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Our appointment tool - made for small and medium-sized companies with several thousand employees

You surely know it - A deadline is coming up. Your task: to manage hundreds of people who are supposed to show up every minute or hour. But how can you save yourself as much effort as possible? And most importantly - what needs to be done to avoid asking every employee to sign up for the appointment who hasn't already done so? The solution: a software tool with
automation function. Whether it's health checks, employee shoots, trade show booth staffing, workshop appointments, doctor appointments, or visits to government offices.
Our software can be used individually for any type of appointment and is ready to function at any time - no matter from which location.
  • Health events/checks
  • Vaccination campaigns
  • (Employee) shootings
  • Trade show booth staffing
  • Workshop scheduling
  • Doctor appointments
  • Visits to authorities
  • Consulting appointments
  • Scheduling company-wide evaluation
  • Coordination of training courses
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As an intranet solution, our appointment scheduling software was productively used by Kaufland, Linklaters, KPMG-Germany and the Autofit automotive repair shop chain. All brand and product names are registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers and rights holders.

KPMG Germany

Terminplanungssoftware KPMG

Autofit Germany

Terminplanungssoftware Autofit

Kaufland Germany
& in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria

Terminplanungssoftware Kaufland
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Do you need a scheduling tool?
As an intranet solution, our appointment scheduling software was productively used by Picture People, KPMG Germany and the Autofit car repair shop chain.

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Components/parts of the solution

Komponenten/Bestandteile der Lösung

Example situation photo shooting


A structured organization and a clearly defined process for photo shoots is indispensable for companies of a certain size and with a certain number of employees. With several thousand employees who are to be photographed individually, manual and individual scheduling, e.g. by telephone, is extremely complex.

Grafik Individualsoftware

Our task

What should the individual software do?

For example, we can help you coordinate and handle multiple photo shoots for large and medium-sized companies with around 3,000 employees. The time required for arranging appointments is minimized both on the part of the project management and on the part of the employees. The result: time savings through simple and automated project management for scheduling - scheduling & project management made easy.

Grafik Softwarelösung

Our software solution

How can EXWE's web developers help?

Our appointment scheduling tool automatically sends each predefined employee an invitation to find an appointment via e-mail. The addressees can then choose an appointment from a number of predefined appointment slots. This simplifies the process and saves time - both for the photographer and for all involved employees.
In addition, addressees are prompted to sign up for the appointment after a predefined period of time - completely automatically. During the process, an up-to-date project status is also provided for the person planning the event.

Arztkittel zum Gesundheitstag

Example situation health day


You are planning a health day in your company with various health checks. Until now, you may have handled this in two traditional ways: by e-mail registration or by telephone registration. With a large number of employees, it is difficult to maintain an overview. Errors can quickly creep in or appointments can overlap. This leads to frustration, additional work due to structuring efforts and to the fact that fewer and fewer employees come to the events than desired. An extremely complicated matter, in which we completely support you and make it very easy for you.

Grafik Individualsoftware

Our task

What should the individual software do?

Your task: to inform all employees in your company and to invite them. But how do you ensure that all interested parties register without overlapping schedules? And how do you guarantee that all employees come to the checks one after the other without having to interrupt their working hours and stand in line? The result: a structured, individual and clean planning execution, as well as a saving of working time for each employee.

Grafik Softwarelösung

Our software solution

How can EXWE's web developers help?

We provide you with a platform that conveniently guides each employee through a predefined schedule, where they can conveniently choose which health checks they want to attend and at what time. This ensures that there are no time overlaps. In addition, the tool offers the possibility to send automated reminders to those who have not yet signed up. The person organizing the event gets an insight into the status of the registrations at any time through the CSV report.

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