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Custom software projects - examples that our developers have implemented for small and medium enterprises

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Individual software - tailor-made for your company

Individual software for the future. This is what we have written on our flag. In the past years we were allowed to lead and implement many exciting software projects. Whether for start-ups, medium-sized companies or big players, our software solutions are used in a wide variety of companies and industries. Although we are based in the cities of Dortmund and Düsseldorf, we are also happy to convince Cologne-based companies of our comprehensive software development services. Get a picture for yourself!


Our range of services is tailored to three types of development. This way you will find a service package that can meet the requirements of your individual software.

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Process flow

The development process of each software consists of several steps, which we fill with your individual wishes and ideas. You can find more information about the process flow chart for your individual software here.

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You would like to get an insight into our completed software solutions? Here you can get an impression of our work.

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Modern technologies are the foundation for successful software development. Here you can find out which technologies we use.

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Ten benefits of individual software

Successful with:

  • Automated business processes
  • Functions tailored to your needs
  • A saving of internal resources
  • Advantages over the competition
  • A contact person who is available at all times
  • An easy combination with already existing systems and processes
  • Extensibility in case of changes in the market
  • Optimizations that are possible after the test phase
  • A growing software that goes hand in hand with the growth of your company

Individual software packages according to your requirements

We develop software solutions that fit your company and your target group

Customized Individual software does not always have to be complicated and extensive. Through years of experience in the field of software development, we found that it usually requires a simple structure and simply defined functions to develop a powerful and targeted custom software. Therefore, in our development offer you will find only what you really need. Three concrete models that meet your needs:

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10 reasons for us as software developers for your company in Cologne

  • Individual software solutions that integrate into your business processes
  • A direct partner who is available to you at all times
  • Comprehensive consulting that recognizes what you need
  • No outsourcing, but direct contact
  • Easy software establishment in your company
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Transparency in time recording
  • Agile way of working
  • With passion and love for technology
  • Fast response to questions, problems or requests
  • Implementation of individual functions

The development process of an individual software

In 7 steps to your future-proof software

Step by step to your individual software solution. The development process of your customized individual software requires six or seven steps. Thanks to our agile approach, the software can be quickly and efficiently implemented in your company. EXWE's experts will accompany you from an initial needs analysis and tailored consulting to the creation of a unique concept, subsequent implementation and an extensive test phase. Once the test phase is completed, the software can go live! However, our work does not end with the go-live of the individual software. We are happy to support the introduction of the software in your company with customized training for your employees and are responsible for your inquiries as part of our support and service packages.

  • Requirements analysis

    In order for your individual software to be a complete success, the first step for us is the analysis of your requirements for the software project. This also includes taking a close look at existing systems, uncovering potential for improvement and identifying your needs together. Together with you, we document your performance requirements for the project and keep a record of the time frame.

  • Consulting

    For us, transparent consulting is the foundation of successful cooperation. That's why we create an initial conceptual design with all the requirements we consider essential and feasible within the timeframe you specify. Our developers know what is important and what you need for a future-proof software. Are you planning a more complex project? We would be happy to work out a progress plan for the development of your individual software together in a workshop. In this way we can precisely formulate the offer with all the required functions and the associated time contingent. Your wishes and requirements paired with our know-how then lead to a non-binding offer, which can avoid later deviations and delays in the development process.

  • Planning & Design

    A successful individual software needs an intuitive user interface. This is the only way users can later find their way around and efficiently integrate the software's functions into their work processes. The individual software is not intended for internal use, but is to be used later by customers? Then an individual and intuitive design is even more important! You do not have your own ideas yet? Our graphic department will gladly take over the conception of an appealing design in close consultation with you.

  • Development

    Now we come to the core of the project: the development of your individual software. For transparency during the development process, a direct contact person is always available to you. Regular meetings provide updates on the latest progress. In addition, all tasks are recorded in detailed documentation so that you have an up-to-date overview of performance and costs at all times.

  • Test

    Before we complete the software project and make the final acceptance with you, we subject our code to extensive testing. We check whether the software can be put into operation without errors and whether it meets all the previously defined requirements. Because only when our developers are 100% satisfied with the result, the individual software is considered finished.

  • Go Live

    Now the time has come. Your individual software is completely ready for use and goes live. During the whole process we are at your side and are always there for you if you have any questions.

  • Support & Monitoring

    Your individual software is already in use in your company? Even then our work is not done yet! Regular updates are essential so that the software can be used without errors in the future. At your request, we will provide you with a sufficient support & monitoring contingent to keep your software operational. Our developers will deal with the maintenance and upkeep of the functionality of your services.

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Individual software or standard software

Choose the right software solution for your needs

Our mission is the development of sustainable individual software. But which software solution suits your company? We would be happy to find out together whether standard software meets your needs or whether you require your own software for individual, company-specific functions.

EXWE Individual Software
Advantages are ...
Easy integration into your business processes
Individual functions
Control over the scope of the software
A direct contact person who can support you beyond software development
Expandable at any time and adaptable to the growth of the company
Competitive advantage due to the unique selling proposition of the individual software
Standard software
Advantages are ...
Immediate availability
Already in use and tested by other customers
Often available in subscription model
Project scope
Our success stories

What our customers say about the cooperation

Modern technologies are the main component of your individual software

Our tech stack is the foundation for high-performance software

Do you have any questions? We will call you back.

An individual software for your business needs? With EXWE you have a strong partner for individual software at your side.


You want an individual software? Then EXWE is the right place for you. We will find the right software package for your company and develop software that fits the requirements of your business.

Modern technologies are the basis for our software development. Our software developers are experts in technology and know what is good for your business. This allows us to combine expertise with your individual ideas to create custom software that automates business processes, integrates with your business, and accommodates special features. Our customers serve a wide variety of industries, and each company receives software that is integrated to fit their business goals. Whether it is a start-up or a big player, we offer the right service package for every size of company. Do you have individual wishes that you cannot find in any software package here? No problem! Just contact us and we will discuss together how the ideal software could look like for you.

You already have software that needs to be renewed? At EXWE you will not only find services such as creating a software from scratch, but also enhancing services. We are happy to take a look at your existing software and discuss with you which optimizations are necessary for a powerful and modern individual software. Furthermore, it is of course also possible for us to add further functions to your software. Because it can always be that with growth of a company also a growth of the individual software becomes necessary.

We are looking forward to develop your individual software.

Chris Apfelbeck & Yuri Struszczynski

Managing Director

With software development to more digitalization in your company

Digitization does not have to be complex. With EXWE, you gain access to a simplified digitization process. We break down your company's process structure into small steps and find out where there is still potential for improvement. We look at the as-is processes and, with technical know-how and entrepreneurial experience, can define a to-be environment that delivers access to the digital age.

To ensure that our solutions are also suitable for the future, we make sure that our custom software can be easily expanded and maintained. For a first insight, we have listed here which solutions we have been able to design so far:

  • Development of a distributed system for the analysis of DNA samples including webapp for control and monitoring.
    .NET, WCF, WPF, NHibernate, MySQL, jQuery, Angular.js, HTML5, SVN

  • Reimplementation of a legacy application for market analysis as a scalable Microsoft Azure Cloud application.
    .NET, ASP.NET Web API 2, Entity Framework, SQL Server, various Azure Services, Angular.js, HTML5, CSS, Git

  • Architecture and development of multiple webapps to unify master data management.
    .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, SQL Server, Angular 6, Aurelia, TypeScript, HTML5, SASS/SCSS, SAP HANA, Neo4J graph database, RDF graph databases [Jena Fuseki, Virtuoso], Gitlab, NPM, CI/CD, Kubernetes

EXWE - Your software development service provider

We have been providing software development services to a wide range of clients since as early as 2016. We have been able to create custom solutions for startups, SMEs and large corporations. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies that are the basis for a feature-rich and powerful custom software or web application.

Have web applications programmed by EXWE

We see ourselves not only as a software development service provider, but also as an app agency and web development agency. EXWE is a full-service agency that can serve any customer project related to modern technologies.

Cologne as a location for digitalization

Cologne has long been a pioneer of modern trends and digitization. As a Cologne-based company, you should jump on this bandwagon, too. Although we are not based in Cologne, thanks to good networking and the central location of our Düsseldorf and Dortmund offices, we can also support Cologne-based start-ups and companies in their digitization efforts. As a software service provider with years of experience, we are happy to provide you with advice and support.

Individual projects for Cologne companies

You want a web application that fits your Cologne company? No problem. We implement every special wish. From an intranet or CRM tailored to the company to a contracting platform, a custom tool or much more, anything is possible.

Software and plugin development for your Cologne company

Do you own a Cologne company and want to take the next step in digitalization? Customized software and plugins tailored to you are the solution.

Have software developed by experts

EXWE Agency's software developers have a wide range of expertise when it comes to developing professional software solutions. So we can find the right software for every need. Years of experience and high performance round off the complete package.

Individual software solutions that fit your Cologne company

We want to make your daily work easier with our software solutions. That is why we focus on high functionality. Your individual software improves and automates workflows, increases the efficiency of your employees and uses modern technologies that are future-proof. This way you get a sustainable result that can quickly adapt to technical changes or the growth of your Cologne company.

The software developers of EXWE Agency have a broad expertise in developing professional software solutions. So we can find the right software for every need. Years of experience and high performance round off the complete package.

Individual software programming for Cologne companies

We are happy to implement your special wishes when we take on the programming of individual software. We are your partners for individual software development - no matter if you have a company in Cologne, in another city in North Rhine-Westphalia or in another federal state in Germany. Our flexible range of services and consulting is suitable for every company.

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