise, the startup community in Düsseldorf is experiencing strong growth. There are numerous companies from the digital technology, biotech and fintech sectors. The infrastructure with co-working spaces is widespread and numerous meetings of different hubs take place regularly in Düsseldorf, which promotes an interesting and productive exchange.

Düsseldorf is not only an attractive business location for startups. The headquarters of the State Office of Information & Technology NRW is also located in Düsseldorf and illustrates Düsseldorf's position in the IT sector.

Digitization in Düsseldorf

In addition to the fact that the local business and financial center is one of the most important in Germany, the city's digitalization and progressiveness is also being steadily driven forward by the corporations based there. For example, Düsseldorf is home to a Fortune 500 company, as well as two DAX companies. These established and innovative companies promote further innovations in the field of digitization and thus also the location of Düsseldorf.

Software development in Düsseldorf

The past few years have shown that digitization is advancing and the demand for individual software solutions is steadily increasing. The demand for web applications that meet the necessary requirements in terms of performance, security or user-friendliness has risen sharply, especially around the business location of Düsseldorf, and has already given us the opportunity to build up a stable local customer network.

Software development in Düsseldorf with EXWE

As a full-service IT agency based in Düsseldorf, we are your strong partner for software and web development.

Düsseldorf's optimal infrastructure ensures easy accessibility to our location, allowing us to advise customers digitally as well as on-site. We offer tailor-made software solutions for established companies located in Düsseldorf as well as for the startup scene. In doing so, we work on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies and proven software architectures. Our expertise in software development grants you a robust application with a high degree of maintainability and extensibility.

In summary, the digital infrastructure and central location of Düsseldorf provides optimal conditions for the second location of our software development agency EXWE. Our heart beats for software and through our location strategy we would like to be your contact in Düsseldorf as well. Get an idea of our already implemented software projects.

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