Efficient e-commerce integration: AS400 Shopware 6 as a solution for your business

Learn how an integration of AS400 with Shopware 6 can optimize your e-commerce processes. This article reveals the essential steps for an AS400 Shopware 6 integration and its benefits for your business.

AS400 and Shopware6: A powerful combination

The combination of AS400 and Shopware6 creates an efficient e-commerce solution that enables the seamless integration of robust business data and modern online store functions. The integration of AS400 and Shopware6 requires customization and is done via APIs, webhooks or middleware to ensure efficient data exchange and omnichannel commerce, and the future direction of AS400 and Shopware6 includes the adaptation to modern cloud technologies and the implementation of AI tools to personalize the shopping experience and optimize operations.

The combination of AS400 and Shopware is no coincidence, but the result of a conscious effort to utilize the best features of both systems. AS400, a robust and reliable system, has been used successfully in the IT industry for many years. The integration of AS400 into Shopware6, a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, optimizes the processes of real-time data management and thus increases efficiency.

Together they provide seamless communication between different business areas and enable efficient management of product data, pricing information and customer master data. This leads to improved customer satisfaction through real-time information on product availability and order status, with the notion of communication playing a central role, especially in the exchange of data, which is an important part of the information.

  • The role of AS400 in e-commerce

    AS400 systems, often developed by IBM, play a central role in e-commerce and are often equipped with a stable operating system. They are the backbone for managing product data and information as well as orders and billing. Despite their age, they are still central to the management of product data and information as well as orders and invoices in e-commerce.

    The connection of existing AS400 systems via APIs facilitates data transfer between ERP and online store and enables a modern e-commerce presence on the Internet. This is indispensable for traditional retail companies today.

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Components of the AS400-Shopware interface

Transfer customer master, categories, article master and price information from AS400 to Shopware

The AS400-Shopware interface enables seamless integration between the two systems, whereby customer master data, categories and article master data with prices are transferred efficiently. This interface offers flexibility for customization and the transfer of free text fields from Shopware, allowing for tailored use according to specific requirements.

Customer master

  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email
  • phone


  • dealname
  • amount
  • dealstage
  • closedate

Product master + prices

  • product master data
  • descriptions
  • net price
  • gross price
  • deal price

Your desired function

This software can be extended and adapted to your specific needs. Transferring free text fields from Shopware is no problem.

Zertifizierung: Shopware 5, Certified Developer für Onlineshop Erstellung

Shopware 6 ready

Our plugin is ready for Shopware 6 and is already in productive use with other customers

The EXWE AS400 & Shopware interface is in productive use at Kerzen Jaspers in Hopsten, among others
EXWE AS400 & Shopware-Schnittstelle im Atlas Copco Shop

Candles Jaspers in Hopsten

Our success stories

What our customers say about our collaboration

The EXWE AS400 IBM ERP interface takes information from your AS400 and synchronizes it with your Shopware 6 store.

The AS400 IBM ERP system is an enterprise resource planning software platform that helps your company manage processes, integrate data and conduct business. It is a leading enterprise resource planning system and an incredibly powerful tool to help you manage customers and conduct business. Especially for finance, production and warehousing, the AS400 IBM ERP system is just right. Make the most of your business activities by connecting your Shopware store directly to the AS400 IBM ERP system. With our plugin, you can collect, update and manage your valuable customer data fully automatically and generate additional leads. Customer data, order data, sales history and orders placed are clearly displayed and analyzed.

Shopping cart data, order data and much more are automatically synchronized with your AS400 IBM ERP system. This enables precise business processes and workflows! The connection between Shopware and the AS400 IBM ERP system helps to increase online sales from new customers and repeat sales from existing customers. The connector transfers all customer and order data automatically and continuously. The AS400 IBM ERP system is only as valuable as the company data it contains. Our plugin ensures that the activities from your store are always complete and up-to-date in your AS400 IBM ERP system. We take care of your professional business processing, create and maintain your Shopware store and, in combination with the AS400 IBM ERP system, ensure the perfect integration of your company data. This allows you to record them in one place and create an even more efficient business experience for your customers.

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EXWE Geschäftsführer Yuri

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Frequently asked questions

A short FAQ about AS400, Shopware and more

  • How much does a Shopware store cost?

    A Shopware store can cost from €20,000, depending on its size and individual customizations.

  • What is an IBM system?

    An IBM system is an integrated solution that includes not only the operating system, but also hardware and extended functions such as an integrated database. It supports various operating systems such as Linux, Unix derivatives and Windows as well as proprietary software such as IBM i and AS/400.

  • What is as400 program?

    AS/400 is a business computing system from IBM that includes both hardware and software, including the OS/400 operating system and an integrated database. It was introduced in 1988 and has undergone numerous upgrades and name changes over the years.

  • What is Shopware 6?

    Shopware 6 is a modular open source eCommerce platform based on a lean core product that guarantees good maintainability. It also offers low complexity and modular adaptability.

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