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Every successful go-live is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are passionate about your project.

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From the idea to the finished web design: our reference projects at a glance

Referenzen der EXWE GmbH

Our approaches and procedures for responsive web design

This is how we build super-fast and customer-oriented websites

superschnelle und kundenorientierte Webseiten
  • Content management systems

    Our approach is always pragmatic and depending on the use case and budget, we select a suitable system. As software developers, we do not want to hype any particular content management system. Our most frequently used systems include WordPress, Drupal, Typo3 and Joomla. Websites that want to display many products but are not designed for sales are often created with a store system such as Shopware, from which we then program the sales buttons.

  • Desktop, tablet & mobile

    Responsiveness and conversion optimization are at least as important as the technology in the background. Responsive websites automatically adapt to the optimal display on all screen sizes, from desktop or laptop computers to tablets and smartphones, without compromising the design experience or performance on the part of your customers.

  • No templates but templating

    Our credo: No templates but templating. We rely on standard frameworks and build an individual template developed specifically for your company. When it comes to templating engines, we are trained on many different platforms and frameworks. We regularly work with Bootstrap, Twig and Smarty.

  • Aesthetics & design

    At the start of the project, our design team will gather information from you about what you want from your new website, make suggestions and research competitors to create an action plan before moving on to the next phase. This is where we develop an innovative structure and sitemap and the layout of your new website so that everyone involved has a clear picture of how the finished project will be structured. The design team will first present the layout and home page elements to you for review and approval. Once the layout is complete, we can begin development while we finalize the home page and work on the designs for the subpages.

Our web design process

7 steps to a unique design

  • Requirements analysis

    To ensure that you receive a design that meets your expectations, fits your company or brand and also appeals to your target group, the first step is to analyze the requirements for the design project. We look at your existing design, discover potential for improvement and record what you would like to see in your future design. We document this together with you in order to record the performance requirements and details of the project. We can then also determine the timeframe for your project.

  • For a successful collaboration, it is essential to create a concept design. The concept contains all the requirements and our plans for implementation. Our graphic artists, designers and developers know what is important and what you need for a successful web design. Of course, we welcome your valuable feedback at this point in the design process so that we can make improvements. Your wishes and requirements, coupled with our expertise and creativity, result in a unique roadmap that avoids delays and misunderstandings and can produce a successful end result.

  • In the next step, we take care of the design. We create all visual aspects of your web project such as layout, color scheme, typography, images and more. In doing so, we ensure that the web application can be used intuitively and responsively on all devices. This results in a design draft that can be implemented in the next step after further consultation with you.

  • Now it's time for implementation. In this phase, our designs are developed and actually integrated into your web application. We focus on full transparency and give you updates on our progress in regular meetings. A direct contact person is always available to you during the entire design and development process. Of course, we also document all implemented tasks so that you can access an up-to-date cost and performance overview at any time.

  • Before your new design goes live, we carry out extensive tests to check for possible errors. In this way, we can also guarantee that there are no usability problems with your web project and that users have unrestricted access from all browsers and devices. Of course, we also check that we have met all the defined requirements of the project and only when all the designers, graphic artists and developers in our team are 100% satisfied will your web design project be completed.

  • After five exciting steps, the time has finally come! Your new design finally goes live. Together we can now celebrate the completion of a successful project. But our collaboration doesn't have to end if you don't want it to.

  • To ensure that your design continues to function flawlessly, updates will always be necessary. This is because technology continues to evolve. This is exactly where our support and monitoring packages come in. On request, we can provide you with a suitable contingent and take care of all updates and work that will be required for your web project in the future.

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10 advantages of professional web design

More economic success through

  • Very good user experience through intuitive navigation
  • Responsiveness enables use in all browsers and end devices
  • This also ensures greater reach and reduces bounce rates
  • A better first impression and therefore more professionalism and authenticity
  • More security thanks to technically flawless implementation
  • Individuality and recognition value
  • Competitive advantage over competitors
  • Search engine optimization best practices are already taken into account in the design
  • Increased conversion rate through better placement of call-to-actions
  • Adaptable to new design requirements and technological innovations in the future thanks to contacts at EXWE
A word with our customers

10 reasons to choose EXWE as your partner agency

  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Individual wishes and requirements are our priority
  • Innovative implementation and creative ideas
  • Comprehensive advice that quickly leads to a successful result
  • Fast response time - with us, you don't have to wait long for implementation
  • A personal contact person is at your side from the beginning to the end of the project
  • We take care of your project and do not outsource services
  • Our team is characterized by passion and high motivation
  • Sustainable and long-term partnership as required and desired through additional support packages
  • Transparent billing

Web design from Dortmund - the metropolis of Westphalia

EXWE GmbH, Leierweg 13, 44137 Dortmund

EXWE has been based in the heart of Dortmund since it was founded in 2016. With tailor-made, creative and technically flawless web design solutions, we realize the initial ideas of our customers and help you to get started digitally with your online presence.

The office in the heart of the Ruhr region was the right choice for us for a number of reasons. You can find out which reasons speak in favor of a location in Dortmund in our summary below:

Dortmund's location and infrastructure

Dortmund is located on the eastern edge of the Ruhr region and borders the Sauerland region to the south-east. With just under 600,000 inhabitants, Dortmund is one of the eight largest cities in Germany. Thanks to its location in the heart of Westphalia, Dortmund is a central transportation hub and easy to reach. The city is not only accessible by car, but also has an airport and a canal port.

Dortmund is also well connected to the rail network, with more than 130,000 travelers and commuters arriving at Dortmund main station every day. This transport connection is perfect for the EXWE office, as some of our employees commute to us from other cities in the Ruhr region.

Dortmund is not only known for its excellent infrastructure, but also for its wide range of leisure activities and numerous green spaces within the city.

Leisure activities in the city of Dortmund

Dortmund's history is characterized by industry and beer. This is also reflected in the city's leisure facilities.

For example, the Dortmunder U, formerly the basement tower of the Union-Brauerei Dortmund, is now a central point for art, exhibitions and creativity. Based on Dortmund's history, the Zollern colliery with the LWL Industrial Museum is also worth a visit.

Dortmund also has numerous green spaces to relax in. These include, for example, the Westfalenpark with the Florianturm, Dortmund Zoo, the Phoenix Lake in Dortmund-Hörde, the Hohensyburg recreation and hiking area and the Rombergpark. Our office at Leierwegs 13 is also right next to the beautiful Tremoniapark, where we spend our breaks in the summer.

Dortmund is also known as a soccer city thanks to BVB. The German Football Museum is also located in the city and offers exhibitions on the history of German soccer. If you still can't get enough of football, you can also watch a BVB match at Dortmund's Signal Iduna Stadium.

Dortmund's pub and cultural scene has also grown in recent years and there are numerous bars, pubs and clubs around the Kreuzviertel district or in Dortmund's city center.

Dortmund's economy and the IT sector

The days when coal and steel drove Dortmund's economy are over. Dortmund is now home to numerous large companies. The region's most important economic sectors include banking and insurance, as well as the tourism industry.

However, the biomedical, drug research and medical technology sectors are growing in particular. TheIT sector is also one ofthe top industries in the region. Around 15,000 people currently work in this sector in Dortmund. The universities located in Dortmund, such as TU Dortmund, FH Dortmund and ISM Dortmund, also contribute to this. International and national specialists are trained directly in Dortmund and flow into the booming job market.

Creative industries in Dortmund

The development of the creative and cultural industries in Dortmund has also been actively promoted for years. Creative districts such as the Unionviertel, Nordstadt and Brückviertel are developing sustainably. More and more creative people are settling in the city.

Web design in Dortmund with EXWE

The increasing number of companies based in the region and the ever-advancing digitalization are contributing to the fact that a company's online presence is becoming increasingly important. Only with a professional web presence is it possible to stand out from the crowd. Numerous web design agencies in the region help with the implementation. We have also been one of them since 2016 and are at your side as a strong partner.

As a web design agency based in Dortmund, we can draw on years of experience and numerous successfully implemented web design projects. Do you have an idea? We implement this idea and take care of the visual, functional and structural design of your website. As we are passionate about IT and technology, the technical implementation of your website is also in good hands with us. Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers is our top priority. That's why we work with you to develop the digital future of your company.

The office in Dortmund is a real stroke of luck for EXWE. The ideal infrastructure, the location in the heart of the city and the young environment in Dortmund's Kreuzviertel district are the ideal prerequisites for creative, professional and authentic web design. We will be happy to advise you on site in Dortmund or digitally. Our references will also give you an insight into our passion for web design and web development.

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