Software development for Hanover.

Individually developed software solutions for SMEs and large companies from Hanover and the surrounding area.

+30 Individualsoftware-Projekte

+30 individual software projects

Every successful go-live is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are passionate about your project.

Modern software development using Vue.js and Symfony.php

Our team creates user-oriented and efficient web applications - whether completely new developments or modernizing and expanding existing systems.

Customized software development doesn't have to be complicated!
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From the initial idea to the finished software: Our reference projects at a glance

Referenzen der EXWE GmbH

View more software references

User experience and high performance

With Vue and Symfony as the basic framework, we develop dynamic software solutions that impress with their user-friendly interfaces.

Our custom software reacts quickly and is interactive

Reaktives Verhalte einer modernen Webapp mit Vue.JS und Symfony

But what does reactivity actually mean? In the context of modern web applications, reactivity refers to the capacity of software to respond promptly and efficiently to user interactions. This includes an immediate response to inputs such as clicks, keystrokes and mouse movements, without the need to reload the page. This is made possible through the use of technologies such as AJAX and WebSockets, as well as the use of advanced frameworks such as React, Vue and Angular. We specialize in Vue, but we are also well versed in the other technologies mentioned.

In addition, reactive programming in modern web applications extends the concept of interactivity. It enables the application to react automatically to changes in the data sources without the user having to become active. For example, if a data value changes at the source, the application updates itself automatically. We often use an API provided by the PHP framework Symfony, one of the most widely used and accepted frameworks in the world, as a data source.

Through this type of reactive programming, users experience improved speed, more seamless interaction and an overall more pleasant user experience. Additionally, such an approach can significantly increase the performance of the application by optimizing the data exchange between server and client, resulting in a smoother and more engaging user experience as well as increasing the efficiency of the application by minimizing data exchange.

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Our software development process for Hanover

7 steps to tailor-made software

Are you at the start of your software project and wondering how the development process works? We rely on an agile approach to software development, which takes place in seven steps. Throughout the entire step-by-step development process, we attach great importance to an open and transparent exchange with you. We use the project management tool Asana to organize and monitor our project.

A key advantage of the agile development process is the early provision of feature-rich software that contains all the essential functions right from the start. During the course of development, the software can be adapted even more precisely to the actual requirements based on user feedback and your comments. This enables us to continuously improve your software and lay the foundation for a future-oriented and successful software project.


  • Consulting

    Transparent consulting is the key to successful collaboration. That's why we start by drawing up a draft that covers the core requirements and appears feasible within the time frame you specify. Our experts know exactly what is needed to make your software future-oriented. Do you have a more demanding project? We will organize a workshop with you to draw up a detailed roadmap for your individual software solution. This enables us to formulate a precise offer that takes into account both the necessary functions and the time frame. Combining your ideas with our expertise results in an offer that significantly reduces the risk of subsequent changes or delays in the project.

Start your own software development now!

Contact us now to talk about your individual software project! We will get back to you as soon as possible.


10 advantages of customized software

More economic success through

  • Customized functions
  • Optimization of operational processes through automation
  • And therefore also savings on your employee resources
  • Create a competitive edge with customized software
  • One central contact for all concerns
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures
  • Easy employee training thanks to user-friendly design
  • Flexibility to adapt to market developments
  • Agile development processes allow continuous improvements
  • The customized software can grow with your company
A word with our customers

From start-ups to international corporations: we deliver customized solutions for customers from all industries. Our priority is the specific needs and target group of each customer. Feedback from our customers is particularly valuable to us - be it praising or constructive. It enables us to continuously develop and successfully tackle new challenges. This is what our customers say:

Software development for Hanover


Are you looking for professional support for your software development? Regardless of the project type, we offer flexible and customized services that adapt to your individual requirements. Whether you are a start-up, a medium-sized company or a large corporation - we deliver individual solutions that improve your business processes and accelerate the digital transformation of your company from Hanover.

Software development for companies in Hanover

EXWE is your software agency for small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations from Hanover and the surrounding area. We offer you a comprehensive service - from planning and consulting to the conception and implementation of your projects. As your reliable partner, we are at your side for all questions relating to software solutions. Our aim is to work closely with you to develop customized software solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs and offer your company real added value.

Individual software development for Hanover

Take advantage of our individual consulting for companies from Hanover and seize the opportunity to implement your software projects together with our team of experts. We know the special challenges and market conditions throughout Germany and create solutions that are ideally tailored to your needs. Our goal is to increase your operational efficiency through innovative and functional software, giving you a competitive edge.

Software company for Hanover

As specialists in the development of customized software solutions, we are here to support you and your company in Hanover. Our aim is to promote your business success with innovative solutions. Together, we want to develop software that not only meets current requirements, but also those of the future. The values of sustainability and future viability are particularly important to us in software development, and we strive to realize these in each of our projects.

Software development agency Hanover: Individual software applications

Our focus is on the development of customized software solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of companies in Hanover. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the local business conditions and market situation in Hanover, we create solutions that not only support your business goals, but also sustainably improve your digital presence.

Software development for Hanover with EXWE

At EXWE, you are the linchpin of our work. From the first spark of your idea to the launch of the finished software, we are at your side with expertise and passion. Our team is available to you throughout the entire development process. Questions or need additional support? Our developers are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our aim is to make the development process as clear and smooth as possible for you so that the end product meets your exact requirements.

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