UX design for visual appeal of your software.

Improve appearance and user experience - and increase your competitive advantage and
customer satisfaction

+100 zufriedene Kunden

+100 satisfied customers

Every successful go-live is also always a matter of the heart for us, because behind every project there is always a team of developers who are passionate about your project.

Customized software and online stores for customers with technical requirements

We combine modern, innovative design with a technically future-proof foundation: for a satisfying user experience that creates brand awareness. See for yourself and get a first impression of our previous customer projects.

Pick up your customers - with intuitive and uncluttered user interfaces.

Benefits of good user experience design (UX design)

  • Competitive advantage
  • New customer acquisition
  • Increase in sales
  • Generation of trust with customers
  • Customer loyalty
  • User satisfaction and motivation
  • Image manifestation
  • Increase of visual quality
  • Reduction of usage errors
  • Cost savings through structure

Benefit from our expertise in UX design.

If you look at the development of the Internet in recent years, you quickly realize that a lot has changed - primarily visually. Optimized user guidance, as well as an individual and appealing interface design have helped to stand out from the crowd in times of digitalization, to attract attention and to increase sales through more user-friendliness. For customers, the first impression counts in gaining trust in a platform and identifying with it.

Software should be intuitive and tangible - that's why we have made it our business to implement exactly that for you; whether mobile, website or individual software.

With a lot of attention to detail and in minute work, every point of a website is holistically illuminated, questioned and structured with the help of design thinking. So that the optimal, most visually appealing result can be brought out of it.

Whether by loosening up the structure, by embedding graphics or by individually created icons - we help you to strengthen your product visually and create more attractiveness, so that the message of your brand is shown to its full advantage - no matter how complex your task is.

Components of an optimally structured user guidance

With our service you will reach your goals:

Present complex systems simply, improve the user experience and generate success.

  • improvement and further development of existing designs
  • Structuring and visual unification of web products
  • Creation of UX design based on existing corporate identities
  • Creation of uncluttered interface structures
  • Support of visual imagery through professional image creation
  • Creation of individual image brands to increase sales of your products
  • Improvement of structures to facilitate intuitive software interfaces

UX design process

In 6 steps to the successful implementation of your idea

  • Briefing

    At the beginning of our work, we receive a briefing from you about your product and brand. To implement a successful UX design, it is important to first clearly understand and jointly define the needs and goals of your product. In addition, we discuss your expectations for the project, see if there are any special requirements and you get to know the project team. After that, the actual UX design development process begins.

  • Target group analysis

    The basis for an effective UX design is the definition of the target group. By means of a target group analysis we define the target group of your product and develop buyer personas to focus on the point of view of your customers. In the further development process we can adapt the address as well as the content for all relevant touchpoints to the needs of the users.

  • Planning

    Before we start with the actual implementation of the design, we take a structured look at your brand. Detailed research and planning of the visual implementation are the cornerstone to convey the vision and values of your brand to your customers in a targeted manner. The findings from user research are used to define so-called user flows. These are the paths that users of your product are most likely to take, or paths that you want them to take.

  • Visual implementation

    After user research and planning, we start with the visual implementation. The content of your product is classified and structured. The defined user flows are used to create wireframes on which the subsequent visual implementation is based. A close exchange between our designers and developers guarantees you a smoothly functioning product.

  • Test & Go-live

    We have now built a prototype for your product. Before the final implementation takes place, the prototype naturally undergoes several usability tests. After running through several cycles, the collected knowledge about problem areas is processed so that your product is perfectly adapted to the needs of the users. Finally, the go-live of your product takes place.

  • Agile adaptations

    Even while your product is in use, it is essential to check again and again whether it still meets the user needs. We are at your side here and develop your product state of the art and continuously. Because here, too, sustainable development is our focus.

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