Web design for demanding companies.

Customized, high-performance and future-proof thanks to the latest technologies and content management systems.

100 % Leidenschaft

100% passion

We are idea generators, experts, people, play children, problem finders and problem solvers. This is how we define passion, day after day.

+7 Jahre Erfahrung

+7 years experience

Our experienced software developers recognize potential risks and errors at an early stage. This ensures the safety and reliability of our systems.

+100 zufriedene Kunden

+100 satisfied customers

Every successful GoLive is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are burning for your project.

EXWE are web designers for high performance websites - optimized for lead generation and for all devices.

Webdesign für Premioloon

Web design for the online store of Premioloon

Client: Luftballonmarkt GmbH

For Luftballonmarkt GmbH we developed a B2B online store in a modern and light design. Customers will find a wide range of patry and balloon decorations for festive occasions of any kind.

Webdesign für Onlineshop GRÄWE

Web design for the Gräwe online store

Client: Günter Gräwe GmbH

For the traditional family business Gräwe GmbH we developed an online store, where customers can find everything from kitchen accessories and household goods. The brand Gräwe stands for experiencing moments of pleasure with kitchen accessories for various occasions.

Software systems from EXWE were used, among other things, for

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Our approaches and procedures for responsive web design

Our approaches and procedures for responsive web design

Web design for your company - future-proof and innovative

High-quality design in combination with the latest technologies guarantee optimal implementation

Your ideas will come to life thanks to our development expertise, resulting in a unique and super fast website. There are no limits to the possibilities: it can be a web presence or a more complex database application.

Our regular customers include small, medium but also enterprise companies from all industries. Depending on the requirements, we use different content management systems, online store software and various frameworks. Since the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, we always rely on established and thus, above all, reliable management systems. Just as important as the technology: we also develop the UX design and create usability in house.

Let us design the digital future of your company and make it visible to the public.

Web design with heart: Learn more about our clients, the projects and our web developers

Web design by EXWE above classic agency level

Creating websites is no longer an art. However, there are projects that require a bit more technical expertise, e.g. because they have to withstand higher access numbers or have explicit security requirements. Our web designers from Dortmund and web designers from Düsseldorf develop such projects every day.

Thanks to their many years of experience, our IT experts at EXWE can map these projects technically and operate them sustainably. Furthermore, we will show you how to operate your content management system in face-to-face training sessions - at our locations in Dortmund or Düsseldorf, at your company or online. We accompany the idea to the implementation and monitoring of your digital project seamlessly until the release date.

Even projects with high technical requirements are no problem for us - we love challenges. We look forward to developing a solution for your company. Together we will find the perfect solution for you and your company.

For more references and project details

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