Every Shopware developer should have these skills

by Meike Müller
As a Shopware developer, you are responsible for creating online stores with the Shopware software system. You usually work in software agencies, are self-employed or employed by online store companies. For example, you will set up a completely new online store, optimize existing stores and develop plugins for individual functions. As a successful Shopware developer, you should have a number of skills that are essential in your day-to-day work and for working on a good online store. We at EXWE are Shopware specialists and are certified in particular for Shopware 5 + 6, plugin development, performance tuning and daily support and are happy to provide you with the necessary support for your Shopware online store. But first, let us explain which skills every Shopware developer absolutely must have. Enjoy the article!

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What you can expect
  1. You need these soft skills as a Shopware developer
  2. Always be up to date
  3. Know Shopware inside and out
  4. Knowledge of the most important programming languages
  5. Data structures and algorithms

1. these soft skills you need as a Shopware developer

Shopware developers also need so-called soft skills that will help them in their work in a team or in cooperation with the customer. Soft skills are skills that lie outside a specialist area. In this case, they have nothing to do with software development per se. They can also be used beyond this, but are just as important for successful work in store development.

An important soft skill that you should have as an online store developer is good communication skills. After all, you should also be able to explain to your non-developer colleagues what the current work status is. A professional way of communicating is also important when interacting with customers and leads to better results.

Grafik Laptop Soft Skills für Shopware Entwickler As a Shopware Architect, you should have good comprehension skills. If a customer sets certain tasks, you should be able to understand and implement them quickly. Stressful situations and deadlines are part of your everyday life. That's why you should be able to work under pressure. However, this does not mean that you have to work unnecessary overtime. As a Shopware developer, you should of course structure yourself in such a way that stress is avoided as much as possible. If such a stressful situation does arise, you should react calmly and still be able to concentrate on the important tasks. In such a case, you must be able to weigh up which tasks have priority. You should also not be afraid to ask your team colleagues for help.

There are often several Shopware developers working on one project. To ensure that this project runs smoothly and can be implemented within the customer's time frame, you need to be a team player. If your team colleague has more work to do, you need to recognize this and take tasks off their hands.

2. always be up to date

As a Shopware developer, you should always be up to date with the latest developments. This also includes a willingness to constantly learn. Especially in the digital world and programming, there are changes and innovations every day. That's why you should regularly find out about the latest developments via the usual news platforms and integrate them into your everyday work. A Shopware Architect never stops learning!

3. know Shopware inside and out

It goes without saying that a Shopware developer should be familiar with Shopware. However, this also requires a certain passion for working with this software system. If possible, you should be able to solve problems within the system on your own.

As a Shopware developer, you should also know whether the customer's requirements can be implemented within the software system. If this is not possible, it would be even better if you could program a suitable plugin. Of course, you can also draw on the support of your team colleagues if necessary. Generally speaking, you should be familiar with the software from version 5 onwards. This is still in use, but is slowly being phased out.

4. knowledge of the most important programming languages

Grafik Laptop Shopware Experte werdenTo be a successful Shopware expert, you need to be familiar with the most important programming languages. You should have knowledge of the programming languages PHP, Framework, Solr and Elasticsearch. Mastering at least one of these languages is the cornerstone for working on a Shopware online store, a Shopware plugin or optimizing an online store. You don't have to be an expert in all languages, but you should be able to familiarize yourself with new topics easily.

The certifications offered by Shopware itself are not absolutely necessary, but certainly helpful. There are a total of four certifications that can be easily completed online at the Shopware Academy.

5 Data structures and algorithms

The more algorithms a Shopware developer knows, the better they can solve problems for which a solution already exists. This may sound banal, but why should you always reinvent the wheel? Why rack your brains over a solution that has already been created and optimized? If you know such algorithms for solving problems, you will automatically work faster, more efficiently and save time.

Are you looking for Shopware developers who have exactly these skills? Then you've come to the right place. As a software agency, we specialize in the creation of Shopware online stores and plugins and are your strong partner for all Shopware-related questions. Our developers are always up to date, work together as a team and have years of experience with Shopware. Does that sound interesting to you? Then we would be happy to advise you over a cup of coffee with no obligation. Just give us a call! Do these characteristics apply to you, or at least some of them? Are you passionate about shopware and programming and are you looking for a job? Hey, then you've come to the right place! We'd love to get to know you and your skills better. Just ring through or send us an e-mail.

What is your project? If you want to tell us about it, we'll call you back!

from 06.07.2021

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