Individual web development.

Future-proof web applications for your company - with the web development agency EXWE

+30 Individualsoftware-Projekte

+30 individual software projects

Every successful go-live is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are passionate about your project.

Customized web development for all requirements

A standard web application is not always the best solution for every company. Sometimes it comes down to individual details that make a web application efficient. With the web development agency EXWE, you have a partner at your side who will develop a web app that is precisely tailored to your needs. The development of versatile web apps is our core competence. It doesn't matter whether it's a simple application or a more extensive web application. We program web apps for every requirement: from appointment tools to your own PIM. Simply contact us now for your own individual web application.

Your own scheduling tool

Do you need your own scheduling tool for your company? Then you've come to the right place. We develop a customized web app that meets your exact requirements and can be seamlessly integrated into your workflows.

Customized CMS

Your own content management system can help you create and manage content efficiently. We can program a CMS that gives you the control and flexibility you need. Our focus is on user-friendliness and scalability.

Applicant management or ATS

If you want your own ATS, i.e. applicant tracking system, to professionalize the recruiting process in your company, we can create an applicant management tool that fits your needs exactly and helps you find talented applicants.

Product information management

We can also build you a web application that collects your product data centrally and improves data maintenance across all channels. With your own PIM, you have full control to avoid errors, increase efficiency and optimize the management of all product information.

CRM tool

Looking for a professional to build a CRM for you? EXWE is the right address for you. We are happy to develop your own customer relationship management tool for centralized management of all customer information and needs.

Other web apps

Do you have a completely different request? We will be happy to help you here too. We can develop a completely individual web app for you that has never existed before. Let us go through your idea and create an initial concept for your own web application!

How does web development work for us?

Have an individual web application programmed in 7 steps

Would you like a customized web application for your company and are wondering how the development process works in detail? With EXWE at your side, you can rely on agile web development. The development process for your web app comprises seven steps and guarantees continuous communication and transparency.

The biggest advantage of our agile web development method? You will have access to a high-performance web application that includes all core functions after just a short time. In the further web development process, we use your feedback and the experience of all users to continuously adapt the application to all user needs - for a future-proof and successful web application project.

  • Requirements analysis

    To ensure the success of your web application, we as a web development agency rely on a comprehensive analysis of your specific requirements. This includes both the evaluation of existing systems and the identification of processes that can be improved. In doing so, we identify your individual needs and thus create the framework for the subsequent development. Together, we document the performance targets of the web application project and define a time frame within which implementation will take place.

  • Our web developers know what it takes to create a future-proof web application for you.

    If you have a more complex project, we offer to work with you in a workshop to draw up a detailed development plan for your web application - for an offer that includes all the necessary functions and the corresponding time requirements.

Start your own web development now!

Talk to us about your own web app now! We will call you back.


Innovative web development with
Vue.js + Symfony.php

We build easy-to-use and high-performance web applications. Either from scratch or to replace or supplement your existing applications.

Customized web development can be easy!
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Get started with your own app now

Web development is our craft and we are happy to show you some of our reference projects:

Referenzen der EXWE GmbH

View more references

Reactive & fast web applications

First-class user experience and top performance with Vue and Symfony

Our apps are responsive and interactive

Reaktives Verhalte einer modernen Webapp mit Vue.JS und Symfony

However, reactive web application programming goes one step further. It responds not only to user interactions, but also to changes in the data source. This means that the application is automatically updated as soon as a value in the data source changes, without the user having to intervene. We prefer an API-based approach for this, supported by the PHP framework Symfony, one of the leading and globally used PHP frameworks. Due to their reactivity, such web applications offer users a faster, smoother and more interactive user experience. They also improve application performance by minimizing data exchange between server and client.

Learn more about our technologies

10 advantages of modern web apps

More commercial success through

  • Fast and responsive user experience
  • Flexibility for users and employees
  • Cost savings for hardware and maintenance
  • Automation of business processes
  • Real-time data analysis for fast responses
  • Scalability for business growth
  • Security measures for data protection
  • Integration with other systems
  • Personalized user experience
  • Increased competitiveness
A word with our customers

10 reasons to choose EXWE as your partner agency

  • Customized web application solutions that integrate into your business processes
  • A contact person who is always at your side
  • We take over your project directly and do not outsource
  • Comprehensive advice that gets you to your goal quickly
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Time recording and billing are transparent
  • Agile team with a modern approach
  • High responsiveness
  • Passionate about every project
  • We can implement personal wishes and comments directly

What is web development?

A brief FAQ about web development, web technologies, web design and more

  • Which programming languages can be used for web programming?

    Various programming languages can be used for web-based programming. For example, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is often used to implement the design and layout of a website. JavaScript can also be used to create functional and dynamic elements for a website. The server-side scripting language PHP, Python and/or Ruby are also used to program websites.

    It is also essential to use various frameworks and libraries when developing web applications. They simplify, improve and accelerate the way developers and media designers work. Popular frameworks and libraries include Django, React, Laravel, Vue.js and Ruby on Rails.

  • What are the fields of activity of an internet agency?

    As an internet agency, we offer web development and web design services. We also focus on the implementation of relevant SEO practices to improve the findability and reach of your website. We also offer the development of webshops tailored to your target group for the e-commerce sector as well as the individual programming of software such as content management systems and more. In a detailed needs and requirements analysis, we are happy to dedicate ourselves to your company as specialists and guide you step by step and successfully into digitalization.

  • What role does search engine optimization play for a web presence?

    When designing and developing a professional website, search engine optimization measures should be implemented right from the start. This makes it easier for the target group to find the website and find the content they are looking for. Due to the fast-paced and complex nature of the internet and the Google algorithm in particular, web projects need to be constantly adapted and optimized. Once the concept and basic structure of the website is in place, experienced web developers and SEO managers can continuously work on further development.

  • Which web projects can the EXWE agency take on?

    As a web development agency, we take on projects ranging from websites to complex web applications that require an elaborate concept. So far, we have been able to use our programming skills and years of experience to develop professional company websites and complex web stores. We have also designed web applications for a wide variety of purposes.

    These were, for example, scheduling tools or content management systems that were tailored to the company's specific needs. Our area of responsibility also includes the creation of intuitive web apps that take into account important measures from the field of UX and UI design.

  • What is a markup language?

    Markup languages are used when documents are to be formatted or described. To do this, they set structural markups in a text document. These can then be read by the browser used. For example, the appearance can be influenced. Markup languages also help with the processing and exchange of data. HTML, for example, is a markup language that is also used in web development. HTML can be used to define the structure and content of a website. This includes texts, videos and images.

  • How does a requirements analysis help when creating a website?

    With a requirements analysis, we can determine what a customer needs for a successful website. For example, we take a look at the goals to be pursued with the new website. We also look at the company's corporate identity in order to incorporate these aspects into the design of the project. It is also important that we define the target group and get to know them better so that we can perfectly align the functions, aesthetics and use to them. The project can then be planned step by step. To do this, it is essential for us and our customers to determine the resources and schedule. Of course, we also use a requirements analysis to facilitate subsequent communication and avoid misunderstandings from the outset. Overall, a requirements analysis for a web project ensures that it will later be successful for both the customer and the target group.

  • What is a screen design?

    Screen design is a term used in web and UX design. It refers to the creation of visual elements that are displayed via a user interface, for example of an online store or a website. Above all, it is about the creative arrangement of the individual elements that users perceive via a screen, for example via a smartphone, tablet or PC. For a good screen design, it is important that users can find their way around intuitively but also find the design appealing. For example, the choice of font, symbols, colors and images is important when creating the screen design. It is therefore about aesthetics and user-friendliness in equal measure.

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Bewerbermanagement / ATS programmieren lassen: Kosten und Ablauf im Überblick

Bewerbermanagement / ATS programmieren lassen: Kosten und Ablauf im Überblick

Have individual web apps programmed with high performance & intuitive user interface

A powerful web application is necessary to bundle your specific business requirements into one application. It is always accessible via the Internet or (if you wish) via your own intranet. As a web development agency, we create a web application that is precisely tailored to your needs: whether it's an appointment tool or a web application for project management, we are your contact for individual web development.

With maximum performance: having web applications programmed

We take care of web development for every company. The efficiency and speed of the web application is our top priority. Our web developers are experts in this field and optimize your individual web application from database performance to front-end interactivity. This gives you a web solution that is fast and remains stable even under high load.

Intuitive user interfaces for seamless use

The user interface is the heart of your web application - not only for you, but also for your employees. The experience with the web application can only be efficient and pleasant if it is well thought out. As a web development agency, we are experts in creating web apps that are easy and intuitive to use: from simple navigation elements to appealing layouts. Let us program a web application for you now!


Customized tools from your web development service provider

At EXWE, you have the option of having a completely customized tool developed for you. No matter what your requirements are and for what purpose you need your own web application, we will turn your idea into reality. Whether it's an appointment tool, CMS, CRM or a completely different application, we can support you from planning and implementation to monitoring and functional expansion.

Have web applications built

As web development professionals, we can program individual web applications - and you set the requirements. Together, we first develop a concept for your own web app so that it is functional and coherent in the end. Then it's time for the implementation! As a web development service provider, we always keep you up to date. A dedicated contact person is also available to you. After implementation, your own web application goes live!


Have an appointment tool programmed

In many cases, a separate tool must be used to manage appointments efficiently - and a standard solution is not always sufficient. If your company is facing precisely this challenge, a customized web app for appointment management is a suitable solution. A customized appointment tool gives you all the functions you need for greater efficiency and a better overview.

CMS development with EXWE

Would you like to be able to manage your content better? Do you want a centralized content management system that is tailored to your company and gives you control over all content on company websites, blogs and e-commerce platforms? With EXWE, you can easily have a customized CMS built for you.

Have your own ATS created

A customized applicant management system brings clarity to the recruitment process. Improve communication with applicants, automate tasks and quickly find new employees who are right for you. And we can quickly develop an applicant tracking system that is precisely configured to your operational processes.

PIM programming with your web agency

A product information management system is the central location for all product data. With a PIM that is adapted to the needs and processes of your company, you can take data maintenance and quality to a new level. Seamlessly integrate a customized PIM into existing systems with EXWE!

We are your agency for web development

We are not just a web development service provider, we are also your partner. Because web development in our company is not just the development of high-performance web apps, but also support beyond the launch. Our support is always at your side to ensure that your web application always works smoothly, updates are carried out quickly and you always have a contact person at your side if you have any questions.