Software development for Bochum.

For every company: Customized individual software

EXWE Gewinner Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award 2023


EXWE is the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award 2023. EXWE is one of Germany's fastest-growing companies.
technology companies.

State-of-the-art software development with
Vue.js + Symfony.php

We build wonderfully easy-to-use and high-performance web applications. Either from scratch or to replace or supplement your existing applications.

Customized software development can be easy!
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Start your own software development now

A list of all the types of software we program.

Individual software tools

Regardless of the requirement, application or industry, as a software agency we take on the individual development of any software. We will be happy to work with you to develop all functions in order to design a solution that meets your needs.

Platform with logins

Secure and user-friendly login functionality is required for many types of platforms. We are happy to support you in the development of customized platforms.

Data dashboards

Do you want to present complex information in a clear and, above all, understandable way? We develop intuitive data dashboards that allow you to monitor and analyze data in real time.

Management software

Every company has its own requirements for its administrative processes. With customized administration software, you can meet these requirements efficiently and increase your company's productivity.

Intranet solutions

Strengthen internal networking and collaboration in your company with an intranet solution that takes your individual communication and information needs into account.

Plugin development

Do you want to extend the functionality of your software? We can optimize any software application for you with individual plugins!

API connections

Do you want different software components to communicate with each other? We would be happy to create the appropriate API connection for you.


Do you need a comprehensive solution that integrates various aspects of software interaction? We offer customized interface development, ranging from graphical user interfaces to database connections.

Support & operation

We are also happy to provide ongoing support for the operation of your individual software and take care of maintenance and updates.

Our software development process

Your software in 7 steps

Are you about to implement your software project and wondering how exactly the development process actually works? We rely on agile software development to implement your project. The process of agile software development comprises six steps. We are in direct and transparent contact with you throughout the entire incremental development process. Our project management is fully mapped in the project management tool Asana.

The biggest advantage of agile software development is that you will have a powerful piece of software at your disposal after just a short time. The software already contains all the basic functions at this stage. In the further development process, the software can then be adapted even more specifically to actual user needs based on user experience and your feedback. This enables us to continuously improve your software and lay the foundation for your future-proof and successful software project.

  • Requirements analysis

    To ensure that your individual software is a complete success, the first step for us is to analyze your requirements for the software project. This also includes taking a close look at existing systems, uncovering potential for improvement and jointly identifying your needs. We work with you to document your performance requirements for the project and record the time frame within which it will be completed.

  • For us, transparent consulting is the foundation of a successful collaboration. That's why we create an initial draft concept with all the requirements we consider essential and feasible within the time frame you specify. Our developers know what is important and what you need for future-proof software. Are you planning a more complex project? We would be happy to work out a development plan for your individual software together in a workshop. This allows us to precisely formulate the offer with all the required functions and the associated time contingent. Your wishes and requirements combined with our expertise will then lead to a non-binding offer, which can avoid later deviations and delays in the development process.

  • Successful customized software requires an intuitive user interface. This is the only way users will be able to find their way around and efficiently integrate the software's functions into their work processes. Is the customized software not intended for internal use, but to be used later by customers? Then an individual and intuitive design is all the more important! You don't have your own ideas yet? Our graphics department will be happy to create an appealing design in close consultation with you.

  • Now we come to the core of the project: the development of your individual software. To ensure transparency during the development process, you will always have a direct contact person at your disposal. Regular meetings provide updates on the latest progress. Furthermore, all tasks are recorded in detailed documentation so that you have an up-to-date overview of performance and costs at all times.

  • Before we complete the software project and carry out the final acceptance with you, we subject our code to extensive testing. We check whether the software can be put into operation without errors and whether it meets all previously defined requirements. Only when our developers are 100% satisfied with the result is the individual software considered complete.

  • Now the time has come. Your customized software is fully operational and goes live. We are at your side throughout the entire process and are always there for you if you have any questions.

  • Is your customized software already being used in your company? Even then, our work is not yet done! Regular updates are essential to ensure that the software can be used without errors in the future. At your request, we can provide you with a sufficient support and monitoring contingent to keep your software operational. Our developers deal with the maintenance and upkeep of the functionality of your services.

Start your own software development now!

From the idea to the finished software: our reference projects at a glance

Referenzen der EXWE GmbH

View more software references

User experience and high performance through the use of Vue + Symfony as basic frameworks

This allows us to build super-fast and reactive software systems with easy-to-use interfaces

Our custom software responds quickly and is interactive

Reaktives Verhalte einer modernen Webapp mit Vue.JS und Symfony

But what is reactivity? Reactivity in modern web applications refers to how quickly and efficiently an application responds to user interactions. A responsive web application responds quickly and seamlessly to user interactions such as clicks, keystrokes and mouse movements without the need to reload the page. This can be achieved by using technologies such as AJAX, WebSockets, or modern frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular. We specialize in Vue, but are also very familiar with the other technologies.

However, reactive programming in modern web applications goes one step further by not only reacting to changes made by user input, but also automatically recognizing changes in the data source. This means that if a value in the data source changes, the application is automatically updated without any additional instructions from the user. Our data source of choice is usually an API approach provided by the PHP framework Symfony. Symfony is one of the most popular and widely used PHP frameworks, used by many developers and companies worldwide.

Reactive web applications provide users with a faster, smoother and more engaging experience and can also improve application performance by minimizing data exchange between server and client.

Learn more about our technologies

Talk to us about your own software project now! We will call you back.


10 advantages of customized software

More economic success through

  • Individual and customized functions
  • Automation of business processes
  • And therefore also savings on your employees' resources
  • Competitive advantage through unique software
  • A direct contact person in the software agency
  • Uncomplicated establishment in existing systems
  • Simple employee training thanks to intuitive design
  • Adaptable to market changes
  • Agile software development means that optimizations can also be made retrospectively
  • The customized software can grow with your company
A word with our customers

From start-ups to global players: we offer needs-based solutions for customers in every industry. In doing so, we focus on the requirements and the respective target group. We particularly value both positive and constructive feedback from our customers. On this basis, we are able to constantly improve and master new challenges. What our customers say:

Customized software that meets your company's needs and is powerful? At the IT agency EXWE, you get the complete software package for your company.


Are you looking for unique software that has been created in such a way that it ties in with existing company processes, makes work easier and supports your employees? No matter what purpose your individual software needs to fulfill, EXWE is at your side with help and advice and will create the perfect, tailor-made software solution for you. Our service packages give you the opportunity to have your software designed according to your ideas. Our technical advice and specialist know-how are always included, so that at the end of the development process you have software for the future.

You have not yet worked out the concept of your individual software? No problem! We will be happy to do this for you. Of course, we will work closely with you to ensure that the subsequent implementation step results in software that suits your company and contains all the important functions. Perhaps you already have software integrated in your company and would now like to update or improve it. Our services are also available to you in this case. We take care of extending the functions of the existing software and bring you up to date.

To ensure that your individual software always remains functional, we only use modern technologies that have already proven themselves in software development. Of course, it is always possible that updates will be necessary in the future. Technology is fast-moving and constantly evolving. To ensure that your software is always up to date, we also offer maintenance as part of our service and support packages.

We look forward to designing and creating your individual software.

Chris Apfelbeck & Yuri Struszczynski

Managing Director

Call us

Do you have questions about your project or would you like to discuss an idea? Let's talk on the phone about it. Feel free to call at:

+49 231 93149827
Or use our contact form.

Digitization for your Bochum-based company

Would you like to digitize your company in Bochum? Then you've come to the right place with the experts from EXWE. The software agency for individual software solutions provides customer-oriented advice and creates a software concept that suits your Bochum-based company. We provide you with the complete package, from an initial analysis to the full implementation of your requirements and the subsequent go-live.

Software development for companies from Bochum

EXWE creates software for companies in Bochum and other cities in North Rhine-Westphalia or throughout Germany. We are your reliable partner when it comes to developing customized software applications that are reliable and built for the future.

Customized software - individual and future-proof

We fulfill your every wish when it comes to individual software. We implement your wishes and ideas efficiently and combine them with our specialist knowledge to develop software that is ideally suited to your company in Bochum. And best of all, it can be expanded at any time. If additional functions are required in the future, we can also create them and integrate them into the existing software application.

Optimized web applications for your Bochum-based company

As a full-service agency, it is important to us that you receive full software support from us. Even though our offices are located in Düsseldorf and Dortmund, we can also take on your software project for companies in Bochum. Whether you prefer a consultation in our offices, at your premises in Bochum or simply virtually is entirely up to you. Flexibility is important to us.

Bochum as a business location for your company

Bochum has a very diverse economic base. The location and connections provide the best conditions for a successful company. Bochum is also well known in the media world. In addition to media such as newspapers and radio, Bochum is also represented in the field of online journalism such as online newspapers and blogs. The digitalization of the Bochum media should not stop at your company in Bochum. This is why you rely on customized software from your EXWE experts.

Customized software development from NRW for your company in Bochum

Our software developers are trained specialists who have made it their mission to create software that is tailored to your needs. With passion and love for technology, they create unique software and web applications that help you to stand out from the competition and optimize your business processes.

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