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Innovative IT technologies are the core of our software development and consulting approaches

Frontend, middleware and backend in agile development

Technologies and skills to optimize operational processes

The main task of our team is to develop and implement IT solutions for our customers that ensure the performance and continuity of the business units, as well as to optimize operational processes through new technologies. We see ourselves as innovation facilitators and passionately support a digital revolution.

Below is a sample of the products and technologies we have worked with: Please feel free to ask us if you are missing a technology but urgently need it right now.

Together we are sure to find a solution.
Grafik PC E-Commerce Lösung

e-commerce solutions

  • daily service & support
  • emergency number
  • performance optimization
  • monitoring
  • A/B Testing
  • Interfaces to WaWi
  • Integration of external systems
Shopware Magento PayPal AmazonPay Optimierung / PageSpeed Caching OPC / ACPu CDN GoogleMerchantCenter Integration GoogleDynamischesRemarketing Integration Idealo Marketplace Integration Real Marketplace Integration Otto Marketplace Integration Plentymarkets Integration
Grafik PC Backend-Programmierung

Backend Programming

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Web Services / Micro Services
  • Cloud Services (PaaS and SaaS)
  • Relational Databases
  • Graph databases (RDF Stores, Triple Stores, Semantic Data)
  • OpenID Connect / OAuth 2
PHP Zend Framework 2/3 Java Spring Boot .NET .NET Core ASP.NET Web API 2 MySQL PostgreSQL SQL Server Jena Fuseki Virtuoso Hibernate Entity Framework
Grafik PC Frontend-Programmierung

Frontend Programming

  • Single Page Applications
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile First
  • E2E Tests
  • CDN
TypeScript JavaScript jQuery AngularJS, Angular2+ React SCSS Bootstrap HTML5
Grafik PC Agile Softwareentwicklung

Agile Software Development

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Automated Testing
  • Containerization
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • DevOps
Jasmine / Protractor xUnit / jUnit / PHPUnit Docker Kubernetes Gitlab CI/CD Azure DevOps
Grafik PC CMS

Content Management Systems

  • Large enterprise sites
  • Performance Optimization
  • CDN Performance
  • Template Customization
Joomla WordPress Shopware AMP CDN Bootstrap jQuery Smarty
Grafik PC SEO/SEA Marketing

SEO / SEA / Marketing

  • technological integration
  • technical consulting
HubSpot Integration HubSpot Templating HubSpot Developement Google Insights GoogleAdWords Integration GoogleTagManager Integration GoogleAnalytics Integration
Technology not found?
We love new challenges!

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The main focus of our IT services is software development and web development.

We support you with your software, web and mobile app development projects and ideas. The core of our IT services & IT technologies lies in software development, web development, e-commerce and app development. Based in Dortmund and Düsseldorf, EXWE develops solutions for you from your idea! In doing so, we advise you on your project and, together with you, create a concept for the further common path from your ideas, concepts and requirements. We can then derive an offer from this concept and subsequently program the solution that is right for you.

Stay independent from your service provider!

We install our developments on your own environments (intranet or internet) and accompany you during the introduction or the GoLive of the new application.
For us it goes without saying: Your idea remains your idea!

An online shop means your start in successful e-commerce

We support your business project in e-commerce! Together with you, we develop the right online shop for you and can also accompany you with special services for search engine optimization. For the areas of online marketing, we are happy to recommend our competent partners.

We go technologically ahead

Our technological focal points can be seamlessly combined with each other. Thus we offer you a holistic solution in the three pillars software development(backend ), web development(frontend ) and professional e-commerce solutions, of course also optimized for mobile devices (responsive design).

We always stay on the ball regarding new trends in IT-technologies. We have experience in integrating cloud services (SaaS and PaaS) from both Microsoft Azure and AWS into a distributed microservice architecture as well as with current UI frameworks like Angular 7+.

Nevertheless, we remain realistic: For the majority of applications, our experience has shown that a classic SQL, PHP and HTML5 / JS stack is sufficient and drastically reduces development costs.

We are happy to advise you on which technological architecture makes the most sense for your use case.

Topic Support and Maintenance

After the GoLive we do not leave you alone with your new software, but continue to support you individually in the use of our solutions. For this purpose, we have designed special support offers in the areas of e-commerce (technical and content-related), search engine optimization (better findability on Google) as well as performance and monitoring.

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